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Five Tips to Make Mother's Day Special

1. Consider an Arrangement That Will Brighten up an Unexpected Space for Her

Maybe the woman you’re planning on gifting flowers to this Mother’s Day has a traditional place for her flower arrangements -- like the dining table or foyer. This May, think about another space that could benefit from flowers and consider surprising her with double the love. Spring for one arrangement she can put in her usual place, and a different one for a less obvious area -- such as her bedroom, home office or desk, a sunroom, craft or workshop space, or even the nook where she enjoys her morning coffee.

2. Think Outside the Box When It Comes to Flower Color

There are lots of colors to choose from when it comes to Mother’s Day flower arrangements, so don’t be shy about going beyond common colors. Think about the colors and shade variations that really speak to her, and let that be your guide. Maybe she recently painted the living room a sunny yellow because she loves optimistic colors, or maybe you always see her in blue because it reminds her of calming waters. From soft and graceful pastels in delicate dried bouquets to arrangements with bold, fiery shades of ranunculus and roses, you’ll find a wealth of colors and flower types to choose from.

3. Look for Flowers That Will Work With her Decor

A woman’s home decor can be close to her heart, and every woman has a different style that makes her home feel, well, just like “home” to her. If you’re stuck on what type of Mother’s Day bouquet to choose, let her decor type inspire you. Does she love all things rustic? A charming wildflower bouquet in a casual vase might be the answer. Does she love minimalist decor? A beautiful monochrome arrangement might make her day.

4. Double up on Color and Style

What better way to say “I love you” or “thank you” to an amazing woman on Mother’s Day than to give her a dynamic bouquet? Look for arrangements that include double the fresh flowers to make her really feel appreciated on her special day.

5. Choose Flowers From the Heart

Mother’s Day only happens once a year, and there’s a good chance you’ll have lots of memories flooding through your mind as you think about which flowers to give to that incredible lady. If you’re having trouble deciding on what to choose, look at bouquets and arrangements that bring to mind a special time or certain memory. Maybe it’s a colorful mix of garden roses and sweet snapdragons, or an elegant combination of pink carnations and scabiosa. Whatever makes you think of her could be the key to choosing the perfect Mother’s Day flowers this holiday.


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