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The Perfect Gift for Everyone On Your List

Woman decorating for the holidays with holiday florals

What do you give the person who seems to have everything? It’s a tough question — and one that seems to rear its head every holiday season. Searching for the ultimate holiday present for the many wonderful people in your life can be a tricky task, but it can also be downright fun. What’s the trick to finding just what they love? It’s all in knowing them inside and out. Here are some ideas to consider based on the recipient.

Gift Guide by Recipient

  1. Gifts for Your Parents
  2. Gifts for Your Significant Other
  3. Gifts for Your BFF
  4. Gifts for Your Colleagues
  5. Gifts for Service Workers

Gifts for Your Parents

Over the years, you’ve probably exhausted many ideas when shopping for the perfect gifts for your parents. There have been birthdays and Mother’s Days and Father’s Days galore, and many of those occasions found you giving them the very perfect gift at the time. But what happens when you’ve seemingly exhausted all of those avenues?

Start with some color. A festive arrangement that’s destined to make the holiday brighter is also destined to bring an instant smile to their faces. We’re partial to The Peppermint, a fun and fresh mixed bouquet featuring pops of red. Nestled in a double-handled vase they can use long after the flowers are done, these flowers arrive with some mouthwatering peppermint chocolate, too.

Parents also tend to be fond of holiday wreaths. There’s something so touching about sending them something they can use right away — and that will remind them of you all season long. The Pepperberry is a lush and lovely favorite featuring a medley of bay, olive, and pepperberry, all tied up with a rustic ribbon. It will make the perfect accent for their holiday pictures throughout the season.

Gifts for Your Significant Other

Your special someone deserves the world. They’ve been with you through thick and thin and seen you through so many memorable moments in life. It’s well worth the time and effort to seek out sweet surprises that are sure to warm their hearts and give them an extra reason to smile during the season.

That’s why we’re smitten with The Amour. It’s made for the love of your life, and it’s a true vision in crimson, with its rich array of roses, chrysanthemums, and miniature carnations. They’ll think of you every time they glance its way. For that person who could do with a little TLC, The Bailey is sure to do the trick. Not only is the rosy arrangement virtually perfect, but it’s accompanied by a deliciously scented votive candle they can use to brighten up their space.

Want to wow them with something unforgettable? The Heath is among our favorite dried bouquets. The lush burgundy pampas stems are not just eye-catching, thanks to the rich color, but also heavily textured. They’ll instantly perk up any space and lend your special someone’s home an enchanting finishing touch.

Gifts for Your BFF

Your best friend knows you inside and out. You barely need to utter a sentence for them to know what’s going on in your life. That kind of bond is priceless, which means you’ll want to step up your game if you’re buying them an epic gift for the holidays. Where to begin?

We love a good plant, like The Borealis. It’s a holiday darling — a great substitute if they don’t have a larger tree put up or just want something festive to decorate their office or bedroom. Like a compact Christmas tree, it’s nestled in a stylish planter they can use long after the plant is gone. For the friend who loves all things quirky, The Phoebe makes such a fun choice. This dainty succulent is nestled in the cutest unicorn planter around. It’s destined to bring a smile and some luck their way.

For the chic and fashionable friend who sees the beauty in everything, The Ria checks every box. This gorgeous plant arrives in a dazzling golden pot that they’re sure to love putting on display anywhere in the home. Just as stylish is The Hazel, a magnificent medley of dried stems that makes a statement from every angle. Coupling shades of ivory, gray, and fuchsia, it boasts a sophisticated palette and brims with character.

Gifts for Your Colleagues

Only your colleagues can share with you the struggle of a crazy busy workday. The stress of everything every day. The nonstop action in the workplace. Those are definitely some common bonding experiences, so it makes sense that you may want to treat those VIPs on your list to something this holiday season.

We suggest The Clement, a fantastic little kalanchoe plant that’s sized just right for perching on a desktop or windowsill or for livening up a dull bookcase or shelf. A pop of crimson livens up the rich green leaves, lending the plant a beautiful look. And because plants are said to relieve stress, they’re sensible gifts for your favorite coworkers.

For those who are chronically stressed, The Getaway answers their every need. There’s a timeless air plant known for its ability to clear the air, a pampering sugar scrub, a candle scented with soothing lavender, and a package of essential oil wipes. It’s just what they didn’t know they needed. And for the coworker who doesn’t quite get through the day without that trusty cup of joe, there’s the beautifully designed Coffee to Go Ornament. There’s no question they’ll appreciate the sentiment

Gifts for Service Providers

There are people in your life who simply do a lot — and never let you know. There’s the mail delivery person, the trash collection team, the gardener, the babysitter, the housekeeper, or anyone else who steps up and makes life easier for you in some specific way. The holiday season is a wonderful time to express your gratitude for all that they do for you throughout the year.

A festive plant like The Poinsettia is always a stylish and practical choice. It radiates with joy, bringing vibrancy and happiness to their world. Plus, it arrives in a beautiful, textured white vase that allows the brilliant red hue to pop.

If you know they’re foodies, why not surprise them with The Zest? This fun assortment includes a bottle of olive oil, a tea towel, and a recipe book where they can jot down preparation instructions for their favorite meals. Another choice with a fiery twist is The Hot Stuff Bundle, the perfect gift for the cookout enthusiast. It includes two bottles of hot Hoff Sauce. They’ll love the kick it delivers to any meal.


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