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23 Best Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

Close up of plant perfect for Employee Appreciation Day

March 5th is Employee Appreciation Day — making it prime time to celebrate the cornerstone of your business: your employees. On this day, it's customary to treat the team to something special, such as a catered office lunch or a thoughtful gift.

Whether you want to host an office party with awards or send everyone personalized gifts, your employees will appreciate the recognition. Since finding the right gift can take a lot of time, we gathered 23 of this season's best gifts for Employee Appreciation Day.

Best Gifts for Employee Appreciation Day

  1. Classics Collection
  2. Flowers With Extra Gifts
  3. Irresistible Fragrances
  4. Delicious Treats
  5. Sweet Succulents

Classics Collection

When you want a timeless gift, look no further than the Classics Collection. These stems are available throughout the year as dependable" go-to" florals and green plants that appeal to many people. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a "just because" moment, a selection from the Classics Collection is always a hit.

  1. The Fresco: This 6" Golden Pothos is one of the best office plants. It thrives in low light, needs infrequent watering, and even comes in a stunning white and blue vase for immediate display.
  2. The Unicorn: If you don't know if your employee is more of a pink or purple flower person, you can just get The Unicorn: a classic bouquet that is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. This mix of purple, pink, and lilac flowers satisfies a broad range of preferences!
  3. The Charleston: Hardy enough to hold its own when its owner is gone for long weekends, this ZZ plant is an excellent office companion. Since it comes in an aesthetic woven planter, The Charleston easily fits on your employee's desk as a daily reminder of your good thoughts.
  4. The Luna: Dark and mysterious, this gorgeous combination of violet flowers with pops of off-white blooms will forever make an impact on any day — including Employee Appreciation Day.
  5. The Firecracker: If you have a standout employee who brings in the sunshine whenever they enter the office, this bold arrangement of fiery hues is the bouquet for them.
  6. The Buttercream: A monochromatic joy for the eyes, this bouquet of cream-colored roses exudes elegance wherever it's placed — and it's always a perfect match with the surrounding decor.

Flowers With Extra Gifts

Whenever you're in doubt, go with flowers and an add-on gift. Your employees will see the care put into each arrangement and its thoughtful gift pairing. Here are some of our top suggestions to honor your hard-working team.

7. The Pisces: If your employee just happens to be a Pisces on this day, this gift set is the ultimate homage to them. The Pisces includes a bouquet of Roses, Spray Roses, Lisianthus, and Snapdragons in a beautiful ceramic vase and a fragrant 3.5 oz MerSea Sea Change Tin Candle.

8. The Verona: This high-fashion arrangement of pink roses, hypericum berries, and Ruscus stems proves that you can still shake things up within a color spectrum when you play with texture. Sprigs of verdant Cocculus frame the bouquet, giving it the finishing touch for display.

9. The Manor: This gorgeous floral gift has surprising sprigs of lavender nestled among cream and light pink blooms of roses and ranunculus. Verdant eucalyptus leaves spring outward, creating a calming green aura.

10. The Sonny: It's one of our bestsellers for a reason. This bouquet of sunflowers is an excellent office gift that's also great for just about any situation. Whether it's a friendship, promotion, graduation, or anything between holidays, these cheerful stems will brighten anyone's day.

11. The Rosaline: Nothing says springtime like tulips, and this cheerful, universally pleasing gift is made the most convenient office gift when given a vase add-on. Remember to include some sweet Sugarfina Bears!

12. The Parasol: Since Employee Appreciation Day happens right around spring, this lovely single-stem arrangement of multicolored Columbus tulips is the ultimate seasonal choice.

Irresistible Fragrances

You can't go wrong with fragrances when you want to give a gift that offers some luxury. These gift options are available for you right now and can make a wonderful gift for your employee.

13. The Me Time: Let's take self-care to the next level. This gift box contains anything one would want during their downtime: a rose quartz face roller, a 7.5 oz pear and jasmine candle, chocolate bars, and a super low-maintenance Xerographica air plant!

14. The Spa Night: If you have an employee who has gone above and beyond, this impeccable 3" pink Phalaenopsis orchid belongs on their desk. It is also ready for display in a ceramic pot with a luxurious set of fragrant hand creams.

15. The Betsy + MerSea Coconut Sugar Diffuser: Lush, extravagant gifts hardly ever come this easy. However, it takes just seconds to enhance this luxe combo of anemones, Ruscus, ranunculus, and solomio with a sugar-sweet diffuser.

16. The Devotion: Your employees dedicate their time and energy to meet those KPIs. Show them you don't take this energy for granted with this heart-shaped Hoya kerrii and candle pairing.

17. The Juliet + Apotheke Candle: This stunning blend of orange, purple, and cream blooms is even more captivating when you add on a candle from Apotheke with the bold aroma of sandalwood, cedarwood, smokey amber, and oud.

Delicious Treats

Who doesn't like a snack, especially at the desk or on the go? Sweeten your employee's day with a small token of appreciation that can fuel them throughout the day.

18. The Myron: Combine the super low-maintenance jade succulent plant with some decadent truffles, and you just created an incredible office gift.

19. The Sweet Tooth: Who can say no to chocolate squares, especially when it comes with a lovely mini rose bush with red blooms? This is an excellent gift for a team member who enjoys a sugar high!

20. The Sahara: This oh-so-cute Xerographica air plant will grab all the attention in its giraffe planter, but the delicious treats you can add to this gift will become fierce competition. Complete your gift with Sugarfina bears or Neuhaus chocolates to make it super-sweet.

Sweet Succulents

Succulents are some of the best office plants you can ever get. They don't require constant attention, they last for years, and they easily maintain their beauty. If you know your team member might not have the time for flowers, a succulent is an excellent alternative!

21. The Cora: This heart-shaped darling of a mini cactus is one of the easiest office succulents to keep alive and admire for months and years to come.

22. The Galaxy: Sometimes you hire an employee who is just out of this world! Honor them with this incredibly witty 3" succulent in a cosmic-themed planter. Throw in an add-on gift to make it even more lovely!

23. The Loe: This beautiful jade succulent isn't just a hardy office succulent; the real prize is its unforgettable elephant-shaped ceramic planter!

If you're shopping around for the best gifts to give your employees this March, we have everything you need to impress them.


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