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How to Add Even More Nature to Your Christmas Tree

December 19, 2022

Woman decorating for Christmas 2022 with Christmas wreath

The first true sign of the holiday season is the moment you put up the Christmas tree. For many, that happens right after Thanksgiving. And for some, that moment arrives at the first sign of cold weather. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, really — some people just love the sight of the tree and all the joy and merriment it brings to their home!

There’s a fine art to decorating your tree and lending it a festive look every year. Maybe you enlist the kids to do the work, something they no doubt take great joy in every time they catch sight of the ornaments and the twinkling lights and the tinsel. This is their time to shine and to create the masterpiece that is your Christmas tree.

Of course, if you’re a nature lover, you might have other things in mind as you gaze at your tree. Before long, it will be surrounded by presents for and from everyone you love. However, the tree, in all its glory, is truly something to behold. Be it fir, pine, or spruce, it evokes the beauty of Mother Nature at her finest. These trees are breathtaking at a glance, and a big reason is they’re so grand and opulent.

If you’re wondering if you can add to your tree’s natural beauty and invite even more “nature” to your holiday, you absolutely can — and it doesn’t take too much effort, either. These ideas will lend your Christmas tree an even more festive feel.

How to Add Some Nature to Your Christmas Tree

  1. Reshape the Branches
  2. Add Fresh Foliage
  3. Keep Things Green
  4. Lavish the Room

Reshape the Branches

Odds are the branches have undergone quite a transformation since the tree was cut and transported to your home. If it was tied to your car’s roof, for example, odds are they’ve been slightly squashed en route and no longer bear the same rich, voluminous look they did when you first spied the tree in the lot.

The solution, fortunately, is simple — “fluff” the branches! The goal here is to increase the size of the tree by reshaping the branches back to their original positions. All it takes is a little light tweaking to restore the tree to its original silhouette. Be sure to do this before you do anything else to the tree, as it will be quite difficult to negotiate the branches when the ornaments are up! Make your way around the circumference of the tree, taking your time to address the areas that need the most attention. Don’t worry about bending them a little bit, either. The branches should be strong enough to handle just a touch of flexibility.

Add Fresh Foliage

If your tree this year is somewhat thin and sparse, don’t despair. There are ways you can enhance the appearance of a lackluster tree and breathe new life into it — and it’s possible you hadn’t considered these ideas before. For example, you could wind a few garlands around the tree to add more depth and volume to it. From afar, it will simply look like a greener tree, and you’ll love the unique way you managed to accomplish this.

The Garland is a great option if you want to elevate your tree’s appearance without being obvious about it. Glossy needles and a fresh green color lend it the most natural appearance possible, making it a great complement to your tree. Measuring 10 feet, it’s perfect for wrapping around the tree, and you could easily use a few strands to make a thicker, fuller, and more lavish tree a reality. Many people add golden garlands to their trees — this is just another way to enhance yours and give it an even greater natural appeal.

Keep Things Green

The more greenery you incorporate in the room, the less attention will be focused solely on the tree itself. The idea here is to spread the interest and create a few eye-catching focal points instead of reserving all that energy for your Christmas tree. The largest element in the room is the one destined to receive the most attention. But by adding other nature-friendly details to the space, you can create a festive and natural setting that truly elevates your holiday décor in a meaningful way that honors Mother Nature at the same time.

You can accomplish this by clustering small trees around the room or on the mantle. The Sleigh Bells and The Deck the Halls are both worthy contenders that bring the spirit of the season to your home no matter where you place them. Add The Frosted to your space to ensure that the requisite poinsettia earns pride of place in the home all season long. What’s nice about poinsettias is they have the potential to last for quite a while, making it one of those plants you’ll want to keep around.

Lavish the Room

Decorating is one of the greatest joys of the holiday season. It’s a wonderful way to go all out, express your own personal sense of style, elevate your mood, and bring some of the spirit of the season to your own home. Putting up a tree is what makes much of this possible, but other elements of nature can do the same. For example, hanging a wreath on the wall is another way to celebrate the holiday season. The Trilogy is an exquisite example well worth it for its magnificence alone.

If you don’t have the capacity for a conventional tree, you could easily place a couple of smaller ones in your home and make those your focal points. The Borealis is a lush and charming little plant that won’t occupy too much space in your home yet that you can easily dress up with a touch of holiday décor — think tiny strands of tinsel and miniature ornaments that bring a smile to your face every time. There’s more than one way to add a Christmas tree to your home.

There’s a lot of joy involved in putting up a tree for the holidays — and even more joy to be found in celebrating the wonders of Mother Nature. With some of these ideas, you can easily bring more of that glorious nature into your home while sprucing up your tree at the same time.


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