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The History of Yellow Flowers for National Friendship Day

Woman carrying a yellow flower bouquet

Laughter. Connection. Joy. Trust. Reliability. They’re the many hallmarks of the wonderful bond that you share with the most special people in your life. It’s no wonder that National Friendship Day is an official holiday! Those relationships are well worth celebrating for so many reasons.

Recognized every year on the first Sunday in August, this special occasion honors the connections you share with those VIPs in your life. They’re your instant families, your closest confidantes, the people you call in the wee hours of the morning when you need to talk.

While you may do kind things for one another all year long, National Friendship Day gives you an extra special, official excuse to celebrate your spectacular bond. Why not go all out and make it meaningful, in the same way that your friendship is so meaningful to you both?

From treating them to their favorite meal to simply spending the day together, making the most of National Friendship Day is easy. It’s also customary to give flowers on the holiday — and they’re nearly always yellow. Even if the color of sunshine doesn’t play a starring role in the arrangement, it usually works its way into the bouquet in some form or another. What’s the connection between yellow flowers and friendship? Here’s a look at the special bond they share.

Yellow Flowers for National Friendship Day

  1. Why Flowers Matter
  2. Yellow Flower Meanings
  3. Best Options to Give

Why Flowers Matter

To understand yellow’s link to friendship, it’s important to first recognize why flowers are given to celebrate the occasion. In simplest terms, flowers are meaningful. They’re no ordinary gift. Each type has a particular trait or characteristic linked to it. Through flowers, you can express your love, gratitude, happiness, joy, trust, and enduring bond.

So why not give a greeting card expressing those sentiments? Well, you can — and should! After all, the holiday was developed in 1919 by a greeting card company to promote another reason to send cards to one another. But the sentiment behind the day was eventually lost, and people simply stopped celebrating.

Fast forward to the late 1990s, when Winnie the Pooh was designated the United Nations’ Ambassador of Friendship on the International Day of Friendship. By 2011, International Friendship Day was a global sensation — a special day that encouraged people all over the world to mark the occasion and celebrate their friends.

No longer merely a greeting card holiday, today people treat their friends to everything from abundant flower arrangements to baked goods. It’s the type of all-out occasion that honors those who matter the most.

Yellow Flower Meanings

The yellow rose was selected as the official flower of the Friendship Day festival. It’s popularly associated with emotions like delight, friendship, and joy. Sending a yellow rose any day of the year is an easy way to remind your VIP that they matter to you, that you care about them, and that they’re always on your mind — no matter how far you may be or how long it’s been since you last spoke.

And yellow, at a glance, lifts spirits. It’s a vibrant shade that’s associated with warmth and good cheer. It’s lively, and it often reminds people of golden sunshine and harmony. Their connection to optimism, too, symbolizes harmony in the relationship. You’re sending a message that even if an argument or a difficult moment comes your way, you’ll work through it like you always do — together, with a common understanding that things might happen, but nothing will ever tear you apart.

Yellow is also a meditative color. It’s calming and tranquil just as much as it’s upbeat and happy. Soothing tones of the shade satiate wild emotions and bring tranquility to any environment. For the friend who prioritizes self-care and who appreciates those little moments of zen, a pale yellow flower is perfect for them.

Finally, yellow is distinctively different from its red and pink counterparts. Those are often associated with love, romance, and passion. Just like the red rose is deeply entwined with Valentine’s Day, the yellow shares the same affinity with Friendship Day.

Best Options To Give

From enormous blossoms to small yellow flowers, there is a wide range of sunny styles perfect for giving to your nearest and dearest friends on this special day. What better way to show that you’re thinking about your dear friend? Here are a few fun and festive options to keep in mind.

It’s sensible to give sunflowers to your friends for so many reasons. The beautiful flower is a classy and timeless addition to any arrangement, whether it’s on its own or surrounded by an abundance of complementary stems. The sunflower is symbolic of many positive emotions, including loyalty, strength, everlasting happiness, admiration, and good fortune.

Keep things sweet, simple, and lively with Double the Sonny. This vibrant collection is the perfect eye-catching addition to the day. The sunflowers stand out amid a backdrop of snapdragons and eucalyptus. Or add a little color to their day with The Sierra. This pretty composition is subtle, yet sun-drenched. With delphinium and craspedia adding drops of color to the design, it’s perfect for livening up a desktop and serves as a lovely reminder of your friendship.

Yellow roses, of course, need no introduction. They’re the heroes of the friendship flower world, destined to immediately bring a smile to your friend's face. An arrangement like The Canary proves its prowess for this reason. Hints of orange and green bring it all together perfectly, as roses, spray roses, and freesia all add uniqueness to the medley.

For the friend who’s got less of a green thumb but still admires the beauty of plant life, The Gold Rush makes a thoughtful surprise that resonates with the holiday's sentiments. Dried flowers, including strawflowers and broom blooms, lend this arrangement its wow-worthy gilded edge. It’s an enduring arrangement with a wonderfully rich texture.

No matter what you choose to give this Friendship Day, remember that it’s truly the thought that counts. Yellow flowers express it well, serving as a powerful reminder of your friendship's unbreakable bond.


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