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5 Clever Ways To Incorporate Flowers into Your Holiday Decor

Women having a holiday party in front of a mantle decorated with holiday flowers

There’s no question that Christmas flowers are transformative. During the holiday season, they add their signature brand of festive charm and style to your surroundings. With just a glance at their glossy foliage and colorful leaves, you’ll instantly feel more joyous. At the very least, holiday flowers will make any space brighter and more cheerful.

What makes flowers an especially appealing addition to your holiday decor, though, is the fact that they offer so much flexibility in design. You can easily transform any tabletop by incorporating flowers into your centerpiece. You can make your front door an elaborate production with a decorative accent. You can bring windows, doorways, and mantels to life with a pop of something special.

If you’re ready to transform your home into a winter wonderland, you won’t have to look far! A range of lush Christmas centerpieces in beautiful colors brings instant seasonal goodness to your world. Dress up any space in complete style. Here are some clever ideas to make your vision a reality this holiday season.

How To Add Flowers to Your Holiday Decor

  1. Dress Up the Mantel
  2. Design a Table Tray
  3. Make the Centerpiece Merry
  4. Top a Cake Stand
  5. Cluster Some Mini Trees

Dress Up the Mantel

The mantel is often the focal point of the home during the holiday season. The surface serves as the perfect spot to put some of your favorite accents on display, from candles and ornaments to miniature trees and twinkling lights. This season, why not give your mantel the VIP treatment? With a few eye-catching accents, you can make it look even more spectacular than it usually does.

Two factors set the tone this holiday season: color and glamour. Keep your flower arrangements on the small- to mid-size side so that they don’t overwhelm the mantel and so there’s no risk of them potentially tipping over. The Bonnie brims with fresh, seasonal charm, serving as a constant reminder of winter’s beauty and joy. Flank each side with The Homer, a delicate little plant that mirrors the stunning texture and finish of a Christmas tree. It’s nestled in a glossy gold pot that commands attention, bringing some extra focus to the mantel.

Design a Table Tray

As your guests gather around the coffee table for some relaxation after dinner or to enjoy some hot cocoa or cocktails, keep the festivities flowing with some beautiful accents. Try a stylish square tray layered with different details that invite some warmth and beauty to the space. A votive or pillar candle surrounded by ornaments and cut stems make a beautiful addition to your family room or living room.

To make this look especially festive, choose a metallic or crisp white tray that allows the colors on the tray to shine. The light from the candle will cast a gorgeous glow over the arrangement, too. And opt for an unscented candle if you choose to light one so it won’t emit a fragrance that interferes with the scent of your flowers.

Make the Centerpiece Merry

Never mind the standard bouquets that you might set in the center of your dining table. That alone brings some visual intrigue to the space, but you can take it a step further by designing a more thoughtful holiday-themed centerpiece. Begin by gathering elements you may need, like votive candles and holders, pine cones dusted in metallic glimmer, and even fruits like apples and pears. Mady Votives make a phenomenal choice for their festive gleam and elegant design.

Then focus on the Christmas floral arrangement. Think big and lavish for this purpose since you want it to steal the spotlight. The Peppermint is an especially radiant choice that features some of the season’s best stems — think carnations and roses — in a fabulous ivory vase featuring double handles.

Top a Cake Stand

Cake stands aren’t just for sweet treats! Use this tiered structure to put some beautiful stems on display and create an attractive, one-of-a-kind accent that captures attention. Perfect for holiday gatherings or intimate dinners with those closest to you, floral arrangements on cake stands evoke a sense of classic appeal. The key to a successful design is to choose plants that aren’t too large; otherwise, they may overwhelm the stand. Have fun mixing and matching, however, and bringing opposing varieties together for an interesting study in colors and textures.

The Clement is a dainty little choice that adds a little pop of crimson to the design. Introduce some buttery roses to the proceedings with The Revelry, a glamorous little accent featuring 12 garden roses nestled in an incredibly chic bowl you’ll want to use over and over again. The Rollick is a similar choice that brings a pop of fashionable style to your cake stand. To lighten the load on the stand, you can even place one or two stems from each arrangement in a small vase to create your own unique holiday arrangement. A few extra additions, like votive candles and ornaments, give it a festive finish.

Cluster Some Mini Trees

There’s room for more than just a single tree in the home — and if there isn’t room for one, you can easily make your own holiday masterpiece by gathering a cluster of small trees somewhere. For example, you can dress up a tabletop with a few miniature cypresses and pine trees. You can even adorn them with twinkling lights, tinsel, or miniature ornaments! Set them on decorative placemats featuring golden accents or notes of red and green to create a wonderfully holiday-worthy space. Place gift bags and wrapped gifts around the arrangement to make it extra special.

Have fun selecting trees in different decorative pots for an even more interesting and festive effect. The Homer shines in its gilded container, for example, while The Borealis evokes an artisanal touch with its pot bearing a distinctive graphic pattern. The Beaumont arrives in an earthy pot that balances the look of your miniature tree-scape.

No matter what your style preference — modern, traditional, glamorous, or laid-back — you’ll love the way these ideas put an extra festive and decidedly unique spin on your holiday decorations in the home.


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