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A Guide to Asters – September’s Birth Flower

Field of purple aster flowers

The beauty of September is inarguable, with signs of Fall slowly beginning to emerge. Sure, those first couple of weeks may still simmer with remnants of summer, but as the true first day of the season looms closer, things begin to appear decidedly cooler.

Leaves begin their annual change and before long, they’ve crowded the driveways and sidewalks with their spectacular rainbow of autumnal hues. That familiar crunch is resoundingly comforting—a sure sign that fall has finally arrived. Naturally, with September also comes the Virgo and Libra babies celebrating their birthdays – which means birthday flowers! For all of the September celebrants in your world, you want to surprise them with something truly special.

The September birth flower is the aster. It’s the official birth flower of the month, brimming with character, beauty, and style. What makes this such a special bloom? Here’s a little bit about this lush stunner.

A Guide to Asters – September’s Birth Flower

  1. History of the Aster
  2. Meaning of the Aster
  3. How to Maintain Asters
  4. A Forever Favorite

History of the Aster

What’s in a name? The clue is actually in the name where aster is concerned. It originates from a Greek term that translates to “star," in reference to the starry silhouette evoked by the flowers on these luminous plants.

Legend has it that the aster also played a major role in Greek mythology. It’s said that Asteria, the Titaness goddess of falling stars, astrology, and oracles, cried when she encountered a night sky with very few sparkling stars. Her tears bore the aster flower, which is said to have grown as the moisture dripped to the ground.

Throughout history, aster also played a significant role in helping people alleviate various ailments. From a medicinal perspective, the flower was often added to treatments for headaches, muscle aches, flus, and colds. Some people even burned it like sage, hoping it would produce an aura that would stave off negativity in any space.

Meaning of the Aster

What makes the aster especially symbolic is the fact that it means so much. Few flowers capture such elegance and spirit as these beautiful blooms. While they resemble daisies, these starry little accents have a personality that’s all their own.

At its core, the aster is representative of love, achievement, faith, fortune, courage, patience, and intelligence. It’s the type of flower that you can give for dozens of occasions, be it a congratulatory moment or a birthday. Fortunately, that means any aster-filled arrangement is sure to make your loved ones born in September smile! If you’re hoping to give something that’s at once glorious, colorful, and mood-lifting, The Juliet is a prime candidate. Soft tones lend it seasonal charm, while the asters mingle beautifully among everything from delphinium to free spirit roses. Talk about breathtaking.

Another factor that makes the aster so special is its versatility. You’ll find this flower in a wide assortment of colors, including blue, purple, white, red, and pink. The purple is easily the most common, exhibiting a sense of regal appeal that sets it apart from anything else. Fittingly, it symbolizes royalty and is often associated with wisdom. For a magical bouquet that includes purple asters, try The Unicorn.

For those in your world who love rich, deep, and sophisticated colors, pink and red asters make the perfect choices. The pink is an especially fitting choice for a best friend’s birthday, as it symbolizes love and emotion. The red, meanwhile, is emblematic of true love—the type of enduring devotion you share with your significant other. What better way to make the love of your life smile and bask in the glory of how much you care for them?

For a casual friend, a co-worker, or anyone who plays an important role in your life, the white aster makes a thoughtful choice. It’s symbolic of purity, peace, and innocence, beautifully reflecting the connection you share with those in your life who are kind, caring, and giving. Celebrate your friends with a white aster bouquet like The Eden. Sharing those same sentiments with them is a wonderful way to celebrate what makes them so special on their birthday.

While the aster is undoubtedly the flower to give to your favorite September baby, it also happens to be the official flower of the 20th wedding anniversary. If someone you know is celebrating—or has both a birthday and a 20th anniversary during this month!—you won’t find anything more fitting or suitable than the fantastic aster.

How to Maintain Asters

What makes the aster extra special is that it often plays a supporting role in bouquets—which means its beauty has a chance to stand out in a crowd of other stems. Proper care and maintenance ensure their longevity and you can trust that with a little TLC they’ll continue to look their starry best for a while.

If you’re shopping for asters for your September friend, make sure to choose one with open buds. Sometimes, closed buds fail to open and will take away from the arrangement’s elegance. To support their health and vitality, trim approximately half an inch off the stems, working at an angle to ensure optimum moisture intake. That will help the flowers get the nourishment they need to thrive for as long as possible.

As you place them in the vase, take a look at the stem and check for any leaves that may be submerged below water. If that’s the case, pluck them off right away. They could otherwise introduce bacteria and germs to the water, leading to premature failure and potentially harming other flowers in the bouquet in the process. This is particularly important because leaves on asters have a tendency to die off more quickly than other cut flowers. Prioritizing this step can make a huge difference to the condition of the arrangement.

For best results, feed asters every couple of days. Make sure to change the water on this schedule, too—and don’t forget to trim the stems each time, too. This is key to preserving them for as long as you can. Following these steps, you can expect your asters to last for up to 10 days.

A Forever Favorite

From its roots in Greek mythology to its abundant usage in modern-day bouquets, the aster has a humble history. Given that it was once considered a medical marvel and that people were even convinced it held some sort of magical strength that could ward away evil, it’s no wonder that it has remained popular for centuries. Giving an aster, so strongly associated with pure love and affection, is one of the most thoughtful ways to surprise the September baby in your life.


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