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Three Plants (and More) Dad Will Love This Father’s Day

Best plants to send for Father's Day

With Father's Day right around the corner, you know how important it is to find a gift that your dad will appreciate. When you choose a gift with care, your dad or father figure will find it meaningful and appreciate it with all his heart. While many dads may like flowers and bouquet arrangements, potted plants also have a strong appeal as gifts. Today we will focus on some of our top Father’s Day plants.

Why Plants?

A plant gift is a unique option because, unlike bouquets, plants can last for months and even years. They also come in a stylish pot and soil from which you can transfer the plant when it grows, and then that pot can be reused for other plants. When you give your father a potted plant for Father's Day, he can enjoy this gift for a long time. Thankfully, many of these indoor plants don’t require much care, especially succulents and cacti. The following options include some of our most loved Father's Day potted plant gifts.

1. Money Trees

If you want to give your father a message of well-wishes and good fortune, then a potted money tree is an excellent choice. This gift doesn't just give your dad something awesome to look at, it will be a fresh reminder of your affection every day. Money trees can grow for years and last a long time, not to mention they scrub air to make interiors fresher. And another bonus — they are incredibly low maintenance, which is perfect for dads who are busy and always on the go.

  • Our Father’s Day Favorite: The Dinero, a lush money tree with a signature braided trunk that comes in a stylish handcrafted ceramic pot. Take good care of this tree, and it can last up to 10 to 15 years.

2. Orchids

To tell your dad that you love him more than anything, a single or double orchid arrangement is a wonderful gift. Orchids come in many colors like white, purple, and pink, so you can easily find a color that would please him. Also, orchids are incredibly easy to take care of and can last a long time since they are in a pot with soil. They only need occasional watering and low light, so it's an excellent indoor plant.

  • Our Father’s Day Favorite: The Tux, A stunning planter with three micro orchids. This gift is super easy to care for and an easy fit in any office or household. Think of it as the class that meets casual that your father figure will love.

3. Succulents and Cacti

When it comes to plant care and longevity, succulents have something special. These mini cacti come in a delightful array of pottery and are easy to maintain. They can sit right on top of a work desk or rest in the middle of the kitchen table at home without much fuss. Succulents can be a constant reminder of your love and your devotion since they are hard to kill and can be placed anywhere to enhance a room's beauty.

  • Our Father’s Day Favorite: The Loe, Surprise Dad with a charming jade succulent nestled in a elephant shaped planter. Perfect for a fun-loving father, this plant is cheerful and easy to care for. They also are amazing air scrubbers, so your dad will appreciate the extra boost of clean air in the home.

Go Beyond Plants

Is your dad not a plant guy? Then surprise him with a deliverable gift. Flower delivery services are experts at all types of meaningful gifts and getting them to your recipient quickly. For instance, you can send a box of chocolates or a candle set. There are also herb growing kits, lotions, tea sets, and other unique gift boxes to choose from. So, if you know that your dad doesn’t have a thing for plants, you can still get him something he will enjoy.

Roses: The Official Father's Day Flower

Though it's not technically a potted plant, we can’t skip the official flower of Father’s Day — the red rose! Although the rose is usually associated with Valentine's Day and relationships, it's also a strong symbol of fatherhood. Single stem rose arrangements or a mixed bouquet with red roses both make great gifts. You also don't have to stick to one color. Yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and are cheerful, welcome gifts to any doting dad who is also your best friend. The Canary is a perfect example of a bouquet that's fit for Father's Day.

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If you already know that you want to give your father a gift on Father's Day and beyond, then consider setting up a subscription that will give you a regular discount. This kind of service is convenient for holidays such as Father's Day when there is a lot of demand for gifts.

To all the fathers out there who do the hard work of raising and guiding kids long after adulthood, these gifts can express your appreciation. Happy Father’s Day!


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