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Give Your Home a Vibrant Makeover This Spring

May 24, 2022

Woman holding bright flowers in spring colors in her kitchen

When the seasons change, it's an opportunity to make fresh updates in your life. As spring introduces warm weather and lovely colors back into the world, it's natural to also want to give your home a colorful refresh. So, take advantage of the extra sunlight and new arrivals of seasonal decor and give your home a vibrant makeover this spring. With the right use of decorative elements like throw pillows, pottery, artwork, green plants, and bouquets from our spring collection, your home is going to look incredible. If you need some ideas about changing your winter decorations setup into a vibrant spring-themed one, check out these nuggets of inspiration.

Give Your Home a Spring Makeover

  1. Pack Away Your Winter Decorations
  2. Change Your Key Accents
  3. Decorate With Spring Flowers
  4. Potted Green Plants

Pack Away Your Winter Decorations

Before you can create a new interior look for the spring, you must put away the old decorations. Although your winter setup was quite cozy, many elements of cold-weather decorations don't mesh well with a springtime mood. For example, chunky fleece throws and fuzzy pillows should go back into storage. Winter textures can throw off a springtime refresh because they are meant to keep you warm. However, in the spring, warmth has arrived, and the mood should shift to brighter colors and lightness. Experiment with lightweight muslin throws, shabby-chic lace, and pastels in your surrounding decor as you pack away the old season's aesthetics.

Change Your Key Accents

You don't need to buy new furniture or large, expensive decorations to make a complete spring look. Introducing small accents into the room will give it the seasonal refresh it needs. This process will go by faster if you have already decorated with items that are easily replaceable, such as throw pillows, blankets, centerpieces, and artwork. Then, it's just a matter of switching out one painting for another — such as exchanging a winter wonderland centerpiece for a couple of cute flowering succulents or packing away the heavy wool blanket for a decorative lace throw. With each subtle change, you can eventually make a big difference in the room.

Decorate With Spring Flowers

In the spring, many flowers come into season again, bringing back beautiful pastels and vibrant colors. Our curated spring collection is full of artistically mixed arrangements and single-stem bouquets that can instantly add pops of color to your interior design plan. They also add another level of interior enhancement that cannot be captured in photos: scent. Fragrant peonies, tulips, garden roses, and lilies are just the beginning of what you can experience when you fill your home with lovely blooms.

Changing your flowers every few weeks can add an element of excitement through the subtle changes that fresh bouquets offer. Though we stand by everything in our spring collection, here are some crowd-pleasing bouquets that will instantly introduce a springtime mood into your home.

  • The Purple Iris: This two-toned bouquet of purple irises and white double freesias invites a bold pop of color into any interior design layout. The delicate citrus scent of freesia pairs well with the subtle woody scent of the irises. When it arrives, the buds may be closed, but they will unfurl into full glory in no time. Place these stems in one of your favorite vases or order one as an add-on for your convenience. Options range from a clear glass vase to a variety of ceramic ones that complement these stems in different ways.
  • The Santorini: This is another example of how a simple combination can become a lovely springtime display. The Santorini is a delicate arrangement of peach roses, rich green eucalyptus leaves, and pops of snapdragons that create a balanced pastel work of art. Roses also emit a delicate, sweet smell into the room, creating a vibrant seasonal atmosphere beyond looks. Use your own vase or select a custom vase at checkout to create the look you want.
  • The Naomi: Who said all spring bouquets had to be made of fresh flowers? Dried arrangements are also staples in our spring collection. This stunning display of magenta, fuchsia, light purple, yellow, and indigo embodies a bold spring color palette. It's a must-have for the purple lovers out there — and for anyone who wants a "one and done" arrangement for the season. Yes, this dried arrangement of dyed Avena oats, Craspedia, Tarwe wheat, Cortaderia pampas, and preserved yarrow can last for months — even years — without watering or special care. Simply keep it out of direct sunlight so that the colors stay vibrant.

Tip!: If you plan on getting fresh stems frequently, set up a flower subscription service to get surprised with this season's best-loved arrangements — all sent right to your door at a discount!

Potted Green Plants

One of this year's hottest decorating trends is to bring more of the outdoors inside. Thankfully, we have a stunning collection of indoor plants that can be excellent complements to your floral and dried arrangements. When you follow an indoor plant's care instructions, it can last for years, providing you with fresh oxygen, some air purification effects, and stress-relieving greenery. If you want to make your home feel more like spring, introduce a couple more potted plants into the room. Here are a few low-maintenance options.

  • The Dinero: At 14–18 inches tall, this moderately-sized money tree is just big enough to make an impact without taking up too much space. Since it comes in a ceramic planter, you can set it in a corner of a room immediately. Though it is a simple, low-maintenance plant, its intricate braided trunk and lush waxy leaves make it appear to be a high-maintenance indoor enhancement.
  • The Quinn: If you want to make a bold statement, the vertical, sword-shaped leaves of a snake plant will do the job. The Quinn also adds subtle splashes of yellow here and there among its patterned leaves. Place this beauty in indirect sunlight and let the soil dry out between waterings. Caring for this gorgeous accent is really that easy!

Shop Our Spring Collection

With so many special occasions on the horizon this season, our robust variety of fresh stems, dried flowers, and potted plants offers plenty of gift and decorative options. Whether you are decorating your home or need to find the perfect gift, our spring collection is here to streamline your selection process.


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