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8 Stunning Flowers That Are In-Season During Summer

May 25, 2023

Bouquet of seasonal summer flowers delivered fresh by UrbanStems

The warm vibes and sunny days of summer are invigorating for us, and summertime can also uplift certain flowers, making them more brilliant and beautiful than ever.

If you love the optimistic energy of summer and want to bring a taste of it indoors, we have some stunning flowers to recommend that are in-season during summer. Check out some of our favorite summer blossoms that make for lovely gifts and home accents.

8 Stunning Flowers That Are In-Season During Summer

  1. Why Choose In-Season Flowers?
  2. Roses
  3. Peonies
  4. Ranunculus
  5. Hydrangeas
  6. Freesia
  7. Sunflowers
  8. Carnations
  9. Delphinium

Why Choose In-Season Flowers?

We offer an abundance of flower arrangements, including blossoms that may not be in season at the moment. You can order your favorite flowers from us year round because we work with brilliant farms and cultivators who nurture and grow all the most beautiful blossoms 365 days a year! However, in-season flowers will always have that extra oomph because they’re at their full potential. Simply put, in-season flowers will be fresher, healthier, more vibrant, and longer-lasting, so we encourage you to consider in-season blossoms when ordering flowers.


Possibly the most iconic blossom for bouquets, roses are in-season during summer. They’re technically a year-round flower but reach their peak beauty and vibrancy in summer. If you’re looking for a romantic and luscious blossom, it doesn’t get better than a fresh-cut arrangement of roses. And they come in so many colors that you have plenty of options.

If you want something soft and elegant, The Buttercream is sweet and simple. The Verona, on the other hand, is a vivacious and bright bouquet that will bring a smile to your face. We have arrangements featuring red, orange, yellow, purple, white, cream, peach, and every other rose color you could want! And roses pair beautifully with other flowers, like anemones and ranunculus in The Margot.


Peonies have always been one of our favorite blossoms, and they’re at their most sensational in summer! We have over a dozen peony bouquets that showcase how versatile and grand this blossom is. These fluffy and feathery blossoms are extravagant but also romantic and bashful. In fact, peonies symbolize bashfulness! A bodacious peony bouquet is a stunning gift for someone’s summer birthday or the perfect way to elevate your home and bring the cheerfulness of summer inside.

Drown yourself in peonies with our grand Triple The Peony bouquet, or keep it simple with the understated but fabulous The Peony arrangement. And peonies play well with others, like in The Poppins bouquets!


A highly underrated flower in our opinion, ranunculus is a stunning flower that we think rivals roses. The petals have a mesmerizing layered and tight-knit appearance and come in just as many colors as roses.

In many of our bouquets, roses and ranunculus are besties, like in The Manor and The Sicily, two dazzling and lavish bouquets perfect for summertime. One of our favorite ranunculus arrangements is The Ellington, a refined and jazzy bouquet with warm colors. This simple combination of ranunculus, hebe, and eucalyptus results in an exquisite arrangement that you’ll want to order over and over again!


Hydrangeas are one of those bold and dramatic blossoms that don’t need any accompaniments to make a statement. These pillowy and fluttery-looking blossoms have a soft and royal appearance, managing to be ethereal and earthy at the same time.


Freesias are dainty blossoms with smaller petals, giving them an elegant and delicate vibe. They come in a few colors, but white is easily the most popular because the petals have a velvety appearance, making them look creamy and sweet. While freesias are often used as filler, acting as the backup singer for larger blossoms, they deserve some solo appreciation!


It’s easy to think of sunflowers when talking about summertime blossoms. Sunflowers are the epitome of bold and cheerful, with massive heads and buttery yellow petals. Nothing makes it feel more like summer than a ravishing bouquet of sunflowers and an ice-cold glass of lemonade, and we can help you with one of those!

The Sonny bouquet is a simple and joyful arrangement that perfectly showcases the dazzling beauty of sunflowers. It’s one of our best sellers for a reason! And if you want an even more radiant and magnificent sunflower bouquet, our Double The Sonny is a charming and grand bouquet. Both our sunflower bouquets get a pop of white thanks to a few sweet sprigs of baby’s breath.


Many people see carnations as the less elegant cousin of the rose, but we refuse to let the carnation hate continue! Carnations are pillowy and ravishing in their own right, and we don’t want them to live in the shadow of roses anymore. We love using carnations in our arrangements to add volume, color, and texture, as they bring their own unique beauty that elevates any bouquet.

The Metropolitan is a posh and romantic bouquet that exhibits how lavish carnations can be. Carnations can also be sugary and playful, like in the sweet and soft bouquet called The Peachy. And carnations can be as vibrant and colorful as any other blossom. If you want a supremely colorful carnation in your home, The Nina is the ideal arrangement for you.


The last summer flower we want to highlight is delphinium, a unique and whimsical bloom that is a departure from the bulbous blossoms of roses, ranunculus, and carnations. We’re positively obsessed with delphinium, both as the star of the show and as an accompaniment flower.

Our bouquet The Dalloway highlights the eccentric beauty of this funky blossom and has an audacious height perfect for windowsills, mantels, and more. It’s elegant but playful and fresh too. But the delphinium fun is only just beginning! We use this dazzling blossom in many of our arrangements, like The Violette, a romantic and rich purple bouquet with roses, lavender, and more. Delphinium adds texture and shape to our cheerful but simple bouquets, such as the understated The Juliet bouquet, which plays with warm colors and different shapes for a distinct and darling appearance.


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