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What Do Popular Houseplants Symbolize?

May 26, 2022

Close up of an indoor plant in a sunny kitchen

Life always looks a little brighter when there’s a houseplant in the room. The very presence of vibrant vegetation in your midst could be enough to turn your day around. If it isn’t, there’s the thought that its survival depends on how well you maintain it. Many people take great pride in nurturing, nourishing, and downright loving their plants to fruition.

Nature has a way of doing that to a person. It’s no surprise that countless studies have found that going for a walk and breathing in the crisp air while soaking up the stillness of your surroundings can have a dramatic and positive effect on mental health. With more people staying at home during the last couple of years, there’s been an increased interest in raising houseplants.

Why not? There’s something so satisfying about it — especially when you take into account the ritualistic behaviors that define plant care. You’ll feel a sense of confidence as you watch your greenery grow and thrive under your watchful eye. That houseplants are also significant on a deeper level is something that makes them even more special. While it’s not the kind of thing you tend to think about often, it’s worth noting that plants are just as emotionally meaningful as flowers.

In fact, some of the world’s most popular houseplants — yes, the very same ones that storm social media feeds and become temporary media darlings — are far more symbolic than you may initially realize. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re planning to surprise someone with a plant for their birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, an anniversary, or a housewarming. Here’s some more about the symbolism of popular houseplants.

What Do Popular Houseplants Symbolize?

  1. Snake Plants
  2. Orchids
  3. Money Plants
  4. Fiddle Leaf Figs
  5. Pothos

Snake Plants

Also known as mother-in-law’s tongue, the snake plant may sound like a dubious candidate for spiritual vegetation of the year. However, the succulent is deeply tied to feelings of strength, positivity, and good fortune. It’s a key reason why so many people place their snake plants in the bedroom and the entries of their homes. They’re considered powerful barriers against negative energy, so don’t be fooled by their name.

Another reason people love the snake plant is it’s a natural air purifier. It’s also one of the few houseplants that emit oxygen at night, helping you breathe better and sleep more soundly. Reducing toxicity in your environment is a key reason to incorporate a houseplant or two into your midst. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and more well-rested, and you’ll enjoy the added advantage of its natural beauty. The Cairo is a favorite for its striking beauty.


The beloved orchid is among the world’s most stunning flower plants. They send a powerful message of beauty and charm — and as one of the oldest plants in the world, they’ve done so with great success for centuries. They’re found in a number of colors and silhouettes, and they exude a wonderful aroma that is unforgettable after a single whiff. It’s their graceful appearance that sets them apart. It’s no wonder that they’re reflective of everything from passion and romance to charm and femininity.

Different colors are often linked to different sentiments, too. Giving someone an orange orchid, for example, is a way to recognize their strength and wish them well on an upcoming endeavor. Giving a purple orchid like The Miranda is a thoughtful way of expressing your gratitude and respect. In the home, shades of green and yellow can spread good cheer with just a single glance. They represent new beginnings, good health, and freshness — all positive sentiments that are always welcome in any dwelling.

Money Plants

By virtue of their name, you can expect good things from Chinese money plants. They’re lauded for their low-maintenance requirements. It’s the type of plant you can set and forget, making it especially appealing to homeowners who don’t quite possess green thumbs. No matter, particularly if your goal is to elevate your fortunes and boost your luck. It’s a great choice for decorating a desk in your home office or adding a little sprightly personality to your mantel.

Some legends even suggest adding a coin to the soil for a little extra help in the prosperity department. Whether or not it works is up for debate, but there’s nothing like giving in to some superstition and reveling in the joy of being surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful offerings. The Claude brims with the lively personality for which the money plant is known. You’ll smile just seeing it!

Fiddle Leaf Figs

The luck continues with fiddle leaf figs, which people tend to adore for their uniquely textured leaves and crisp verdant hue. Caring for one of these beauties is a study in both patience and calm. It takes very little to nurture the fiddle leaf fig, as it’s among the most low-maintenance options out there. However, it can take some time for it to grow. Once it thrives, you’ll be so glad you introduced this positive plant into your world.

What sets it apart is its ability to nourish your surroundings with positive energy. It’s truly a symbol of good luck and fortune, which is why so many people love keeping them around. Whether it’s situated on a desk in the office or on the dining table as a centerpiece, there’s no denying the wonders and undeniable beauty it can bring to your life. Because it is also a powerful symbol of fertility, many hopeful people introduce it into their homes for a little extra luck in that area. The Fiddle is a marvelous addition that is sure to catch the eye anywhere you place it.


The pothos is a popular houseplant simply for its rich texture. Adding one to any area of the home is a quick and effective way to add a little pop to a desktop or a side table. Rife with meaning, it’s associated with perseverance, strength, vision, determination, and positivity. It’s said that hanging a pothos plant high up reflects your stunning ability to reach for your dreams.

With those glossy leaves and long vines, there’s no denying that pothos plants have plenty of personality. They make a great addition to any home that could use a little fresh air and color. It’s hard to miss this plant that, fittingly, appears wildly determined, thanks to its vines. The Fresco is favored for its robust appearance and cute ceramic pot, making it easy for you to introduce the beauty of the plant anywhere in the home.

Raising a houseplant can be a satisfying experience in so many ways. It’s worth it to select something that is not only beautiful but means something to you on a personal level. You’ll feel good knowing you’ve nurtured something that truly connects with you in this way.


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