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The Ultimate Recharge Guide

Man leaning on counter with Chinese money plant

When you need to restore your inner calm, it’s important to surround yourself with positivity. Looking at beautiful things can become a big part of such refreshment. Imagine you need to get away and relax. What kind of place would you prefer to go to? Hardly anyone would opt for a gloomy place like an unfinished basement over a luxurious hammock under a palm tree. In fact, studies show that surrounding yourself with nature can reduce stress levels, boost productivity, and even make you feel more energetic. This is why plants should be part of your ultimate recharge plan.

Why do plants help people relax so much? It surely has something to do with their awesome oxygen-boosting nature and how they remove toxins from the air. They are also effortlessly beautiful and bring the calm of nature into landscapes that are starving for organic freedom. So, next time you need some self-care, surround yourself with nature and recharge with these beautiful flower and plant gifts.

The Ultimate Recharge Guide

  1. Why Self-Care Is Important
  2. Potted Plants
  3. Bouquets
  4. Dried Flowers
  5. Mini Bouquets

Why Self Care Is Important

Taking care of yourself means that you value your total health. Putting the oxygen mask on yourself before you help others is an important instruction on a plane ride, so use this concept in daily life to be at your best. You don’t need to wait for a day at a spa to do this either. For example, dressing up your desk with a cheerful gardenia or money plant makes your everyday workstation more beautiful compared to a bare cubicle.

When it comes to houses and apartments, there’s something magical that happens when you change the landscape and make it pretty with seasonal plants. You may also prefer bouquets which help you change decorations according to the season, naturally keeping you in the flow of the year and its unique seasonal changes. Self-care through fixing your environment is key because no change happens without changing what’s around you. So, if you need a daily mood booster that’s science-based, get yourself a plant gift today.

Legal poppies typically have orange or yellow flowers and originate from Europe and North America. For instance, there are a few species that are native to the United States like the California poppy (eschscholzia californica) and prickly poppy (argemone polyanthemos). There is also the stylophorum diphyllum, or the wood poppy, and the Welsh poppy (meconopsis cambrica) which has yellow to orange flowers and is easy to grow in gardens. Any of these species can end up in a seasonal arrangement depending on their availability and add incredible value to your gift.

Potted Plants

We love potted plants because they can last as long as you take care of them. With regular watering and fertilization, you can watch them grow and even replant them later into a larger pot as needed. A well-loved plant can become a legacy in your home and may even be transplanted into an outdoor garden if you wish.

Many plants are also easy to take care of in low-light situations so they are excellent for the home. Also, plants take out toxins from the air so you breathe in fewer toxins that come from daily items like furniture and foam mattresses that release formaldehyde, benzene, and other carcinogenic elements. So, you aren’t just looking at pretty things, but you’re also putting your health first. If you want even more perks from a potted plant, consider buying herbs like rosemary and thyme - two hardy plants that thrive with minimal care.

  • Our pick for potted plants: when it comes to ease of care, you can’t go wrong with the golden pothos. The Bohen is a golden pothos in a space-saving hanging planter that can go anywhere from your guest bathroom to the master bedroom.


Floral bouquets invite seasonal blooms into your home or office to match the mood of the weather and holidays at hand. For instance, holiday bouquets can help you feel more festive when they include seasonal favorites like winterberry and snowdrops. Since each bouquet is curated and arranged by hand, you get an original design each time. This means that no arrangement is ever the same, so get excited about what’s coming to your door! Whether you prefer mixed floral arrangements or single stems in a pretty vase, there is a bouquet that would match your taste.

  • Our favorite bouquet: It’s hard to pick one, so have some fun and shop through our seasonal collections or shop by the stem to find arrangements that contain the blooms you love the most.

Dried Flowers

If you prefer looking at something pretty without any maintenance, then you’ll love the dramatic flair and longevity of dried arrangements. Made with a mixture of dried flowers and foliage, each item in a dried arrangement is preserved and dyed to perfection. Then, everything is arranged with balance in mind, giving these colorful and vibrant arrangements an ideal mix of texture and adventure. With minimal care, they can last for years. Simply keep them in an area away from water and direct sunlight and lightly dust to keep their luster.

Though they don’t emit any oxygen, dried flowers won’t trigger any pollen allergies, so they are perfect for anyone who typically has hayfever. They're also ideal for anyone who wants something that will last a long time and look beautiful in their home or office. No need to water these, so dried flowers are a set and forget pretty!

  • For the latest selection of dried arrangements, check out our dried flower collection, which has an evolving selection of gifts just for you.

Mini Bouquets

If you like something colorful and fragrant but don’t want to spend a lot, then a mini bouquet can add just the right amount of charm to your week. These pretty arrangements are the ideal size to put in a cup of your own at home, or you can spend a little more on a mini vase that you can reuse!

  • Our favorite mini: The Spark is a miniature version of The Firecracker, so it contains all the beautiful warm orange and yellow tones you love about its full-sized companion. Perfect to spruce up a breakfast nook or work desk, it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Recharge with Beautiful Flowers and Plants

If you need to refresh, give yourself a piece of nature. You can even set up a flower subscription to “set and forget” your deliveries any time you want — all while saving between 10-25% per order. You may also order plants, flowers, and add-on gifts spontaneously through our quick checkout options.


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