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Holiday Gifts for Every Budget

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The most wonderful time of the year finds you whipping up holiday lists left and right. You’ve got people to treat, from family and friends to service providers and neighbors. These are the folks who have touched your life in some form or another. They’ve made an impact on your world and brought a smile to your face.

In short, they’re definitely worthy of a beautiful gift this holiday season. As your list grows, you may be concerned about how to break it all down from a spending perspective. We’ve made it simpler for you by narrowing down gifts by price. Categorized this way, you can easily shop for everyone on your list.

Best of all, you never have to worry about anyone missing out on something fabulous this Christmas. Whether you’re limited to a budget or not, you’ve got options galore. Here are some festive ideas that are sure to bring joy and happiness to everyone in your world.

Price Point Gift Guide

  1. Under $50
  2. Under $75
  3. Under $100
  4. $100 and Up

Under $50

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t wow the people who mean the most to you. You have plenty of fantastic options available to you, from sweet treats to home holiday accents that are sure to bring a smile to their face. Here are some ideas to keep in mind, all at the right price.

Cute Ornaments

You know them well: the holiday lovers. They’re the ones who put their tree up before everyone else and whose rooftops twinkle with lights before December even begins. They’ll appreciate the gift of a beautifully designed ornament — of which there are many fabulous options. Why not choose something that resonates with their personality? Try a Coffee to Go Ornament for the java lover or the Kitten Queen Ornament for true-blue feline lovers.

Easy-Care Plants

A plant can brighten up anyone’s life, even when it’s compact. More than just stylish, small plants are also easy to maintain and add a dash of joy to anyone’s world. The Ralph is a great gift idea because it includes a dainty succulent that requires virtually no care, along with a bar of chocolate to sweeten the deal. For desk décor, The Cathy is unmatched. Our beloved air plant looks downright darling in her chic ceramic planter.

Under $75

There are many gift ideas in the under $75 category, ranging from plants to flowers to home décor. What’s best to give? That’s tough to narrow down, so we’ve organized a few of our favorites for you.

Amazing Aromas

They can light up their world with the crisp and refreshing scent of the NEST Cypress and Snow Candle. A medley of juniper berry, blue cypress, and smoked vanilla bean, this candle evokes a sense of cozy comfort. Offering up to 60 hours of burn time, it promises to be an instant favorite. The Getaway is another fun and fabulous choice that brings a little bit of calm to their world. It includes an air plant, a soothing lavender candle, and a few self-care essentials to take their “me time” to the next level.

Home Extravagance

It’s the little things that make the home a brighter and more welcoming place. Why not dazzle them with The Madras? This festive bundle pairs a bouquet of hypericum berries in a stylish vase with a cube of Sugarfina Cranberry Cocktail Bears. For those who don’t quite have a green thumb, The Bianca offers the best of all worlds. This dried arrangement requires no care whatsoever yet adds plenty of beauty and character to any space.

Under $100

With a slightly higher budget, you might be thinking of giving a more extravagant gift. You’ll find so many fabulous options that are well worth a place in their home or workplace. Here are several picks priced under $100.

Green Beauties

Prepare to be wowed by The Nola. Featuring glossy green leaves, it’s an exceptional and unique ode to the season — and it also happens to keep its vitality throughout the year. If you’re sure they’ll love a flower arrangement instead, or you know they could desperately use some TLC, The Crush is the ultimate holiday gift for them. In addition to an enchanting bouquet complete with pops of pink, it also includes a contemporary vase and a tube of nourishing Claus Porto lotion in a heady red poppy fragrance.

Floral Subscription

Not sure what to give? Consider giving The Seasonal Plan instead. For just $75, you can pay for your recipient to receive a fresh arrangement on a schedule of your choosing. The first delivery includes a glass vase and a pair of floral shears so they can ensure that each stem stays fresh and healthy for as long as possible.

$100 and Up

If you’re looking for an extravagant Christmas gift that’s sure to delight at first glance, we offer plenty of incredible finds that are more than worthy of a place on their social media channels. What can you expect them to show off during the season? Here are a few ideas to keep in mind, all priced over $100.

Giving Glamour

Oh, the glamour of it all! The Fiona is a stunning arrangement filled with colorful flowers ranging from orchids to calla lilies supported by a bed of fresh eucalyptus. Set in a stylish vase, it’s the perfect surprise for the picky flower enthusiast in your life. Another classy option is The Kai, featuring a showstopping medley of flowers in a variety of textures. The arrangement comes in a contemporary golden vase that they’ll use long after the flowers are gone.

Little Extras

For the person in your life who deserves a little extra, go the extra mile by surprising them with a gift that’s sure to make them stop in their tracks. Of course, it’s always the thought that counts, but The Bailey is a powerful reminder that the intention you put into choosing the right gift can make their season so much brighter. This beautiful arrangement is also nicely complemented by a LAFCO candle in a wintery aroma.

Prepare to make a memorable statement with The Mandarin. This exceptional wreath is filled with heady goodness. Think sprigs of lavender, preserved orange slices, and lush greenery, all finished with an earthy burlap bow. The effect is astounding in its beauty, and so easy on the eyes you may wish to snag one for yourself.


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