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The Best Flowers for Your Easter Brunch

March 15, 2024

Close up of a woman holding a bouquet in preparation for Easter brunch.

We’re just a hop away from Easter and as the holiday approaches we’re feeling the seasonal urge to host a brunch for our loved ones. We know you’re probably thinking of quiches and mimosas, but the decor and overall vibe play a crucial role in setting the tone. Flowers, with their vibrant colors and hypnotizing fragrances, stand as the quintessential choice to adorn your Easter brunch table. Not only do blooms accentuate your space, they also symbolize new beginnings and the renewal of spring. So to be certain that your Easter brunch is nothing short of spectacular, we've curated a list of the best flowers that will breathe life into your celebration.


Tulips are synonymous with spring and Easter, and we think for a good reason. Their graceful stems and bright, cup-shaped flowers come in a slew of colors including pastels, yellows, deep reds, and purples. A bouquet of mixed tulips can create a stunning centerpiece, or you can choose a monochromatic scheme for a more sophisticated look. Our unique multicolor tulip bouquet, The Dutch Tulips, make an ideal centerpiece (we suggest doubling it!). Their simple elegance and the wide array of colors make tulips a versatile choice for any Easter brunch setting.

Easter Brunch Table Setting


Peonies, with their lush blooms and rich fragrance, add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your Easter brunch table. While they’re often associated with prosperity, good luck, and honor, they're perfect for the symbolism and renewal that Easter represents. Available in shades of pink, white, and red, peonies can create a stunning centerpiece or a delicate accent to your overall Easter vibe. To complete the mood, go with The Peony Sunrise, a dreamy peony centerpiece.


Hyacinths are known for their intoxicating fragrance that is unmistakable and make a delightful addition for your Easter brunch. These dense clusters of bell-shaped flowers are available in pink, blue, white, and purple. Reflecting the essence of spring, hyacinths offer a visual appeal to your brunch gathering. Our arrangement, The First Bloom, perfectly encapsulates the feeling of seeing the first bloom in your garden. Just a tip: Arrange your blooms in mini centerpieces around the table so they serve as a decoration and a charming gift for your loved ones to take home.

Easter Brunch Table Setting 2

Easter Lilies

No Easter celebration would be complete without the beauty of Easter lilies. The large, trumpet-shaped flowers are a traditional symbol of the holiday and of course, they’re incredibly elegant. Our latest centerpiece, The Duchess, is an elegant blend of contemporary beauty in a classic setting. A centerpiece featuring Easter lilies brings a cool and serene feel to your brunch decor. To ensure they last, keep the flowers in a cool spot away from direct sunlight.


Ranunculus flowers are like little rays of sunshine with their densely layered petals and wide range of colors, allowing for flexibility in decor. These blooms have a whimsical yet sophisticated appearance, making them a favorite for Easter arrangements. Whether used in a mixed bouquet or as standalone bunches, ranunculus can add depth and a carefree vibe to your brunch centerpiece. Our classic (and fan favorite) Easter Centerpiece makes ranunculus the star of floral show; amongst roses, carnations, and anemones too!

Making flowers your Easter brunch centerpiece not only enhances the beauty of your delicious dishes, it also creates a welcoming and festive atmosphere. We hope we were able to help you set the tone and enhance the Easter spirit on your brunch table with flowers as special as the day.


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