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20 Short Messages for Self-Love Sends

April 7, 2023

Woman sending herself UrbanStems flowers for self-love

We all deserve a little self-love every now and then. Take it from us, there’s no shame in sending yourself flowers.

When it comes to sending yourself flowers, don’t be afraid to attach a note to yourself! All UrbanStems flowers come with the ability to add a custom 160-character note. Add some words of encouragement and affirmation to your blooms. Here are a few ideas for self-love notes:

  1. "Dear me, these flowers are a reminder that I'm worth blooming for."
  2. "Just a little something to brighten my day and remind me to love myself first."
  3. "Sending myself some love today. Because why not?"
  4. "Self-love isn't selfish, it's necessary. Enjoy the flowers, me."
  5. "These flowers are from the most important person in my life - me. And let's be real, I have great taste."
  6. "Cheers to me, for always putting myself first. Enjoy the blooms, self!"
  7. "I'm my own soulmate, and these flowers are just a little reminder of that."
  8. "To me, from me, because who says you can't be your own secret admirer?"
  9. "Dear me, these flowers are a symbol of my undying love for... well, myself."
  10. "Roses are red, violets are blue, I love myself, and these flowers do too!"
  11. “Treat yo self!”
  12. "Dear me, thank you for always being there for me. Enjoy these flowers as a token of my gratitude!"
  13. "Sending myself some love, because let's face it, no one else is going to do it quite like me."
  14. "I'm my own best date, and these flowers are just a little extra treat for me."
  15. "Because nothing says 'I love me' like a bouquet of beautiful flowers."
  16. "I'm sending myself some love and reminding myself that being fabulous is a full-time job. Time for a promotion!"
  17. "Sending myself flowers because who needs a significant other when you have a cat and a glass of wine?"
  18. "To the one who knows my coffee order, my favorite movie, and my deepest fears - me. Keep being my BFF!"
  19. "Sending myself some love and reminding myself that my inner Beyonce deserves some flowers every now and then."
  20. "To the one who always knows how to make me laugh - me. These flowers are just a little bribe to keep up the good work."


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