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Little Ways To Treat Yourself Year-Round

Boxes of flowers being delivered right to the doorstep via UrbanStems same-day delivery

Let’s talk about the most important person in your life — you! It’s easy to get carried away and think about other peoples’ birthdays, social events, and special occasions, but don’t forget to appreciate yourself. After all, the adage is true: you can’t pour from an empty cup. When you fill your life with things that make you feel good, you can easily give back to others when the time is right.

By finding hobbies you enjoy, taking time for rest, and giving yourself beautiful gifts, you create a culture of self-love that can last for the rest of your life. If you want a fun and easy way to give yourself a treat, consider sending yourself flowers. It’s even possible to automate the deliveries with a subscription plan in which you can set up the cadence and type of flowers you want, then let us surprise you with this month’s seasonal blooms! Check out these cute little ways to treat yourself with flowers throughout the year.

Little Ways To Treat Yourself

  1. The Gift of Flowers
  2. Summer - Delphiniums
  3. Fall - Asters
  4. Winter - Holiday Favorites
  5. Spring - Lisianthus

The Gift of Flowers

Different types of gifts have distinct flavors. Some are practical and help with daily tasks like a new computer or pair of shoes. Then, there are the gifts that delight — the things you know you don’t need per se but your soul needs for the way they make you feel alive. This can be a pretty designer bag, an elaborate meal, or a luxurious bouquet.

Flower gifts rank among one of the best self-love gifts for their perfect beauty and dynamic selection throughout the year. Professional florists curate and adapt each arrangement to what is available so no two bouquets are the same. Just as you may enjoy stew and baked goods more during the holidays and barbecue in the summer, you get seasonal flowers that match your seasonal moods. These are some favorite flowers that you can give yourself year-round.

Summer: Delphiniums

Delphiniums are also known as larkspur flowers. Named after how their unique petals have a talon-like hook of a lark, delphiniums have long cylindrical series of small flowers that reach a substantial height. This adds a dramatic texture to a bouquet that heightens its definition and color scape. The delphinium's meaning includes cheerfulness, goodwill, remembrance, and protection. It’s also the official birth flower of July. Larkspurs mainly come in bright blue but can also be found in purple, pink, red, yellow, and more colors. If you want a summer self-love gift that tells you to take care of yourself, then find a bouquet with this bloom.

  • Our favorite larkspur arrangement is The Caspian, a delicate and wispy fusion of some of summer’s favorite flowers like baby’s breath, delphiniums, and eucalyptus. The result is a vision in shimmery white and cool blue, cradled with robust green leaves.

Fall: Asters

When you look for a fall arrangement, you’ll likely find some asters in it. This hardy and cheerful flower have small, daisy-like blooms that come in a cocktail of bold colors, making it a shoe-in for countless arrangements. Derived from the Greek word for star, its plentiful sword-like petals add a sparkle of joy that every autumn bouquet embraces. Use the aster’s rainbow of colors to spruce up your desk or living room table when the temps start to dip. The meaning of aster flowers includes love, faith, wisdom, and color — so if you need an extra boost of internal guidance and vibrance in your life, this flower will help you focus on these values.

  • Our favorite fall arrangement is The Filly, a delightful mini bouquet filled with the softer colors you expect in fall. Dreamy light purple, lilac, and pink blooms, which include bursts of bold asters, will have you fawning over your home’s new addition.

Winter: Holiday Favorites

You will be surprised at how many flowers are in season in the winter, even when the world is blanketed with snow. But no matter what is naturally growing outside, greenhouses are working hard to keep a variety of colorful blooms in stock.

To set the winter mood, find an arrangement that has delicate colors like white, light pink, soft yellows, and blues. Flowers like pansies, primrose, witch hazel, or camellia naturally thrive in cold temperatures, and they add an extra wintry touch to your cold-weather treat.

  • Our holiday collection contains an evolving selection of in-season winter favorites that will provide you the best sights that keep you in the mood for the season. We also incorporate hothouse flowers that honor wintry colors like white, dark green, and wine red. Also, look out for unique arrangements with winter berries (also known as the ilex berry)!

Spring: Lisianthus

Spring is the time for many flowers to come in season so there is a delightful variety of colorful blooms available. Traditional spring bouquets contain fragrant and delicately colorful mixes of early blooms like Lisianthus. It’s hard to pick just one flower, but the lisianthus continues to come up as a spring favorite. Its subtle trumpet-like shape, wispy yet grand petals, and an array of gorgeous colors make it a universal fit into a spectrum of colorful spring arrangements.

  • Our favorite spring arrangement, The Juliet, has a combination of asters, free spirit roses, lisianthus, and delphiniums. The different heights and textures and colors of flowers combine to make a delicate yet vibrant color palette — everything you’d expect from a boutique spring bouquet!

Treat Yourself Year-Round

Treating yourself to flowers can be as easy as 1-2-3 when you set and forget your deliveries. Get flowers sent to your door with a convenient flower subscription, which also saves you 10-25% per order. It’s easy to set up your service and takes just a few minutes. You’re in full control of how often the flowers come to you, where they go, and you can even skip or postpone deliveries anytime. When you know that a regular rotation of beautiful flowers will make you happy, this option is a win-win for the savings and seasonal freshness of your self-love gift. Feeling spontaneous? You can also order on the same day, next day, or schedule a delivery within the next two weeks.


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