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What Flowers To Send for Milestone Anniversaries

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Milestone anniversaries are special occasions that only come around once in a lifetime! Whether it’s the first anniversary together or the 50th year spent in wedded bliss, it’s always worth celebrating. Acknowledge these cherished moments with a thoughtful flower arrangement.

With so many different flower arrangements available, you might be stumped about which one to choose. Is one type of flower more suitable than another for a particular milestone? Simply put, it matters only because flowers are incredibly meaningful. That’s precisely why each anniversary has its own dedicated flower. Each one is emblematic of the time the couple has spent together, linked to a certain emotion or feeling, and wonderful to give in recognition of the celebration.

Whether for your grandparents, parents, or another couple in your life, these are the anniversary flowers to give for the most important days of their lives — those milestone anniversaries they will remember for a lifetime.

Milestone Anniversaries That Deserve Flowers

  1. 1st Anniversary
  2. 5th Anniversary
  3. 10th Anniversary
  4. 25th Anniversary
  5. 50th Anniversary

1st Anniversary

The first anniversary is special for so many reasons. It’s a hallmark occasion that honors not only the early stages of the couple’s journey together, but also the adjustments and growth they’ve experienced through the year. It may be simultaneously joyful and challenging, and full of the laughter and treasured moments they’ll look back on fondly for decades.

The carnation is customarily given on this occasion. It’s a lively, delicate, and youthful flower associated with everlasting love, enduring beauty, and passion. These characteristics define some of the happiest couples in the world, especially because their bashful and youthful appearance is typically tied to the magic of young love.

According to legend, simply giving someone a carnation bouquet would create an everlasting bond with that person. Today, you can surprise a couple you admire with an arrangement like The Afterglow. The multicolored stems bring immediate joy to any occasion — and who wouldn’t be delighted by the sight of blush, peach, violet, and red carnations vying for the spotlight? It’s a chic choice for the happy couple celebrating their first year of bliss with one another.

5th Anniversary

Growth is the hallmark of the 5th anniversary. This special occasion celebrates the couple’s bond, the experiences they share, and all that is in store for them in the future. It’s a time to look back fondly on those key moments — and to look ahead and make big plans for their life as a couple.

For this special day, the daisy is typically given for its uplifting appearance and spirit. The timeless flower is symbolic largely because of its unique open silhouette. The bold center symbolizes the union of two becoming one, while the petals represent the love, experiences, growth, and endurance. Daisies are typically associated with fidelity.

The James is a lively bouquet that the happy couple is sure to appreciate. Featuring radiant Gerbera daisies in fresh orange, they’re paired with roses, safflowers, eucalyptus, and other favorites. The result is a bright and celebratory arrangement that steals the spotlight with its vivid palette.

10th Anniversary

Strength. Resilience. Beauty. Endurance. Is it any wonder the humble daffodil is the flower most closely associated with the 10th anniversary? This truly noteworthy occasion calls for a grand celebration — the works! That’s precisely why you want to give a flower that represents all that the couple has achieved together through the past decade.

What makes the daffodil so appropriate? At a glance, it’s among the most uplifting and sunny stems you could give to brighten someone’s day. It’s vibrant and fun, reflecting the wonderful moments that the couple has shared over the years.

Honor that bond with a yellow flower arrangement that captures the spirit of those sentiments. Yellow is known for those cheerful vibes, and it’s sure to make them smile. Whether you present them with a mixed arrangement featuring pops of yellow or a solo-sunshine bouquet, you can trust that they will be delighted with this sunny presentation.

25th Anniversary

It’s only fitting to honor the 25th anniversary with a flower that expresses regality at its core. The iris honors the lasting bond between the two. It’s a sophisticated, timeless, and naturally elegant flower that exudes class from every angle. Most importantly, it is associated with some of the traits most commonly associated with enduring relationships, including wisdom, hope, and courage.

The iris also calls to mind the strength of two people united for a quarter of a century. The flower is known for its resilience and strength, two characteristics attributable to a couple that has stayed the course for over two decades.

Celebrate their 25 years together with The Purple Iris. Fitting for its rich color palette that calls to mind the presence of a regal couple, the deep purple arrangement features the dynamic duo of iris and freesia. Together, they offer a beautiful scent and represent the powerful connection of friendship and love shared by the couple.

50th Anniversary

The 50th anniversary is truly an occasion to behold. At this stage, there are no secrets. The relationship has seen its share of ups and downs, and both people are stronger, richer in love, and more devoted than ever before. It’s a reflection of a life well spent, with the type of connection that only two who have spent so long together can share.

Is it any wonder that this major milestone has not one, but two flowers? Yellow roses are commonly given because they represent positivity, good cheer, and happiness. There’s no denying the pure joy that links two people together at this stage of their lives. The other option is the violet, often associated with simplicity, modesty, faith, virtue, and beauty.

What to give? Try The Canary. It’s positively lush, with notes of yellow mingling with orange, blush, and ivory. Fresh and pretty, it’s the perfect choice for an occasion as momentous as this, what with its combination of yellow roses, freesia, and ranunculus.

Anniversaries are poignant occasions worthy of recognition. These flowers celebrate these milestones beautifully, adding color and joy to these special occasions.


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