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A Guide to Popular Spring Flower Colors

May 3, 2022

Woman holding spring flowers in bright spring colors

There is simply no season more resonant with the beauty of flowers than spring. The return of clear blue skies, warm sunshine, and significantly higher temperatures also spells the resurgence of blooming gardens at every turn. The hallmarks of those botanical masterpieces center around color — the combination of light and dark tones that lend each flower its distinct personality.

Spring itself is largely characterized by color. There’s beauty to be found in every shade, from the pastels to the jewel tones. In between, there are richer shades that seem like they belong in a work of art. Yet these hues are very real, and they bring character and style to any space they grace. Whether it’s your front yard, your mantel, your dining table, or your desk, there’s a flower color just made for breathing new life into that environment.

What’s special about spring is that its colors are incredibly meaningful. They’re easy on the eyes, of course — there’s no denying that — but there is also something especially poignant about giving flowers to someone when there is so much sentiment behind every detail. Whether it’s a color you know they love or one that represents how you feel, be it joy, love, or hope, you can send a powerful message when you send a colorful spring flower arrangement to someone in your life this spring. Here are some of the most popular colors of the season, what they mean, and how you can implement them in your life.


It might be nearly impossible to honor spring without recognizing yellow in all its cheerful and uplifting glory. The color, harmonious with sunshine and good times, reflects the light, breezy, and carefree vibe that spring exudes. Think of it as spring’s go-to hue — synonymous with everything from bees to flowers, it evokes a sense of charm and happiness. These are the same sort of emotions you might hope to inspire when you present someone with yellow flowers.

What will it be? Take your pick from some of the world’s most beloved blossoms, ranging from vibrant sunflowers destined to bring a smile to any face to cheerful daffodils that are suitable to give to anyone who deserves a little brightness in their day. What’s special about yellow is that it delivers a message of pure joy. It speaks to the bond you share with a close friend and the happiness you feel when you connect with them.

Use yellow flowers, like The Sunlit, to send your best wishes to someone, to wish them well when they’re going through a difficult time, or to instill your living space with some serious positive energy. Odds are you’ll feel the difference right away.


It’s fitting that green is one of spring’s most popular flower colors. It’s the color of renewal, much like the season is one for new beginnings and fresh starts. Green reflects happiness and is symbolic of life. It’s calm, soothing, and uplifting all at once, inspiring hope thanks to its connection with nature’s wonders. Spring, after all, is synonymous with natural beauty. Is it any wonder that green plays such an important role in delivering the season’s message?

Green also happens to be symbolic of positive emotions and traits, including good fortune, health, and youth. Whether you’re sending a get-well gift to someone or want to wish someone luck on their newest venture, green is the way to go — and fortunately, there is no dearth of green bouquets available to give at this special time of the year.

Liven up the day with The Manor, a wonderful medley incorporating baby pink roses with refreshing eucalyptus. The latter component invites plenty of rich green texture to the mix, providing perfect balance where it’s most needed. Green also happens to be found on virtually every plant, so it’s a great choice for the nature lover in your life (or yourself, of course). Wish them well with The Cora, or bring some prosperity to your own life with The Dinero. Green is good!


Sweetly symbolic of love and affection, pink is the innocent alternative to the more fiery and passionate red. Its meaning is no less intense and meaningful, but pink reflects a softer and gentler approach. It evokes a sense of femininity, making it a lovely choice for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or a date night surprise. Pink is often linked to youth, too, and that’s no surprise given just how sweet and innocent the shade appears at a glance.

Pink exudes happiness, so giving it when you want to send someone your best wishes is entirely appropriate. You might give pink to a love interest when you haven’t quite reached the passion level yet, or when you want to convey the message that you are interested in them. Pink is fairly ubiquitous and versatile, making it a popular choice to give on many occasions throughout spring.

The color has many variations, so you may find it tricky to choose just one arrangement. Take your cue from what the person tends to like. A soft blush tone, sometimes referred to as ballet pink, is a sweet choice for your mom, an aunt, a grandma, or anyone who leans towards more conservative color choices. The Charm expresses that sweetness and light well. Try Double the Pink Champagne for someone who prefers those hot pinks — the richer, bolder, and more head-turning variations of the hue.


Fresh and vibrant, purple flowers are traditionally associated with royalty. Indeed, the regal hue enjoys quite a lofty reputation. It’s a color found everywhere, from velvet thrones to flower arrangements, making it more versatile than you might imagine. It’s quite an impressive accomplishment for a color so rich in depth and personality.

There’s simply more to this springtime color than meets the eye. Yes, its ties to royalty are undeniable, but purple is also associated with sophistication, style, and strength. It’s a no-fuss, no-nonsense color that adds instant fashionable appeal everywhere it goes. That simple desk cluttered with papers? Is the window sill lacking any décor? Is the table in need of a little perk-me-up? All of the above are great spots to show off that dazzling purple arrangement.

You’ll spot purple on everything from irises to tulips to asters. The Purple Iris is a lively beauty that incorporates the fragrant freesia along with iris to create an eye-catching medley. Dry arrangements are always popular to give, and The Juneau proves precisely why. It’s as elegant as it is stylish, with purple bunny tails adding a bold pop to the design.

With the season of color, joy, and sunshine upon us, now is a wonderful time to get better acquainted with spring flowers and the beautiful selection of colors that resonates with the season. Whether you go light or dark, expect to send your message in style.


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