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5 Cute Floral Ideas To Incorporate for Valentine’s Day

Close up of pink peony flowers for Valentines Day

Crimson and clover. Mom and apple pie. Flowers and Valentine’s Day. Some things go so naturally together that you wouldn’t even think to question them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to freshen up old traditions. If you’re looking for some ideas for your Valentine’s decorations this year, we’ve got some suggestions about creative ways to incorporate flowers. Five of them, in fact.

Five Cute Floral Ideas To Incorporate for Valentine’s Day

  1. A Special Valentine’s Centerpiece
  2. Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Wreath
  3. Pressed Flower Valentine’s Card
  4. Hanging Roses
  5. A Vase by Any Other Name

A Special Valentine’s Centerpiece

If you’ll be hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner, a floral centerpiece display is an enchanting way to create the ambiance you’re looking for. One option is to buy an arrangement — The Henley would be an inspired and sophisticated choice. This arrangement stuns with calla lilies, roses, snapdragon, and eucalyptus, all in colors reminiscent of a particularly gorgeous sunset.

But if you’re looking for something more original, you could create your own garden-style centerpiece by arranging flowers of different sizes and colors in smaller jars or vessels. Pick a variety of complementary colors, sizes, and blooms, and let your creativity shine!

Another simple yet elegant alternative is to fill a shallow bowl (preferably a clear one) with a bit of water and add rose petals. You’ll need to trim the stems, but the petals themselves will float nicely. If you’ve got floating tea light candles, you can add those to the bowl and really up the romance factor.

Heart-Shaped Valentine’s Wreath

Making a heart-shaped wreath is a relatively simple way to dress up your space for Valentine’s Day. Putting together a wreath is a fun DIY project and doesn’t require much more than a heart-shaped frame (which you can likely pick up at a dollar store) or some wire you can shape into a heart yourself, felt to provide a backing for the flowers, floral glue, and the dried flowers of your choice (red, pink, or white roses or carnations are great options).

Dry your flowers by hanging them upside down in a cool, dry place. This step will likely take a couple of weeks, so give yourself adequate time for this project. Assemble your wreath by gluing the felt to the frame or wire. Cut the flowers, leaving a bit of the stem if you’d like some greenery to show. Use the floral glue to attach the flowers to your wreath, then let it dry for a couple of hours. Violà — you’ve got yourself a homemade Valentine’s wreath! Pro tip: Spray the flowers with unscented hairspray to make them last a bit longer.

Pressed Flower Valentine’s Card

Nothing gets your Valentine’s message across better than a homemade card. Whoever is lucky enough to receive your handcrafted gift will know you cared enough to put in the time and effort to make something just for them. But don’t worry — this project isn’t an overwhelming one! You’ll just need some flowers, a large, heavy book or two, card stock, some floral or craft glue, and a bit of time (for the flowers to dry).

For this project, you’ll want to choose flowers with thinner petals. Roses tend not to be the best choice because they are larger and have overlapping petals (although if you want to use them, you can remove and press individual petals). After you’ve chosen your flowers, arrange and place them either between the pages of a heavy book or between two books (if you choose this option, use some cardboard on either side, which will draw moisture from the flower). Remember that once the flowers are dried, you won’t really be able to change their shape, so however you place them in or between the books, that’s the shape you’re going to end up with for your card.

It should take between five and ten days for your flowers to dry. Once they’re ready, use them to decorate the front of your card, attaching them with floral glue. Once the glue dries, add a personal message. Congratulations, you’ve got yourself a Valentine’s card that’s sure to bring a smile to that special someone’s face!

Hanging Roses

Looking for something extra-creative to do with those roses this Valentine’s Day? Try turning them upside down. A display of hanging roses adds a dash of creativity and uniqueness to your Valentine’s decor. All you really need is some yarn or string, rose stems, and some ribbons to adorn the string if you’d really like to go all out.

Try hanging the roses from your mantle (you can use removable hooks to secure the yarn or string) or from light fixtures. You could also hang them over your dining room table to create a romantic ambiance for dinner. The roses can be hung from their stems, or you can trim closer to the petals if you’d prefer.

You can use any color of roses you’d like, but if you’re looking for a classic red, consider The Valentine. This bouquet includes a mix of garden roses and classic roses.

A Vase by Any Other Name

Another fun way to change up the look of your floral decorations this Valentine’s Day is to think outside the vase. Vases can be the perfect complementary component to a gorgeous flower arrangement. But using other containers to hold your flowers gives you another way to put your own twist on an old standard.

If you’re looking to go cottagecore, repurpose some vintage containers as vases, and you’ve given your floral arrangement a whole new look. Think your grandmother’s old vintage china or even an old teapot from a secondhand store. Another way to get that vintage look could be to use old wine or liquor bottles to hold a stem or two.

Alternatively, if you’re up for a DIY project, try spray painting or painting a repurposed glass vessel — you can use anything from an old milk bottle to an olive oil bottle. Clean and dry the vessel, then spray paint or paint with a brush in the color of your choice. You can even buy a clear gloss paint to add a bit of sheen to your newly created flower holder.

The Galentine would be an excellent arrangement to go along with any of these creative vase ideas. These pastel roses would pair perfectly with a vintage or DIY container.


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