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22 Inspiring (and Shoppable) Wreath Ideas in 2022

December 2, 2022

The holiday season is upon us; people are in a festive mood, getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. It's a time to make your home guest-ready by enhancing its interior and exterior look. Wreaths provide a creative and effortless way to refresh your existing décor.

The holiday season is upon us; people are in a festive mood, getting ready for Christmas and New Year's. It's a time to make your home guest-ready by enhancing its interior and exterior look. Wreaths provide a creative and effortless way to refresh your existing décor. The only caveat is that there are wide-ranging types of Christmas wreaths and places you can hang them, and it's easy to get confused trying to find the best and most decorative wreath ideas. To save you time and headache, we've shared 22 inspiring wreath ideas to inspire your DIY holiday decorations.

1. Magnolia Wreath

Incorporate the beauty of verdant trees into your home's décor with a naturally fresh Magnolia wreath. The beautiful fresh stems are cut straight from the farm and handcrafted following a special process that not only reveals an aesthetic leaf arrangement, but retains the vibrant, glossy, and green Midnight Magnolia leaves and their velvety copper underside. Hang it on your door or foyer, or present it as a gift that evokes joy, good health, luck, or good fortune. Shop this wreath today!

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UrbanStems' "The Nola" features a premium magnolia wreath that retains the natural colors of Midnight Magnolia leaves, making it look great year round.


2. Pine Cone & Berries Wreath

If you're looking for a decoration that matches your sophisticated taste, a pine cones and berries wreath should suffice. A feathery Christmas wreath with rich red faux berries and icy branches, this beautifully crafted showpiece will surely catch the eye with its glistening rich burgundy against a lush green backdrop. Whether you place it on your door, in the living room, or bedroom, a pine cones and berries wreath is sure to add a magical, stylish, and elegant effect to any space. Shop this wreath!

Berry wreath

3. Pine Cones & Fir Wreath

Add a graceful character to your home this festive season with this pine cones and fir wreath. This handsome piece comes with a stand-alone design that exudes calm and peace. It combines pine cones, faux berry clusters, and fluffed-up, lush greenery to finish it off. Topping it off is a glistening burgundy bow tinged in a sublime blend of gold and orange for a glamorous finish that you'll be proud to show off to your guests. Shop The Splendor Pine Cones + Fir wreath.

Magnolia leaves and noble fir wreath with pine and shimmery gold bow

4. Ornaments + Berries Wreath

An ornaments + berries wreath is the perfect decorative piece to show your neighbors that you're ready to celebrate Christmas while creating a welcoming atmosphere that inspires new beginnings and growth. A great choice would be one with a ring of faux red pepper berries in a glamorous shade of crimson, embellished with a medley of red ball clusters and pine cones. It now feels like Christmas, right? Shop this Ornaments + Berries wreath.

Magnolia leaves and noble fir wreath with pine and shimmery gold bow

5. Magnolia Table Centerpieces

A centerpiece is an integral part of any display, and a table centerpiece can help you set the theme for your Christmas décor and add extra decorations to a space. Why not bring autumn leaves indoors with a magnolia table garland? An advantage of this showpiece is that it retains its velvety green leaves and golden-brown undersides whether dried or fresh, which means you can purchase it for keepsake over several years. If you're searching for the perfect addition to any mantel. Shop this centerpiece!

Magnolia Centerpiece for Holiday

6. Pinecone Centerpieces

A pinecone symbolizes the unity of groups. There's no better way to demonstrate that than with a pinecone table centerpiece. Warm and calming, a golden centerpiece has an inherent ability to bring a sense of peace – and light – to any space. With rich greenery meticulously accented with festive mainstays (such as pine cones and clusters of golden balls and berries), this pinecone centerpiece has the power to do wonders in any space. To finish it all off, a single pillar candle "towers" its green surrounding, setting up a festive mood; you can almost hear the soothing carols in the background. Shop this centerpiece.

golden pinecone centerpiece wreath

7. Wooden Barrel Centerpieces

If you prefer a table centerpiece that adds a unique rustic theme to your space, try a wooden barrel centerpiece. The secret is to find the perfect floral arrangement, and the good news is that you can choose flowers from a range of Christmas colors, including green, red, gold, white, blue, and purple. Combine that with holiday-worthy elements (such as pinecones, white berry clusters, and white taper candles) and you have the perfect holiday décor. Place it at the center of your dining table to create a vineyard or country atmosphere.

Rustic barrel centerpiece

8. Dried Flowers Wreath

Dried flowers make beautiful Christmas ornaments, especially if you want something that stands out. Once you learn the art of drying flowers, you'll notice that your garden is a paradise full of treasures. There are no limits to how you can use dried flowers this holiday. You can add them to your Christmas tree, weave them into a wreath, arrange them in a vase, or add them to gift wrapping.

9. Poinsettia Wreath

Poinsettias have been the go-to decoration when the holidays roll around, thanks to its traditional bright red color that adds a dramatic, attractive character to any space. Because Poinsettias rule the winter season, DIY petals from felt to create a nice alternative from the traditional green wreath. To create a rustic-style centerpiece, use a wicker wreath with a poinsettia plant and surround it with lush greenery.

10. Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths add something to your door, providing a fun and effortless way to decorate your entryway. You can craft a ribbon wreath from various materials, including deco mesh, burlap, and sheer ribbon. These materials come in a wide range of patterns and colors, giving you a lot of options. For example, try out fun patterns like polka or gingham, but to add a festive character by integrating green, gold, red, or white colors. Hang it on your front door to create a welcoming atmosphere.

11. Colorful Flower Mix

When you add a gorgeous wreath to an equally gorgeous door, you get nothing but perfection. That's what a colorful flower-mix wreath offers. Bright colors and little greenery make colorful mix wreaths the perfect decoration to add cheer to a room. To inspire your creativity, craft a colorful wreath using yellow daisies with pink accents, purple and blue flowers, delicate ferns, and twining ivy, or check out this wreath idea.

12. Christmas Light Wreaths

If you want a wreath with flashing and twinkling Christmas lights, wrap battery-powered white LED light bulbs around your green wreath (accented with Christmas balls and baubles) to light up your room.

13. Plaid Wreaths

Plaid is a checkered or tartan twilled cloth, typically made of cotton. Checkered isn't only limited to black and white; you can also use a red-and-black plaid to enhance a magnolia wreath, craft a wreath exclusively using the red and white variations, or incorporate plaid elements to your ball clusters.

14. Burlap Wreaths

Burlap is a coarse fabric made of the skin of the jute plant and is an excellent fabric option that gives your wreath a natural feel. Burlap wreaths are simple yet elegant craft ideas that make beautiful Christmas decorations that bring life to your home. Adorn your front door with a burlap wreath all year long for people to admire and feel welcomed.

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UrbanStems' "The Holiday Greeter" is a festive accent that's essentially a garland and wreath in one. Hang on your door or within your home for some holiday charm.

Rustic burlap bow wreath

15. Ornament Wreaths

When you want to add a cheery and festive look to your home, try a DIY ornament wreath. They are an excellent way to display your vintage ornaments or use left-over ornaments (Christmas balls, bauble, or bulbs) after decorating your Christmas tree. With ornament wreaths, you're unrestricted in customization options. You can glue ornaments directly to a Styrofoam wreath or nestle your ornaments in between the branches of evergreen faux pinecones and fir wreath.

16. Wicker Wreath

Although a wicker/willow wreath may look simple, its gorgeous appearance makes it a perfect addition to your door this holiday season. All you need is a weeping willow wreath form or a vine branch wreath, and customize it using Christmas ornaments, elements, and colors.

17. Light Bulb Wreath

Express your love for the holidays with a fun and festive Christmas wreath adorned with light bulbs. Use pre-loved vintage items/elements for a sustainable design or shop for new light bulbs in various colors to make a custom wreath that brings back the good, old childhood memories – or create new ones.

18. Bow Wreath

Christmas bows symbolize the togetherness we experience during the holidays, and a picture-perfect bow wreath on the door should be enough to send that message. A bow wreath with a traditional look of pure greenery and a crisp red bow sets the mood for Christmas. Whether to tie the bow at the top or bottom is a matter of personal preference. However, it would be best to have it at the bottom if you want the center of the ring seen.

19. Rope Wreath

A rope wreath offers a one-of-a-kind ornamental decoration that welcomes guests to your home with sophisticated ease. A natural macramé, nautical rope, cowboy rope, or work rope are material options you can consider.  To add a festive character to the wreath, adorn it with stylish ribbons and ornaments to create a dressed-up Christmas look. It's critical to hang your rope wreath away from sunlight (in shaded spaces) to prevent fading.

20. Sunflower Wreath

A perfect front door or wall decoration, a sunflower wreath provides a stand-alone masterpiece to welcome family and friends to your home this festive season. With creativity, you can make a sunflower showpiece using various wreath forms to achieve your preferred design and look. For instance, premium artificial sunflowers are a great addition to a grapevine/willow wreath. Accentuate it with wildflowers and green foliage. Alternatively, use golden sunflower and yellow daisy blooms, compliment the wreath with realistic fern, and finish it with a cute burlap bow.

21. Berry Letter Wreath

Having your name's initial on your front door is a nice way to stamp a personal signature on your property. This Christmas (or any other season), craft a wooden initial and hot glue red faux berried to the wood to elicit a sweet nod to your family. If you're feeling super crafty and unstoppable, DIY a berry letter wreath for every family member.

22. Snowman Wreath

Three wreaths are better than one, especially when you assemble them to create a friendly snowman to welcome your guests this Christmas. Wreaths with plenty of lush greenery are excellent options. Don't forget to give the snowman a red scarf and hat for the perfect Christmas theme.

Whether you're looking for a beautiful wreath to enhance your interior or exterior décor, or a beautiful bouquet to surprise a loved one, UrbanStems has you covered.


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