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5 Tips To Decorate Your Home With Flowers This Summer

July 7, 2022

Woman decorating her home with summer flowers. Send summer flowers online with UrbanStems.

Like a breath of fresh air, flowers bring color and personality to any room. Summer is a great time to make them a more integral part of your home decorating routine. After all, it’s the rare home accent that remains as stylish as the flower. It’s the forever accessory you can always rely on when you want to lift your spirits or give any room in the home a colorful little boost.

Your decoration choices can be as lavish and ostentatious or as simple and understated as you wish. Whether you opt for a vibrant bouquet or a more subdued dried arrangement, you can be confident it will do wonders for your interior design. While there’s the tried-and-true technique of setting it atop the table in the front entryway or the coffee table in the sitting room, there are other, even more interesting ways to make flowers a creative part of your home décor this summer. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind.

Summer Floral Decorating Tips for the Home

  1. Create a Summer Tablescape
  2. Use Different Types of Vessels
  3. Revitalize the Darker Rooms
  4. Give the Walls a Makeover
  5. Use Flowers for Scale

Create a Summer Tablescape

While you might typically associate your decorative tablescapes with the flurry of events that crowd your calendar during the holiday season, summer is just as suitable a time to give your tabletop a seasonal makeover. A few flowers are all you need to make the transition from simple to stellar. Keep things interesting by establishing a pattern. A larger piece in the center, like The Helios, commands attention right away, thanks to its bold medley of sunflowers. Flank each side with something smaller yet in the same family, like The Sonny.

This works especially well on a larger table, where there’s plenty of room to work without the risk of overwhelming the space or occupying too much room. If you have a smaller table, keep it simple with a more understated center arrangement and just a single stem or two on each side.

Use Different Types of Vessels

While vases are beautiful, you don’t need to use the same type for every floral arrangement in your home. Keep things visually intriguing by mixing up your options just a touch. Nestle a bundle of peonies, like the beauties in the Double The Peony arrangement, in a sturdy jute bag and settle it somewhere unexpected, like the corner of your desk or the kitchen island. It will add an interesting, earthy aesthetic while introducing a pop of color to your space at the same time.

You can also experiment with other options, like pitchers, wine bottles, teapots, and watering cans. If you or the kids have a crafty streak, have fun decorating your vessels of choice and transforming them into one-of-a-kind vases that stand out — and that you’ll want to use over and over again. It’s a great summertime project. And you’ll feel even more motivated to show off some fresh blooms throughout the season.

Revitalize the Darker Rooms

It’s possible that not every room in your home brims with sunshine. Maybe it lacks natural light or doesn’t have windows at all. Whatever the reason, you can still infuse the space with some color that instantly livens it up. To achieve this goal in even the most subdued rooms, you’ll want to make good use of vibrant colors like crisp yellow, juicy orange, and energizing pink. Your goal should be to reinvigorate the space with just a punch — sometimes that’s all it takes to make the difference.

Something like The Neon Lights is perfect for that very reason. There’s no denying the impact of colors like fuchsia, apricot, peach, and jade, especially when they all arrive at once. You can further the impact by implementing other colorful accents to create a well-rounded look throughout the space. Swap light, easy items like cushions and area rugs to create a new look for the season.

Give the Walls a Makeover

Rarely do you think about wreaths during the summer months, but maybe it’s time that you do. A fresh way to give your home a modern makeover is to reinvent your wall game just a touch. Whether it’s the front door or a wall inside your home, a summery wreath that brims with healthy greenery and pops of color is a fantastic addition to your warm-weather décor.

Where to begin? Try The Lavender for a combination of natural beauty, rich colors, and heady fragrance that you’ll appreciate every time you walk by it. For an even more colorful accent, consider The Aviva. It’s infused with an intriguing blend of purples, blushes, berries, and yellows, lending a distinctly fashionable vibe that sets it apart from other accents throughout the home.

Use Flowers for Scale

Flowers are obviously aesthetically pleasing, but they can also play an interesting role in lending scale and form to a room. Use the summer months as an opportunity to experiment with a broad range of styles and silhouettes. The large, shapely peonies in Triple The Sunburst would be decadent anywhere, but they add special sophistication to an austere room with modern accents. Their rich texture and size contrast nicely with details like sleek glass tables and clean lines.

Dried flowers are equally effective in creating an interesting contrast. The Juneau is regal and dramatic, with vivid shades of purple stealing the spotlight. Yet it’s the artisanal arrangement itself, with its incredible variety of shapes and textures, that sets it apart as one of the most eye-catching features in the entire room. It bridges the gap in a transitional space, offering a combination of equal parts classic and contemporary appeal.

Summer is the season to celebrate the beauty of flowers in all their glory. Because of their versatility, they fit nicely into virtually any part of your home. Use them to dress up a simple room or to liven up a sedate tabletop or desktop. Whether on a surface or on your wall, summer floral arrangements will have a serious impact on your seasonal home décor goals.


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