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Budget-Friendly Ideas to Spruce Up Your Christmas Decor

December 7, 2022

Women hanging a Christmas wreath on her front door

Decorating for the holidays can be a daunting prospect, especially if you’re looking to avoid breaking the bank over the festive season. Trying to compete with your neighbor’s extravagant holiday light show probably isn’t the way to go if you’re operating on a budget. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show off some festive flair.

One of the classiest ways to add seasonal touches to any home is through floral decor. Here are some affordable ways to use Christmas flowers to brighten up your living space and provide your guests with some holiday cheer this Christmas season.

Budget-Friendly Ideas to Spruce Up Your Christmas Decor

  1. A Timeless Winter Arrangement
  2. Floral Table Settings
  3. A Mini-Tree
  4. Tiny Touches
  5. A Christmas Classic

A Timeless Winter Arrangement

One of the simplest ways to liven up a small space — think entryways or end tables — is with some colorful winter berries and a sprig or two of evergreen. People have been using evergreen as a winter decoration for their homes since before Christmas was Christmas (the pagans were big into fir trees). You can cut a few sprigs directly off your tree if that’s easiest. Pair that with a bouquet of crimson winter berries like The Carol, and you’ll have your guests singing the praises of your decorative skills.

You can use the evergreen as an accent piece right in the vase with these winter berries, or you can combine it with a pinecone or two and wrap the whole thing with a bow or ribbon (a red and white plaid pattern would tie that combo together perfectly). Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or the winter solstice, this decorative flourish is sure to impress your guests.

Floral Table Settings

If you’ll be entertaining family and friends for a meal this holiday season, flowers are a wonderful way to add a decorative touch to your dining table. And while a centerpiece floral display is always a lovely idea, if you’re on a budget, there are other ways to incorporate flowers that won’t set you back quite as much as a fancy arrangement.

Floral place settings are a more minimalist way to add a splash of color and class to your table. A dried flower or a few small trimmings from your tree tucked into a tied napkin can make for an elegant place setting. A sprig or two of rosemary or sage combined with a single-stemmed rose will look (and smell) divine. Alternatively, a branch of ilex berries tied to each napkin will give your place settings a dash of festive color. The Holly includes eight stems of these winter berries, which makes it a jolly good choice for a Christmas-themed place setting.

This decorating idea is as simple as it sounds. It doesn’t require any more than some plain-colored cloth napkins, a few pieces of string or ribbon, and your choice of some simple berries, flowers, or greenery.

A Mini-Tree

If your space isn’t large enough for a full-size tree or you’re looking to add some greenery to another room, a miniature tree is an affordable way to show off your Christmas cheer. And perhaps the best part about a smaller tree is that it won’t require nearly as many ornaments to make it look fully decorated.

The Homer is a great choice in this category, especially with its accompanying gold pot. Dress this 4” Spruce tree up with some simple gold and silver ornaments, string it with one strand of white lights, and you’ll have yourself a classical, standout look without having to worry about the effects of inflation on Christmas tree prices.

If you don’t already have a set of tree decorations, The Deck the Halls is a wonderful alternative. This 4” Cypress tree comes in a white ceramic pot, and best of all, a set of simple but elegant ornaments are included!

Tiny Touches

One of the best ways to decorate for the holidays on a budget is to focus on the little things. Sometimes it’s the tiny touches that can make the biggest impressions!

And what better way to make an impression than to greet your guests with holiday cheer before they’ve even crossed the threshold? The Holiday Greeter is a beautiful garland that can be hung on the outside of your front door, advertising your decorating bona fides to neighbors and houseguests alike.

And if the front door doesn’t seem like the right place for this accent decoration, you can always get creative. It can easily hang over a mantel or in a window. Alternatively, hanging it on a mirror can create a lovely, layered look. Or maybe you have a chandelier or hanging light fixture that you could transform with this touch of seasonal cheer.

A Christmas Classic

Perhaps no flower is more associated with the holiday season than the poinsettia. There is a reason it became the number one selling flower every December in the United States. Its brilliant red color is evocative of everything from Santa Claus to candy canes. It’s even known as the “Christmas star,” and, for the religiously inclined, its star-shaped leaf is a symbol of the Star of Bethlehem.

You can use The Poinsettia, a compact, 2.5” plant in a textured white pot, as an accent piece almost anywhere in your home (it’s also a perfect size for your desk at work). If you’re looking for something a little larger, The Crosby is singing your tune. This 6” poinsettia comes in a subtle pink and white pot and would look good sitting on an end table or a mantel. Either way, it will serve as a striking addition to your holiday decor without taking too big a chunk out of your wallet.

Decorating your living space for the holidays shouldn’t require going into debt. Getting creative with flowers and seasonal plants can be a wonderful way to add a few touches of Christmas to your home. Whether you go with one of these ideas or you have your own plans for incorporating flowers and greenery into your holiday setup, Urban Stems can help you show off your holiday spirit.


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