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Why an All-Black Bouquet is the Ultimate Statement Piece This Halloween

October 23, 2023

Close up of black calla lillies from The Haunted, an all-black bouquet.

An all-black bouquet can indeed be the ultimate statement piece for Halloween, as it adds a touch of mystery and elegance to your decor or gift-giving. Here's three reasons why an all-black bouquet is a unique choice for this eerie celebration:

The Allure of Black Flowers

Add a Touch of Mystery: Black is often associated with mystery and often, refinement. Using an all-black bouquet can create a sophisticated and inexplicable ambiance for Halloween, adding a touch of distinction to the usual spooky decorations.

Decorating with Black Flowers

Embrace Unconventional Aesthetics: Halloween is all about embracing the unconventional and celebrating the spookier aspects of everyday life. An all-black bouquet can deviate from the traditional, offering a unique and striking visual impact. We suggest pairing your black flowers with a white or lighter-toned vase to help make the flowers a true focal point.

The Meaning of Black Flowers

Symbolism: Black is often associated with symbolism like power, strength, and even rebirth. Using a black bouquet can be a way to incorporate these deeper meanings into your Halloween decorations and celebrations.

For a limited time in October, we have designed a dark-hued bouquet called The Haunted. The 16-stem black calla lily bouquet incorporates some of the elements mentioned above to create a striking and meaningful arrangement for the holiday. Pair it with a classic white vase or stunning gold vessel to give it a truly haunting effect.


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