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The Best Birthday Plants to Gift in 2021

Pothos plant hanging in a sunlit window.

When a birthday comes around, it's a great opportunity to make someone feel special. When you pick just the right gift, it will brighten their day and show them that you care. While there are several different types of deliverable gifts to give, giving happy birthday plants is an excellent way to switch things up.

Not only are these beautiful gifts conveniently placed in an attractive planter, but they can last for months or even years with some regular care. It’s the total “set-and-forget” gift that low-maintenance friends love, and it’s a creative idea for people who want something interesting and fresh in their lives.

If your friend or loved one is someone that prefers long-lasting reminders and fresh indoor air, then having a birthday plant delivered can make their day. There are so many types of plants to choose from throughout the year to keep gift-giving fresh too. What birthday plants are the top picks for your friends and loved ones? Here are some of our customer favorites for different types of recipients.

Best 2021 Birthday Plants To Gift

  1. For Friends: Playful Plants with Heartfelt Messages
  2. For Family: Long-lasting Plants with Meaning
  3. For Romantic Birthdays: Show-Stopping Beauties
  4. For the Office: Plants That Work Best for Corporate Birthdays

For Friends: Playful Plants with Heartfelt Messages

Giving playful plants for birthday gifts keeps the mood light and gives you a heartfelt way to express your feelings of friendship. When you want to find a good friendship gift, choose one that keeps things casual and fun.

You can also make things more personal by adding a customized message or using one of our convenient pre-rendered messages. Friends always like extra goodies with their plant gifts, so add on some chocolate, a candle, or some lotion to make it extra luxurious! Here are our favorite plants for friends:

  • The Phoebe: If your friend is as sweet and whimsical as can be, then this gift's cute unicorn planter and its long-lasting succulent will have your friend reeling with delight. If you think it needs something extra, simply customize it with a message or add-on gift. For example, The Christopher is the Phoebe plus a cute pack of Sugarfina Rainbow bears.
  • The Cathy: It’s a classic for a reason! This gift includes a super-low-maintenance xerographica air plant in a ceramic pot decorated to look like a face. The cascading leaves of the plant look like a cascading head of hair. Since air plants don’t even need soil to thrive, this beauty is perfect for your desk or a spot in the home that’s typically tough for plants to thrive. It's also easy to care for. Just give it a light misting a few times a week and a 2-minute soak once a month. Choose between three different pot colors for a custom look!

For Family: Long-Lasting Plants with Meaning

Your family is there for you through thick and thin, so give them a plant gift that will stand the test of time. These birthday plants contain meaningful messages and give your loved one something beautiful to look at for months and years to come.

  • The Charleston: The ZZ plant is easy to care for and extremely good-looking with its waxy green leaves. When paired in a woven basket, it looks stylish just about anywhere. Since it only needs occasional watering, it’s an excellent office plant but can also find a nice spot in your family member’s home. There’s also no need to fuss about enough sunlight as the ZZ plant doesn’t even need a spot by the window.
  • The Archie: The pothos plant is almost impossible to kill and is an excellent air scrubber. If your loved one is a refreshing and stable figure in your life, this is the perfect representation of their awesome character. The minimalist two-toned pot also complements this gift’s low-maintenance nature. All you need is to place it near a spot with low to medium light and your gift can offer years of green goodness.

For Romantic Birthdays: Show-Stopping Beauties

Your significant other is expecting more from you on their birthday than anyone else, so make a grand impression with a plant gift with that “wow” factor. These are some of the most impressive plant gifts in stock.

  • The Affogato: Although named after the Italian word for "drowned" — don't worry, this gift says you're committed to this relationship. This planted Gardenia has beautiful white blooms and deep green waxy leaves that bring beauty to any space for a long time. Spice this plant up with some chocolates or mint chocolate chip gelato bites.
  • The Cora is small but mighty. This heart-shaped succulent with moss in a ceramic planter expresses everlasting love, is easy to care for, and can be placed anywhere. Deliver this one for the office and a bouquet of flowers in the evening for a full spectrum of gift-giving. Or, simply add on some pretties like a copper mister, a candle, chocolate truffles, and other thoughtful gift additions.

For the Office: Plants That Work Best for Corporate Birthdays

Professional relationships can be the easiest and yet trickiest to navigate, but that’s why plant gifts are here to help. When you need to honor a coworker or boss’s birthday, there’s no better way to say “I appreciate you" than an attractive plant that they can admire at their desk.

  • The Cairo: If you need to impress your boss or honor a coworker’s promotion, this is the gift to grab their attention. This snake plant is placed in an exquisite gold iron planter that echoes the mood of hieroglyphic wonder. It’s also the perfect air scrubber that gets rid of many types of indoor air toxins and provides a fresh supply of energy-boosting oxygen.

Order Birthday Plants Today

Got a birthday coming up? Schedule birthday plant delivery to someone special today. Also, check out our curated selection of bouquets, plants, and gifts that we source and design in-house. Our unique plants are sure to stand out as something memorable to your loved one this year! Or, let us know when your birthday is and we'll send you a special birthday surprise!


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