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The Best Corporate Gifts for the Holidays

Magnolia bouquet perfect for corporate gifting on mantel

The holiday season is a great time to express appreciation to your corporate partners, coworkers, and friends. To help you find the perfect gift, there are a variety of plants and bouquets available. This makes it easy to communicate your gratitude with confidence. Do you have a person who loves luxury in mind? Then a double bouquet with plentiful blooms needs to be in today’s order. Or, does your recipient want the beauty and function of indoor plants? There are even non-plant gifts like candles, hot sauce, tea sets, and snacks that you can send to anyone who’s on your mind.

The Best Corporate Gifts for the Holidays

  1. Double Bouquets
  2. Colorful Bouquets
  3. Plant Gifts
  4. Dried Flowers
  5. Non-Plant Gifts

Double Bouquets

For all your holiday floral gifts, you can never have enough dazzle. Bigger means better — after all, holiday gifts are meant to impress. So, don’t hold back this time of year when you want to show your love. Though all of our beautiful bouquets can make excellent holiday gifts, they always look better when you get them in double bouquets. With the extra volume, your gift will make a grand entrance and take a prominent place in the office. The wonderful fragrance and sight of our all-white Double The Buttercream is just one example of an effortlessly chic holiday bouquet.

Colorful Bouquets

The holidays are all about spreading joy and well wishes, so giving a cheerful-looking bouquet is a well-accepted gift. While all of our seasonal or classic bouquets are designed to be eye-catching, here are a couple of choices that are particularly colorful and fun for the holidays.

  • The Nutcracker: For many, watching The Nutcracker is a beloved tradition that gets one in the spirit of the holidays. With its pops of red and gold, our arrangement takes its cues from the classic red King Nutcracker’s uniform. A symphony of texture and color, this enchanting bouquet is bound to steal the show.
  • The Magnolia: Leaves that look frosted and pure white petals conjure up one of our favorite days of the holiday season: the first snowfall. This monochromatic bouquet filled with magnolia leaves and fluffy mums pairs nicely with a fluffy blanket and a decadent cup of hot cocoa.

Plant Gifts

If you want to give a gift that has both beauty and long-term function, then a potted plant gift will be an excellent choice this holiday season. Potted greens stay alive long after the holidays are over, providing refreshing scenery and an extra dose of oxygen. Low-maintenance plants like the money tree, succulents, golden pothos, ZZ plant, and Chinese evergreen also filter dangerous toxins from the air like formaldehyde and benzene, which are known respiratory irritants and carcinogens. With recent studies showing how green spaces reduce stress and negative feelings, giving more plants to corporate friends can benefit them long after the holidays pass.

  • Our favorite holiday plant: The Dinero. The money tree is symbolic of good fortune and prosperity, but that’s not all that makes this beauty so appealing. The signature braided trunk is where your luck is thought to reside, while the brilliant green leaves represent natural elements. The low-maintenance plant is potted in one of our handcrafted ceramic pots bearing attractive geometric patterns for a one-of-a-kind look.

Dried Flowers

Want to give something impressive and long-lasting? Dried flowers offer that perfect balance of attention-grabbing beauty and low maintenance. In fact, dried flowers require even less care than plants because they don’t require water. Dried foliage and blooms can be left in their natural colors or be dyed to all sorts of wonderful shades to be even more impressive. In our collection, we offer plenty of choices so that your corporate friends can get the gift that you know they’ll love.

  • Our favorite dried bouquet for the holidays: The Serena, a a perfect example of a sublimely dramatic arrangement. The warm ivory and cream hues are wonderfully serene, while its dried flowers offer the promise of endurance. Rich texture, tall stems, and an eye-catching golden vase make this a showy addition to any celebration, be it an anniversary, a housewarming, or a birthday.

Non-Plant Gifts

If you know someone who isn’t much of a plant or flower person, then our deliverable corporate gifts offer more than enough choices for a proper holiday greeting. Whether you want to send a delightful puzzle and popcorn set with The Rainy Day or send some delicious hot sauces in The Hot Stuff Bundle, there’s always something in this collection that appeals to your corporate friends. Can’t decide on giving flowers or a gift? Just give both by selecting a bouquet and then customize your order to include an add-on gift.

  • Pro tip: Send gift sets that offer something useful for the office, like a cute mug with candy and tea in The Tea Lover gift set. Nobody can have too many mugs at work, so this gift comes quite handy. Other good ideas include snacks and self-care items like candles that people can take home to enjoy during their downtime.

Find Corporate Gifts for the Holidays

Check out our growing collection of seasonal and classic bouquets, potted plants, and deliverable gifts for all your holiday needs. To ensure the best results, order your corporate gifts up to two weeks in advance to secure delivery during this busy time of year. If you have any questions, our team is ready to help you find the perfect holiday gift!


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