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The Top Trendiest House Plants for Summer 2021

Pilea plant and pothos plants on table.

Houseplants themselves aren’t trendy. They’re mainstays in much the same way as table lamps and area rugs. However, that doesn’t mean that some plant varieties don’t enjoy greater attention from season to season. For the summer of 2021, you’ll find a variety of great plants to incorporate into your indoor jungle.

What’s really exciting about trendy houseplants is that they offer something new and different to breathe new life into your living space. From unique silhouettes to lush colors, the coolest plants of summer 2021 continue to serve as the ultimate household companions. They clear your indoor air, minimize stress levels, and add incredible visual style to your home.

Top Trendiest Houseplants for Summer 2021

  • Philodendron
  • Bunny Ear Cactus
  • Dried Plants
  • Chinese Money Plant
  • Decorative Foliage

Whether they’re set in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or living room, these stylish houseplants are ideal to incorporate at any time of the year — but summer is a wonderful time to celebrate their beauty. From vines to vibrant tones, these pretty plants are sure to make your home even warmer and more inviting this summer.


The humble philodendron has come a long way. There are the traditional heart-shaped leaves that characterize those plants that hang overhead, and then there is the trendier variety that introduces something fresh and inspiring to the fold this summer. More sculptural and spectacular at a glance, this version features oversized leaves with jagged lines embedded in them, lending the plant an artisanal sort of quality.

While this plant may appear complex and challenging at a glance, don’t be fooled by its size or unique appearance. It’s entirely easy to maintain, even for those who don’t possess a green thumb and don’t profess to being savvy gardeners. These low-maintenance plants do best in indirect, bright light. Only water them when the soil dries out, as this will prevent oversaturation that could otherwise lead to root rot and premature failure.

Bunny Ear Cactus

Known for their distinctive fleshy pads finished with fuzzy bristles, bunny ear cacti are original without even trying. They’re fun to admire and make perfect little showpieces — largely because they are sized just right for gracing just about any space in the home. Plop some along a windowsill for an eye-catching element in the kitchen. Put one on your desk to remind you of the wonders of Mother Nature, or keep one on the table as a centerpiece.

Part of the reason the plant is so favored this year is that it requires barely any attention to thrive. Cacti naturally thrive in sunny climates that replicate their desert homes, so all you need to do is mimic those conditions to give them the best chance at keeping their fresh green hue. If you’re all about that easy-care lifestyle, any delicate cacti plant makes a thoughtful addition to your home this summer. They require barely any attention, so you can trust they will look their best all season long.

Dried Plants

Lush dried arrangements have grown in popularity this year. If you’re sensing a trend, you’re on the right track. It’s their low-maintenance needs that make them especially appealing to homeowners who simply want to surround themselves with natural beauty without having to spend too much time worrying about whether they’ll thrive. With a dried arrangement, that’s never a concern. Simply nestle it in a vase and it’s good to go.

Dried botanicals are true objects of beauty from so many perspectives. They’re at once earthy and ornate, with a subtle elegance that makes them appropriate to place just about anywhere in your home. The Provence invites some countryside chic into your home courtesy of freshly dried lavender. Its rustic appeal makes it a lovely choice for your down-to-earth living space.

Chinese Money Plant

There’s room in any home for a Chinese money plant! This may be a trendy choice for summer 2021, but it’s one of those everlasting options that you’ll love for years to come. It’s the kind of social media darling that you’ll want to post all over your feeds. And why not? With their vibrant green leaves shaped like miniature pancakes, they’re absolutely darling from an aesthetic perspective.

They also exude a sense of modernity, making them a more avant-garde option for the homeowner seeking something sleek and chic for their mid-century modern or Scandinavian space. Yes, this plant is versatile enough to fit seamlessly into both interior designs. Bright light helps your Chinese money plant thrive, but avoid direct sunshine, as this will burn the leaves. Soil should be dry before it’s watered, and you can always tell what your plant needs by the direction its leaves are facing. Any droopiness should serve as a red alert that it’s time to water the soil, stat.

Decorative Foliage

Plants with more eye-catching foliage take center stage this summer. The beauty of these plants is that they’re showstopping in their own way, but not so ostentatious that they overpower your living space. Summer’s best plants catch the eye and make a statement in an effortless way. These plants don’t have to try too hard — they’re simply stylish with barely any effort at all.

Look for decorative leaves that seem a little different from what you might see on your average plant. Funky spots on Rex begonias lend the plant a polka-dotted effect that’s downright cute. The rose-tinged leaves on aglaonemas are almost impossibly pretty and just perfect for anyone who wants to add something other than green to their environment. There’s even a waitlist for the mysterious Albo plant, which is championed in botanical circles for its incredibly unique leaves bearing a white marble finish.

No matter where in the home you choose to place your plants this summer, expect them to transform your life in unexpected ways. At a bare minimum, you’ll love the way they invite a touch of Mother Nature herself inside your living space. What better way to stay in touch with the great outdoors? They’ll also purify your indoor air, add personality to your surroundings, and potentially even reduce your stress levels. Those are reasons alone to make this summer’s biggest plant trends an integral part of your life.


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