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The Best Flower Arrangements for Easter

March 29, 2022

Bouquet of Pink Flowers for Easter 2022

On April 17, 2022, many people worldwide will celebrate Easter. It will also be celebrated on April 24 on the Orthodox calendar. No matter what day you decide to celebrate Easter, this day of festive meals and faith-based celebrations looks better with flowers. We have all the beautiful Easter flower arrangements you need to dress up dining room tables, church pews, and picnic tables and serve as excellent gifts for your Easter gathering hosts. If you're looking for beautiful bouquets or green plants gifts for this upcoming Easter season, look no further. Here are the best Easter flower arrangements that you can order for delivery today.

The Best Easter Flower Arrangements

  • Traditional Easter Flowers
  • The Lily: An Iconic Easter Flower
  • White Flowers
  • Air Plants and Succulents

Traditional Easter Flowers

Easter flowers are typically light and pastel in color. They are also among the first blooms you see in the early spring. The white lily is the most iconic of Easter and is the flower most commonly seen in Easter arrangements. You will also see the daffodil, one of the first bright flowers that sprout from the earth in March and April, appearing in numerous potted plant gifts. Light-colored carnations and roses are also popular in Easter flower arrangements, especially if cream and pink in color. You will also find lovely accents in Easter arrangements, such as bright-colored foliage and delicate baby's breath, to create a balanced colorscape and fuller volume.

The Lily: An Iconic Easter Flower

Among all the typical Easter flowers, white lilies carry a strong tradition of being the most symbolic flower of the holiday. This is because the lily appears numerous times in the Bible during the Easter story. It's associated with the purity of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. The white lily is also symbolic of rebirth and new beginnings. Since Easter celebrates the story of Jesus's resurrection, this flower's meaning is easily accepted into the traditional canon of Easter flowers. In pre-Christian times, the lily was also associated with thanking mothers for their devotion and love. When you combine these elements, you can see how deeply meaningful the white lily is during the spring for people across different cultures, faiths, and timelines. Here are some of our favorite Easter lily arrangements that you can pre-order for the big day.

  • The Cherie: This gorgeous bouquet of white and peach blooms includes the white calla lily, one of the ultimate Easter flowers. You'll enjoy this chic blend that also includes roses, spray roses, Stars of Bethlehem, Gypsophila, Lupidium, lisianthus, and eucalyptus that will look good as a hostess gift or a lovely arrangement for your faith-based celebration. Customize its look by choosing a unique vase, like the Gold Tegan or textured Habitat Vase. Inspired by Erin & Sara's clothing line.
  • The Bella: Named after beauty itself, this delicate arrangement of pink roselilies and Oriental lilies is everything a traditional Easter table could want in a centerpiece. Plus, these fragrant lilies get even more beautiful as their buds unfurl into full bloom, fully embodying their iconic meanings of purity and new beginnings. At other times of the year, this arrangement can be given to honor friendship or even romance! Need even more lilies? Order Double The Bella!

White & Pastel Flowers

If you want to retain the spirit of the white lily but prefer a different type of flower, there are plenty of options for you. Stick to white or pastel flowers: these light-colored arrangements are easy to integrate into the Easter season and will help enhance any interior.

  • The Serena: This dried arrangement is a long-lasting gift for any Easter celebration. This lovely mix of ivory and cream dried foliage is iconic and fits right into the Easter scene. The bunny tails have a fluffy texture that offers a soft look too. Combined with the tall steps that shoot up from the golden vase, this warm-hued arrangement is a fitting gift for all sorts of springtime celebrations.
  • The Lemon Drop: Long-lasting orchids are low-maintenance but make a room look instantly chicer. If you want to give one as a gift for International Women's Day, choose The Lemon Drop, which contains 5" Yellow Red Lip Phalaenopsis Orchids in a complementary blue and white striped ceramic planter. The elegant curve of the orchid's stem makes it easily stand out with its organic beauty — just like this special holiday!

Easter Gifts for People With Allergies

If you want to honor an Easter dinner host but discover that they can't have pollen in their home, don't fret! Our dried flower arrangements can have all the right colors and beauty of Easter flowers but none of the allergens. Our succulents also come in gorgeous pottery and are easy to care for, making them creative gifts for hosts who like to keep their homes fresh and green. For example, The Phoebe shines in its unicorn planter and cute succulent riding on its back. You may also choose to give a potted money tree or a hypoallergenic flowering plant like the Gardenia. (Get yours today by ordering The Affogato!)

Shop Easter Flowers & Gifts

If you want to celebrate Easter in style or simply want to spruce up your home or office, this is a great time to schedule a springtime flower delivery. Our variety of dried bouquets, fresh flowers, and plant gifts ensures you can find the perfect gift for all your favorite people and faith-based celebrations. Also, if you plan on ordering flowers regularly, you can save by setting up a flower subscription service.


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