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The Best Bouquets To Send for Friendship Day in 2021

Two friends sitting at a set table with two floral bouquets for friendship

The magic of friendship is almost indescribable. Your friends — your chosen ones, the family you essentially build for yourself — are there for you through it all. They’ve witnessed your best moments and held your hand through the worst. They’ve laughed with you for hours on end, listened as you vented, and supported you through your tears. They’re constant sources of support, gently talking you through tough situations and being your biggest cheerleaders at every stage of your life.

In short, good friends are invaluable. They’re a constant, and that kind of special bond is more than worthy of a little celebratory cheer — and, in fact, its very own holiday. Every year, we celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday in August since the holiday was declared in 1935.

Celebrating Friendship Day takes on many forms. You might treat your VIPs to lunch or dinner, head out for manicures and drinks, or have a girls’ night in as you reminisce about good times and soak up each other’s company. Truth be told, you don’t ever need a reason to spend time together — but Friendship Day gives you a special excuse to celebrate that incredible relationship. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite bouquets to give for the occasion.

Why to Send Flowers this Friendship Day

  1. Express Your Friendship
  2. Make a Statement
  3. Keep Things Natural

Express Your Friendship

Just about everyone loves flowers. There’s something innately uplifting about receiving a colorful, radiant bouquet. If your dear friend falls into the category of folks that love fresh blooms, you’re in luck because you’ll always know exactly what to give them.

The Phoenix is a chic choice that punctuates Friendship Day with pops of pink, purple, and orange. It’s an unexpected blend that’s sure to yield instant joy upon its arrival. It doesn’t hurt that this chrysanthemum arrangement is rife with meaning, too. They’re generally emblematic of love, friendship, unity, joy, and happiness, making them the perfect choice for this special occasion.

If your friend would prefer something simple and understated, The Dizzy is a beautiful choice. The soft peach-meets-blush color alone sets the tone, lending this chrysanthemum bouquet a certain delicacy. It’s sweet, effortless, and perfect either as a standalone surprise or a complement to something else, like their favorite dessert or a box of chocolates.

Another undeniable friendship flower is the humble sunflower. It makes a bold statement in The Huron, a showy, uplifting arrangement that practically oozes sunshine from every angle. It arrives in a chic vase that your friend can use again, long after the flowers are gone. Of course, you can’t forget the meaning of this radiant bloom — it’s known for its associations with good fortune, happiness, admiration, and longevity, along with unconditional love.

Make a Statement

We all have that special person in our lives who loves the best of the best — the gorgeous and unique. Why not treat that person to these fabulous bouquets? These arrangements are thoughtfully designed with the strictest attention to detail. You’ll see it in the clever combination of colors and textures that lend each one its own unique style.

So what to give to that one friend who really appreciates the finer things in life? The Unicorn comes to mind. An arrangement nearly as majestic and mythical as its namesake, it incorporates beautiful tones like blush, hot pink, violet, and green. The result is a summer-fresh bouquet that positively exudes magic from every angle.

For those whose creative streaks run rampant, a curious arrangement that captivates at a single glance is always a great choice. Think style, texture, and flair as you consider your options. The Luna is one candidate that won’t disappoint, thanks to its bohemian spirit and tranquil, easy vibes. This is the bouquet that your creative, tasteful friend is sure to appreciate.

There’s also something especially uplifting about yellow roses. Not only do they beautifully represent friendship, but they’re wonderful seasonal flowers. That’s precisely why The Soleil is such an apt choice for Friendship Day. It simply radiates charm and expresses the beauty and solidarity of friendship in such a sunny and uplifting way. Little tendrils of burgundy and pops of orange reflect the nuances of your bond with one another.

Keep Things Natural

For the friend who loves all things natural and appreciates the wonders of Mother Nature, nothing could be more fitting than a soothing flower arrangement or a pretty plant. They’re ideal for friends who take a relaxed approach to everything, who appreciate the serenity of their surroundings, and who may have a green thumb of their own.

The Froth is an optimal choice for its sheer simplicity. Sure, you’ll find pops of juicy color in the mix thanks to its lovely orange roses, but this easy arrangement is also a favorite for its cozy, inviting quality. Whether for the friend who prefers to spend evenings at home or the one who’s all about self-care, this choice is destined to delight.

What’s green and gorgeous? The Verde, an aptly named arrangement that combines the best of nature into one compact package. From its gleaming eucalyptus to its richly textured succulents, this fascinating plant bouquet offers the best of nature’s beauty. It’s incredibly unique, and just right for that friend who is a gardening enthusiast and loves spa days, quiet morning walks, and a solo cup of tea before the day begins.

Of course, not everyone knows their way around a garden. For some friends, everlasting dried flowers are the way to go, much like your friendship. Dried flowers exhibit the kind of timeless, earthy beauty that you rarely find elsewhere. Perfect for accenting everything from bedrooms to bathrooms to entryways, dried arrangements like The Kaden are certain to wow your friend.

Any excuse is a good one to celebrate your friendship. Lavish your care and express your gratitude with these lovely flowers that connect on a different level. They’re meaningful, come from the heart, and send a thoughtful message — all while bringing joy to your special friend's day.


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