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The Best Flowers to Send for Easter

By UrbanStems

Best flowers to send for Easter

When Easter is just around the corner, there's a certain mood in the air. Not only do we feel anticipation about the changing of the seasons, but there's a sense of renewal and hope. Easter has a strong cultural significance for families across the world and it often involves small reunions, festive brunches or dinners, and the ever so fun Easter egg hunt. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, this holiday coincides with the changing of seasons.

To commemorate this festive time, many people prefer to give loved ones gifts, especially if the family is gathering after a long time apart. At UrbanStems, we have beautiful Easter bouquets that suit the occasion and reflect the spirit of spring.

The best flowers to send for Easter are:

• Peonies

• Tulips

• Orchids

• Sunflowers

Typical Easter flower bouquets and arrangements contain colorful flowers like purple, yellow, pink, and white bouquets, and feature types of flowers like lilies and tulips, which have unique meanings that pertain to the Easter season. Here are the best flowers to send for Easter and the arrangements in which you will find them at UrbanStems.


Peonies originated in China and soon became a favorite flower around the world. It has long had connections to royalty, especially since they were planted in Imperial Gardens. Peonies are connected to honor, wealth, and nobility, as well as compassion, good luck, and prosperity. In Greek mythology, peonies also symbolize bashfulness. However, across cultures, one thing is for sure—the beauty of this late spring flower is undeniable. Here are some of the best peony arrangements that you can give this Easter.

  • The Daydream is a stunning bouquet of light pink peonies. Expect to be impressed and delighted with this simple yet beautiful arrangement that suits a variety of occasions!
  • Named after the magical nanny herself, The Poppins is perfectly pillowy and whimsical. Made with a combination of peonies, ranunculus, spray roses, and snapdragons, this coral-hued arrangement is incredibly fitting for the Easter season. The green accents from the bupleurum herbs further enhance this arrangement to balance the colors and draw the peonies into a singular focus.
  • The Pearl is an assortment of all white peonies that will brighten up anyone's day this spring. Its monochromatic sizzle grabs everyone's attention, positioning it as an excellent accent piece in practically any place: work, school, your place of worship, or the kitchen table.


Tulips have long symbolized perfect love. For hundreds of years, they have been given to express profound, unconditional love. However, these flowers go beyond just romantic relationships, but they can be given to anyone you love including your parents, kids, or closest friends. There are so many possible tulip arrangements that can communicate your specific feelings. You’ll also find surprising color varieties such as two-toned-double tulips and more. Here are some of our favorite tulip Easter arrangements.

  • The Parasol is a bold arrangement of hot pink double tulips. Double tulips have extra petals to add a soft, ethereal texture to the flower. Instead of the traditional slim tulip silhouette, this bouquet bursts with numerous petals. This dazzling gift is available in two bouquet sizes: a 12-stem single or a 24-stem double.
  • The Mulberry is a vision in pink-toned purple with a mix of purple and lilac double tulips. Whether you want to show appreciation or deep love, this regal and sophisticated arrangement has a classical appeal that appeals to a wide range of people. Purple exudes a sense of royalty while pink is warm and loving, so this color blend aptly heralds the coming of spring.
  • If you prefer cheerful yellow tulips, The Jansen is not to be missed. The double tulips in this seasonal arrangement especially make an impact with their numerous petals and fluffy silhouette that deviate from the expected image of a tulip.
  • Can’t decide? Then get an assortment of single tulips in all the colors in The Tula. This mixed tulip bouquet can be interpreted however you want it to be with its diverse arrangement of colors and simple design. The Tula is diverse and delightful, with the ability to appeal to many settings and recipients.


Elegant and refined, an orchid is the perfect gift for Easter. Our Cottontail orchid with purple blooms was curated for the Easter table. Here are some of the best peony arrangements that you can give this Easter.

  • The Cottontail is a cute addition to any brunch table. Look underneath for an adorable surprise fit for the holiday.


Brighten up the table this Easter with our bright bold sunflowers. These classic stems are the easiest way to bring a heavy dose of sunshine into the home. Cut them down short for a springtime centerpiece or place them around the home for some happiness. Either way, sunflowers for Easter will brighten anyone's day.

  • The Sonny is full of sunflowers, limonium, and ruscus.

No matter what kind of arrangement you give this Easter, you are sure to communicate just the right meaning with all these options. Order your Easter flower arrangement before Sunday, April 4th.


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