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Which Flower Arrangement to Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By UrbanStems

Best flowers to send for the zodiac

In western astrology, your zodiac sign is a big deal. Your destiny, favor, and luck are based on the stars— a mystery that's as vast as the universe. Interpreting your horoscope is like an art, requiring years of study to get right. Depending on how the planets and stars are positioned, they can influence your personality traits, life events, and even physical traits. There are even specific flowers assigned to each zodiac sign which hold special significance, relating specifically to your sign’s unique traits. Which ones match your sign and should be included in your next birthday bouquet? We're breaking down what birthday flowers to send for every zodiac sign. 

Aries (The Ram) — [March 21 – April 19]

As the first sign of the Zodiac, an Aries is a natural-born leader. The ram of Aries also symbolizes new beginnings and strength even in tough seasons. The Aries birth flower is the thistle. For your Aries, select an arrangement with early spring flowers like thistles that embody their strength and leadership. Other Aries-compatible flowers are prickly pears, cockscombs, red roses, tulips, and amaryllis.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Luna: A bewitching arrangement of jewel-toned flowers that include roses, ranunculus, thistle, and delphinium.

Taurus (The Bull) — [April 20– May 20]

The typical Taurus appreciates serenity and is naturally loving and affectionate. Romantic, fragrant flowers like the lily and rose are popular flowers for the Taurus in your life. This sign’s main attributes are also reflected in poppies, foxglove, lavender, lilac, and sweet pea flowers.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Eden: A gorgeous arrangement of spray roses, mums, succulents, carnations, ruscus, and aster Matsumoto. It has a refreshing diversity of colors amid a strong green backdrop. Your Taurus will especially love the sweet smell of the spray roses and mums.

Gemini (The Twins) — [May 21 – Jun 20]

Geminis are often known for their “dual” existence in which they can’t pick just one passion. Sociable, charismatic, and incredibly fun to know, your Gemini naturally attracts to sweet-smelling and charming flowers like lavender and lily of the valley. This sign also gravitates toward the dramatic beauty of ranunculus, goldenrods, mimosas, daffodils, and succulents.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Finesse: a beautiful bouquet with pretty pinks, apricot, and lavender undertones. This modern fusion incorporates a blend of roses, ranunculus, and spicy-sweet smelling dianthus.

Cancer (The Crab) [June 21 – July 22]

Getting an arrangement for someone with this sun sign is easy as can be. Cancers align well with white flowers, especially white roses. Why just this color? Cancers are born under the influence of the moon, so white reflects this celestial body’s purity and brightness. This hue of innocence corresponds with the overarching tendency for Cancers to be sensitive and intuitive. Other flowers that also suit this sign are the cornflower, Queen Anne’s lace, passionflower, hydrangea, and iris.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Buttercream, this monochromatic arrangement of white lisianthus and vanilla roses is made even more interesting with a few snapdragons.

Leo (The Lion) — [July 23 – August 22]

The Leos in your life tend to be confident, bold, and regal. You will never miss their entrance as they command the attention of the room. Only the boldest flowers will do for this sign. This is why sunflowers and marigolds perfectly represent a Leo. This sign is also related to the element of fire, so warm hues complement this personality well.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Sonny, which explodes with bright yellow color — containing a joyful palette of vivid sunflowers.

Virgo (The Virgin) — [August 23– September 22]

Virgos are born right before cool weather comes, so they reflect the last warm days while embodying hardiness for the seasons to come. Virgos are known to be perfectionists and meticulous about detail, so only beautiful, resilient flowers will do. The chrysanthemum is the ideal flower for the Virgo, but any small and bright flower usually resonates well with this sign, such as buttercups, St. John’s wort, veronicas, violets, ivy, and thistles.

  • Your UrbanStems bouquet: The Firecracker, a bright mix of blue thistle, orange roses, and golden globes of craspedia, with pink roses interspersed. Everything about this arrangement meets the Virgo’s high standards and preference for warm, hardy florals.

Libra (The Scales) — [September 23 – October 23]

Influenced by the element of air, the Libra always rises above, objectively viewing life at a balance. This sign is fixated on producing harmony and equilibrium in life, so flowers that emanate serenity and abundant love are natural matches. Libras naturally connect with large roses and bluebells, especially classic red roses. They also appreciate gardenias, orchids, tuberoses, freesia, and gladiolus flowers.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Verona, a lush arrangement of large roses and small spray roses, embellished with ruscus greens and pops of hypericum berries.

Scorpio (The Scorpion) — [October 23 – November 21]

The typical Scorpio is mysterious, enigmatic, and passionate. Though one expects this sign to be connected to fire, it’s actually tied to the element of water, which makes Scorpios unexpectedly emotional and deep. Dark flowers are symbolic of a Scorpio, especially dark red flowers like geraniums and roses. The red hot poker, peony, hibiscus, and alpinia are also popular Scorpio flowers.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Carnivale is a stunning arrangement of roses, snapdragons, and ranunculus with some dark red hues throughout. It’s destined to catch the eye and keep you guessing about what you’ll find next.

Sagittarius (The Archer) — [November 22 – December 21]

One of the most popular traits of a Sagittarius is the desire for knowledge, which is represented by an arrow going on a fixed course. They are also known to be romantic, popular, and extremely likable. This is why the friendly carnation is the perfect match for this sign. Other charming flowers like foxtail lilies, lisianthus, berries, and allium flowers work well in arrangements for a Sagittarius.

  • Your UrbanStemsBouquet: The Pink Champagne, which is a celebratory arrangement with a burst of pink and coral flowers, including carnations, the flagship flower of the Sagittarius.

Capricorn (The Sea-Goat) — [December 22 – January 19]

Capricorns are connected to the element of Earth, so they are typically grounded with a good handle on their emotions and life’s path. They’re also born around the new year, so fresh early blooms like pansies are highly compatible with this sign. Other hardy plants like ivy, holly, violets, statice, palm, snowdrops, and jasmine are good matches.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Dauphine, a dried arrangement of hot pink bunny tails, ivy, preserved willow Eucalyptus, scabiosa pods, and Eulalia embodies the resilience and stability of the Capricorn.

Aquarius (The Water Bearer) — [January 20 – February 18]

The Aquarius is influenced by the element of air, which makes people with this sign delicate and bright. This sign is often connected to healing and life, and many people born at this time are known to be intelligent, progressive, and independent. The orchid is this sign’s main flower, while the sea holly, bird of paradise, yucca, and aloe are also compatible plants.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: Nothing suits the Aquarius more than an orchid arrangement. Shop our evolving Orchid Collection for an exciting selection of floral gifts made with single-stem orchids.

Pisces (The Two Fish) — [February 19 – March 20]

If you’re a Pisces, you probably have a strong affinity to water and are adaptable to the many changes in life, like a river’s flow. The two fish of this sign symbolize the Pisces’ divide between reality and fantasy, which makes them one of the most whimsical signs in the Zodiac. Lilies are this sign’s main flower, especially the water lily. Purple-colored flowers like lilacs and delicate flowers like jasmine and gypsophila are also excellent blooms for a Pisces.

  • Your UrbanStems Bouquet: The Unicorn is pure fantasy in a vase. This gorgeous mix of purple, lilac, and pink created with lavender roses, aster, spray roses, water roses, and alstroemeria will nod to the Pisces' need for wonder.

Deepen the meaning of your gift by giving an arrangement that honors your loved one’s Zodiac sign. You will find all these arrangements and more available for same-day or next-day delivery. Or, make things even more convenient with a flower subscription.


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