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The Ultimate DIY Guide to Summer Floral Decorations

July 5, 2022

Summer dried flower arrangement on an end table

It’s the season of DIY projects! Summer is a great time to unleash your inner artist and bring some magical floral decorations to life. Whether you’re spending some quality time on your own and discovering what you’re capable of creating or working with the kids, you’ll have a blast making artisanal creations for everything from the front table in the entryway to the kitchen table.

Whether it’s something as simple as a conventional floral arrangement for your home or something you can use to decorate different rooms, you’ll find a variety of project ideas here. Skilled DIY-ers and newbies to the creative game alike will have fun making their own works of art for the home. Here are a few summer floral decorations to keep on your DIY list this season.

DIY Summer Flower Decorations

  1. Your Own Summer Arrangement
  2. Stars and Stripes Décor
  3. Brighten Up Your Door
  4. Try a Half-Wreath

Your Own Summer Arrangement

There’s nothing quite like picking a summery bouquet and using it to liven up the home when temperatures spike. The season is synonymous with flowers, after all, so what better excuse to dress up your home with some brilliant pops of color? Creating your own arrangement is a fun way to put a personalized spin on your home décor. You’ll have the chance to combine blooms of all kinds and make a unique composition that’s truly one of a kind.

The process is fairly straightforward. You’ll need some primary, or main, flowers that serve as the focal point of the bouquet. Roses and peonies are always lovely choices. Then gather a few secondary stems that complement the others. Look for contrasting colors and textures to incorporate some variety. Now, add the foliage. This serves as the “base” of the arrangement, adding a hint of earthiness to the equation while rounding out the design nicely. Anything from lush greenery to some branches can work, or you might combine the two if you have a large bouquet that calls for more foliage.

Cut the stems at a 45-degree angle to ensure they soak up as much moisture as possible in the vase. Then, add your base, followed by the primary and secondary flowers. Don’t be too concerned about styling them perfectly — the goal here isn’t perfection, and the best bouquets often look a little haphazard in their end formation. Feel free to trim stems or move blooms around until you’ve achieved a look that’s precisely to your liking.

Stars and Stripes Décor

Give your Independence Day celebrations a personal touch with a trio of flowers following a red, white, and blue design theme. This can serve as an eye-catching centerpiece on your picnic table if you’re grilling out or as a fun festive accent for your coffee table or the table in your foyer or front hallway. Because it’s such a simple process, anyone can make it a reality.

You’ll need three clear vases to start. Fill them with lukewarm water, then add red food coloring to one and blue to another. Wait for the color to flow through, or stir a little bit if necessary. Then, fill each vase with a single stem or two of a flower in the same color. A red peony or gerbera daisy makes a lush addition to the red vase, while delphinium — or any beautiful blue flower — is an uplifting choice for your blue vase. In the vase without food coloring, try a lovely white flower of some kind. Don’t worry: the dye shouldn’t impact the integrity or condition of the flowers.

Brighten Up Your Door

Door décor doesn’t receive nearly the amount of attention it deserves. It’s not just reserved for wreath-hanging during the holiday season, however. There are other ways to make your door stand out, especially inside your home. This summer, why not create a cute door hanger to bring a pop of color to a hallway or to give a plain room a little energy?

You’ll need a few flowers, including some that serve as focal points, a few to fill the gaps, and some foliage to create a bit of fresh, green contrast to bring your arrangement to life. You’ll also need a sturdy poster board or thick stock paper for the base, along with clear tape or glue, a ribbon, a bow, and a stapler.

Lay each stem out to simplify the process — this is the easier way to “grab and go” as you create your door hanger. Now, you’ll need to use the stock paper or poster board to create a cone. To ensure that it’s the right size, draw a circle and draw a triangular-shaped wedge inside. Cut the circle out, then trim out the wedge. Bring the two ends together to create a sturdy cone, then use your glue or clear tape to secure it on the inside. Finish by filling the cone with your flowers and greenery.

Cut the ribbon to your desired drop length, then staple one side of the ribbon inside the cone at least twice for greater security. Do the same with the other side. Now you can wrap the cone with a cute bow, gluing it from behind if necessary. Reposition the flowers if need be, then hang the display on the door of your choice.

Try a Half-Wreath

Speaking of wreaths, sometimes you just want to break out the unexpected accents. While you might reserve them for the holidays, there’s something to be said for a summertime wreath too. For this more hands-on DIY task, you’ll need some fresh greenery — eucalyptus is always a great choice — along with wire, pliers, string, and floral wire.

Begin by trimming the wire to your desired length. Bend it into a half-moon silhouette, then use your pliers to create a small hook opening at each end. Using your floral wire, attach your greenery of choice to the half-moon. Affix your string securely to each end, then hang the half-wreath on the wall of your choice. This is a nice choice even for the winter months, especially if you want to find creative ways to use pinecones and sprigs of holly.

Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to making fun summer projects — especially if there are flowers involved.


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