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5 Unique Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

October 28, 2022

Table set for Thanksgiving 2022 with Thanksgiving flower centerpiece

What’s a Thanksgiving table without a centerpiece? With all the attention and energy you give to preparing the meal, it can be easy to overlook the decorations. You might ultimately settle for a last-minute bouquet or a couple of candlesticks. While these are beautiful options, they don’t necessarily scream “unique.”

If your goal is to create something that’s memorable and catches the eye, give some thought to these options that promise to lend your table a decidedly different vibe for the holiday. Perfect for warming up your space with personality, these pretty centerpieces capture the spirit of the season while incorporating important details like color and texture.

Unique Centerpieces for Thanksgiving

  1. Make It Tasty
  2. Use Pumpkin Holders
  3. Arrange Some Succulents
  4. Wrap Plain Vases
  5. Create a Bowl

Make It Tasty

You might not typically think to eat your centerpiece, but if you put tasty treats in it, you’ll have no choice! Take your cue from elegant charcuterie boards when designing a centerpiece that you and your loved ones won’t be able to resist incorporating into the big feast. To begin, you’ll need a long wooden serving paddle that’s substantial enough to occupy a good portion of the table’s center.

Then, it’s time for the fun part: dressing it up with your favorite foods. If you want to incorporate fruit, gather apples, pears, berries, and grapes. You can even use hollowed-out mini pumpkins as little “jars” to hold fruit dips or pumpkin seeds. Add crackers, nuts, and cheese wedges to complete your board. Other options include cold cuts, olives, baguette slices, breadsticks, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumbers, mustard, hummus, dip, chutney, and jam. Have fun mixing it all up to create something your guests will love.

Incorporate Dried Flowers

Let’s face it: The holiday season is more than a busy time of year. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you may be especially preoccupied with responsibilities in the days and weeks leading up to the big meal. Why add to your stress by worrying about maintaining your flowers? Opting for dried flowers is an easy way to take that responsibility off your hands without sacrificing the beauty of Mother Nature.

What’s great about dried flowers is that they make their impression anywhere in the home. You aren’t limited to a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, after all. Why not implement a floral pop somewhere else for a little visual intrigue? The Tutu adds a pretty touch to the table in your entryway, for example, and you can expect it to stay in beautiful shape throughout the season and beyond — no care necessary.

Arrange Some Succulents

Centerpieces don’t have to be complicated. It’s easy to be creative without much effort when you rely on something as beautiful as a succulent to bring new energy to your tabletop. Because you can find them in so many sizes, you might opt for one especially showy succulent or choose to arrange several at a time to create an interesting point of visual intrigue.

Even better, opt for succulents nestled in eye-catching containers and vases. Succulents alone capture attention thanks to their fleshy, often pink-tinged leaves. One like The Phoebe adds a sweet, distinctive, and quirky touch to your Thanksgiving festivities. Another option is The Galaxy, a stylish succulent that catches the eye thanks to its celestial vase adorned with constellations.

Wrap Plain Vases

It’s the understated details that tend to blend in on Thanksgiving. Think about how much else you may have happening at home. Maybe the tree is already up, and the lights are twinkling in the windows. Your table is likely filled with beautifully prepared dishes ready to be devoured by your eager guests. A minimal vase just won’t have much impact in surroundings like this.

Fortunately, you can transform even the simplest vases in a flash — with wrapping paper, ribbon, and other accessories. You don’t even need to be the crafty sort to make this a reality, and you might find that it’s downright fun to indulge your inner artist or to discover what’s possible by mixing and matching different colors and accents. Finish by adding your favorite stems to create a one-of-a-kind display that you and your loved ones are sure to appreciate.

Create a Bowl

You don’t necessarily need to design a centerpiece that’s like all the rest. Instead of the usual style, try something simple and understated ­— and you might just find that its minimalist design is what ultimately captures attention and sets it apart. Try something neutral and contemporary, like a low-profile bowl made with concrete. The simplicity of the vessel is key because it won’t compete with the elements you choose to add to your centerpiece.

Then comes the fun part: filling your centerpiece! You can keep it as simple as the concrete bowl itself by adding miniature pumpkins spray-painted in silver or white, a handful of pinecones, a few earth-toned pebbles, and a flower or two, cut at the stem so all you’re left with is an interesting and eye-catching pop of color. Another option is to fill the bowl with an array of cut flowers in a rich array of autumnal hues, from orange to maroon. You can incorporate seasonal accents, like pinecones or cranberries or berry sprigs, for a festive finishing touch. The beauty of this type of centerpiece is that it’s truly handmade — you can be as free as you like to create something that reflects your personal style.

There’s no limit to what you can do if your goal is to create a unique centerpiece that’s unlike anything you’ve put on display before. With the right accents and a few colorful details, you can easily put a fresh and interesting spin on your usual decor. Have fun experimenting with seasonal elements and incorporating anything from succulents to pumpkins to candles to make a festive statement that’s sure to complete your tabletop perfectly.


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