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A Guide to Spring Table Arrangements

May 26, 2022

Woman holding bright flowers in spring colors in her kitchen

Garden parties. Casual lunches. Sunday brunches. Spring offers the promise of countless gatherings with family and friends. Beautiful weather adds to the ambiance, whether you’re dining outside or allowing the sunshine to stream through your windows. Whatever your plans, spring also offers a perfect excuse to upgrade your table arrangements.

At the heart of it all is your tablescape, the area the eyes naturally land at first glance. Many factors play into your springtime arrangement, from the size of the table to the type of vibe you’re hoping to achieve. Anything goes during this season of renewal and revival, so make the most of it by giving your table a gorgeous makeover. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How to Decorate Your Table This Spring

  1. Embrace the Pastels
  2. Make Fruit Runners
  3. Keep Things Neutral
  4. Use Mason Jars

Embrace the Pastels

Now is the time to add a few pastels to your tabletop! Easter alone is the season of soft tones, from peppy lilacs and sky blues to warm blushes and mint greens. Everything is in the mix, which means nothing is off the proverbial table. Pastel tablescapes look especially striking on homey wooden tables or picnic tables. Raffia placemats are the perfect starting point since they allow the colors to pop more effectively.

Have fun choosing your elements. Incorporate a few taper candles in a color like lavender or soft pink. Because the colors are so light, you can be more heavy-handed in using several of them. Three or four on one side and three or four on the other will create an even and eye-catching look. Use an elegant candelabra in a metal that nicely blends in with the rest of the room. Then, it’s time to add the star of the show — a glorious bouquet like Triple The Peony will make a grand statement with its incredible texture and abundant stems.

Make Fruit Runners

A fruity table runner offers a festive and seasonally appropriate alternative to a traditional cloth table runner. This version also gives you the chance to unleash your creative side. Make the look a reality by gathering an array of colorful fruits, including lemons, limes, grapes, and grapefruits. Place a table runner in a neutral color on the table, then begin placing the fruits along its length.

For an extra springy touch, add a few stems of contrasting flowers to fill the blank spaces and make your fruity table runner truly pop. You can accomplish this in a few ways. Position single tulips, peonies, and sunflowers in place, or add some compact plants to the layout instead. The Alice is sized just right for occupying some space and will add a pretty pop of pink to your decoration.

Keep Things Neutral

If you’re planning a more elegant affair and have a vision of using lots of glass and crystal, creating a tablescape with a neutral color palette is an effective way to complement your tableware. Notes of soft cream, milk, and almond are ideal. If you want to incorporate some color, think light — pale blushes, café au laits, and mochas can work well, provided they aren’t too dark or overpowering.

The Pearl is a lovely choice for its simplicity. Pillowy blooms set the fantastic peony apart from other flowers, and they’re so lush they’ll immediately add rich style and elegance to your table’s design. Opt for a clear vase when displaying your neutral flowers, as this will keep attention focused strictly on the flowers and the rest of the table.

Use Mason Jars

Is there anything a mason jar can’t do to enhance your home décor? If you happen to have a few on hand, you can use them to creatively call attention to the heart of your table. The best way to make use of these strong and sturdy jars? There are many! Fill miniature-sized jars with water, then place a single stem of your favorite flower in each. Alternate colors for a more striking look, then place the jars in the middle of the table to draw the eye inward.

If you’re feeling crafty, you can even paint them with acrylic in a festive, springy color — sky blue, mint, and sunny yellow are all great choices — then add an extra bold bouquet, like Double The Sunburst, for maximum impact. Add other seasonal accents to the table, like small glass jars full of candied almonds or compact glass dishes with strawberries dipped in your choice of chocolates. Mason jars make it easy to flex your creative muscles, whether you’re painting them or doing something more simple, like tying a ribbon around them.

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Decorating for springtime entertaining is a joy. There’s nothing quite like shifting from the darker shades of winter to a combination of light and airy hues and fresh and juicy tones that instantly transform your table and prepare it for the celebratory times ahead. Whether you’re throwing a party or just inviting a few people over to enjoy some downtime, you’ll love how it all comes together when you incorporate a few colors and flowers.


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