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At Home with Vogue

08/25/2020 BY UrbanStems

See how editors are styling the new Vogue x UrbanStems summer arrangements to freshen up their WFH space.

Vogue desk

Our offices look a little different now. If you're lucky enough to work from home, it's important to find a place that helps you stay organized and grounded. The key to staying on track, whether you're at your parent's house in the suburbs, or a 1-bedroom apartment in the city, is to create a space that inspires you. Fresh florals not only elevate a room, but they also work as an instant mood booster, which has its benefits during a long, stressful work week.

Like most of us, our friends at Vogue are working remotely and finding new ways to spruce up their space. Scroll down to see a behind-the-scenes look at their fresh desks accompanied by Vogue x UrbanStems bouquets.


"I've taken to moving my desk set up around a bit during the day. I often take my Zooms at our dining table which has become my desk, and then in the afternoon, when it's time to concept stories or write something for the website, I set up a little sanctuary workspace in the living room - which happens to be right next to the window and dining table - with flowers and a candle. This helps me break up the time and change the energy while staying in one space. Flowers are very much an instant environment and mood changer, especially when working from home."

-Willow Lindley, Accessories Director

"I love how this cheerful bouquet instantly brightened up my living room's neutral color pallet with a pop of yellow."

- Rachel Besser, Fashion Market Editor

 flowers bouquet with laptop on table
 flowers bouquet with laptop on table

"I love how this cheerful bouquet instantly brightened up my living room's neutral color pallet with a pop of yellow."

- Rachel Besser, Fashion Market Editor

 jessica blog

"I've always loved having flowers in my studio apartment, even before we started working from home. Now more than ever, having a fresh bouquet in my space really helps to brighten up my day. They're the first thing I see every morning and, for me, they're a constant reminder that there is beauty even in the most challenging of times."

- Jessica Nichols, Events Director

"This is my favorite corner of the house to work in at home, there's so much sunlight which is perfect for flowers! I love to keep fresh flowers in my work space to add a little joy in my work space (especially on stressful days), and they smell amazing all day long."

- Puja Prakash, Senior Social Media Manager

laptop and flowers on table
 laptop on books

"Being inside working for most of the day can be tough for us all. But adding little touches to your home work space can help bring a sense of renewed calm and focus. Flowers are mood lifting and bring a refreshening and lovely scent into a space. It's a great way to bring nature inside. I like to dress mine up with healing crystals that remind me to meditate; some of my favorite books; calming music to help me focus, and this painting from my favorite movie, Love Jones."

Akili King, Beauty Assistant

"Always buy something different (and a good selection of vases is half the work!)."

Nicholas Burdekin, Visuals Director

 flowers bouquet side on laptop
 image gallery and flowers bouquet

"It took a minute to get used to my coffee table replacing my desk, but there are some distinct advantages. Flowers always brighten my mood and make me feel just a little more optimistic, especially when writing. Even when you're rushing to meet a deadline, it's nice to be able to stop and smell the roses."

Janelle Okwodu, Senior Fashion Writer


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