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The 13 Best Flowers to Send for Valentine’s Day 2024

January 25, 2024

Close up of two women admiring their Valentine's Day flower arrangements.

Love is in the air, and what better way to express your feelings than with a bouquet that speaks volumes? As we gear up for Valentine's Day 2024, the quest for the perfect flowers is on. Forget the clichés and dive into our curated list of the 13 Best Flowers to Send for Valentine’s Day. Whether you're a traditionalist, a trendsetter, or somewhere in between, we've got the blooms that will make hearts flutter and convey your sentiments in the love language of flowers.

1. Roses

A Valentine’s Day classic that is Saint Valentine approved — red roses. If you’re a traditionalist, The Valentine arrangement is right up your alley. It’s a best seller for a reason

2. Peonies

Like we shared in a previous post, we think peonies are the best flower to send for Valentine’s Day 2024. The Grower’s Choice is just that, a bouquet filled with magnificent and lush peonies.

3. Calla Lilies

You’re ready to make it official and you’re looking for flowers to seal the deal. Browse no further than The Cuffing Season, a bouquet brought to you by love at first.

4. Tulips

Tulips are incredibly recognizable blooms that are known to represent a perfect and deep love. Talk about perfect timing! For a more unique and striking Valentine’s Day bouquet, send The Sweet Tulips with their dusty pink petals to your sweetheart.

5. Anemones

Did you know anemones are in the buttercup flower family? How adorable is that! Keeping with the theme of loveable and charming, please meet The Gemstone, a floral bouquet that lets someone special in your life know you think they’re a real gem on Valentine’s Day.

6. Ranunculus

🎶 "Lady in red…" 🎶 Meet The American Rose, a crimson bouquet expertly designed by the team at Vogue. Featuring bursts of roses, ranunculus, and anemones, this arrangement makes a bold romantic statement this Valentine’s Day.

7. Orchids

Let your loved one know that you’re thinking of them on February 14th and long past with an exotic orchid. The Evangelina is a pink orchid in a ceramic vessel that is ideal if you want to let someone special like a parent, grandparent, or friend know they’re in your heart this Valentine’s Day and beyond.

8. Spray Roses

Sometimes, the love of our life is our best friend. Celebrate your soulmate this Valentine's Day with The Galentine, a bouquet with a kaleidoscope of colorful spray roses that bloom into a dreamy pastel palette.

9. Carnations

If you’re ready to make their Instagram story, but not exactly change your Facebook status, we recommend The Soft Launch. This bouquet is the definition of “understated affection” — which is the most subtle way to express your feelings this Valentine’s Day.

10. Delphinium

We know you agreed to keep it casual, but it’s Valentine’s Day after all. For the “in-betweeners” we recommend The Situationship, a bouquet filled with delphinium, mini callas, roses, mums, and more. Think of this as more than a casual gesture, but just short of professing forever love.

11. Scabiosas

Let’s not bury the lede here; scabiosas are an underrated flower. So this Valentine’s Day, if you want your love not just seen but felt in an enchanting way, The Elixir is the secret potion of passion you’re searching for.

12. Lisianthus

Capture the essence of forever love with an airy arrangement this Valentine’s Day. If you’re the Romeo she has been searching for, we recommend sending her The Juliet, a bouquet featuring lush lisianthus, stunning roses, and staggering heights of greenery.

13. Garden Roses

We know red roses are often associated with Valentine’s Day, but in 2024 we think you should consider garden roses. The difference is subtle, unlike garden roses have ruffled petals to create a rounded bloom. This year, deliver The Cupid to your sweetheart, it’s a fresh twist on a timeless classic.

In the garden of love, each petal tells a story, and this Valentine's Day, let your emotions blossom with our gorgeous and thematic arrangements. From the timeless allure of red roses to the enchanting beauty of scabiosas, our list is a symphony of colors and fragrances. So, as you prepare to celebrate love in full bloom, choose a bouquet that mirrors the depth of your affection. Because in the language of flowers, every stem whispers, "Please be mine!"


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