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Introducing Very Peri: Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year in Flowers

Close up of colorful periwinkle and purple flowers

Color lovers wait annually with bated breath for Pantone to release its Color of the Year. For 2022, the honors go to Very Peri. A joyous interpretation of periwinkle, the color expresses a new sort of vibe: a fresher, richer, and warmer blue that represents confidence, happiness, and creativity all at once.

There’s a zen-like vibe about Very Peri, too. That’s true of most colors in the blue and purple families, which tend to resonate with feelings of serenity, tranquility, calm, and ease. Purple, of course, also channels a sense of regality. This year’s pick offers the best of both worlds: it’s soothing, yes, but there’s also a spirited side to it. It’s uplifting and energetic, with an underlying optimism that makes it perfect in this year of renewal and engagement. That’s thanks to the violet red-based undertone that enriches the color, lending it a deeper quality.

Another advantage of Very Peri is its versatility. It’s one of those colors that virtually everyone can implement in some way or another. Adding it to your surroundings is a simple and effective way to boost your mood. With a single glance at something brimming with this pretty purple-meets-periwinkle-meets-blue hue, you’ll feel energized and motivated. That’s just the kind of carefree quality it brings to any space.

Pantone Color of the Year: Very Peri

  1. Why Very Peri in 2022
  2. Incorporating Very Peri in Your Home
  3. Very Peri Floral Arrangements for the Home
  4. Palette Preferences for Very Peri

Why Very Peri in 2022

Pantone selected Very Peri for myriad reasons. The color represents the hope for a brighter future. In the midst of transformation and change, Very Peri is crisp and futuristic — and much of its inspiration came from the worlds of art, technology, and design. The result was a vibrant shade that connects with the hope for a brighter world full of possibilities. It’s a fearless color, full of promise and light, but with that signature underlying warmth that grounds it. This not only adds to its meaning but also makes it a wonderful addition to any interior design.

Incorporating Very Peri in Your Home

What’s special about Very Peri is obvious at a glance. It pairs well with a wide range of colors, materials, and textures, making it a welcome addition to the home. Whether your space leans more traditional or modern, you’ll find creative ways to implement it. The key is to be intentional in your design choices.

In a more classic home, for example, take great care not to overwhelm rooms with Very Peri. Because of its inherent futuristic quality, it needs to be used with some subtlety. Don’t let that stop you from using it, though. The beauty of Very Peri is that it fits in nicely as an accent color. Take advantage of the color’s ability to comfort in your traditional living space. Try a delicate throw pillow or two on the couch, or replace an existing area rug with one featuring just a pop of this lively periwinkle blue. It will catch the eye without creating a disruptive focal point, and it will lend some unexpected energy to an otherwise more relaxed and understated space.

Is your home more contemporary? If that’s the case, you’ll find there are quite a few creative ways to add it to your space. Give any room a quick makeover with a slew of Very Peri-inspired accessories. Swap out vases, pillows, and rugs for periwinkle pieces. Try a shapely chair with plush cushioning as the new focal point in a living room. Throw a couple of contrasting pillows on the seat to call even more attention to the furniture. Colors like soft grey and taupe work well.

Very Peri Floral Arrangements for the Home

Adding flowers to any part of the home is an easy way to change the mood of the space right away. If you like the idea of Very Peri but aren’t sure if it will work for you, a floral arrangement gives you just a taste of what it’s like — and it’s a low-commitment choice that may just convince you to make more permanent changes to your space.

The good news is that purple flowers are wildly versatile because they come in so many variations. Some are deeper, richer, and more sophisticated, while others lean lighter and softer. You can introduce Very Peri to your home very easily with The Sloane. This magnificent and artistic arrangement celebrates the fine art of mixing and matching to create something unique and unfiltered. It’s a lot like the positive spirit and fearless energy that Very Peri brings to any room. The Sloane includes a pop of that fabulous violet-blue color, coupled with other shades like magenta, green, and eggplant. You’ll quickly appreciate just how versatile Very Peri actually is when you see just how well it partners with other shades.

For an earthy touch that invites some bohemian style to your space, try The Luna. Rich periwinkle, gentle lavender, and soft ivory play together in perfect harmony against a backdrop of lush green, creating a soft, earthy, and interesting blend that feels at once tranquil and exciting. Thanks to its balanced design and medley of textures, it’s ideal for anything from the entryway to the bedroom.

Want to keep that down-to-earth vibe going? The Avery makes it possible. This dried floral arrangement is nothing short of artistic, with its eye-catching bunny tails that seem to pop with vigor and energy from their wheat-toned backdrop. Ideal for homeowners who don’t have time to tend to flowers, dried flowers last and last. That makes this an especially perfect choice if you know without question that Very Peri will make a beautiful addition to your home. Why not make it permanent with dried flowers?

Palette Preferences for Very Peri

With a glance at the many floral arrangements that incorporate shades similar to Very Peri, you’ll see that the color is, in fact, incredibly easy to pair with other hues. Pantone created several palettes featuring Very Peri to inspire your design choices in 2022.

Balancing Act incorporates a balance of both warm and cool shades to create a blend of nurturing colors. It’s down-to-earth, with colors like soft blush and lilac on one side of the spectrum and deep rose and elderberry on the other. Wellspring is a nature-influenced palette featuring crisper colors like leaf green balanced by softer tones like eggshell blue. For a more classic, understated palette, take inspiration from The Star of the Show. It features no-fuss colors like black and taupe, allowing Very Peri to stand out with a bold pop. The final palette, Amusements, offers a fun rainbow of hot pinks, bright yellows, and juicy oranges.

No matter how you choose to use it or interpret it, you’ll see just how easy it is to work with Very Peri. Experiment in subtle style, or make it the star of the show. No matter how you choose to use it, take comfort in the emotions that brought the color to fruition in the first place: hope, joy, and positivity.


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