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Create a Pet-Friendly Space with These Plants

Dog laying on floor among various pet-friendly plants

As a proud pet owner, you know a thing or two about creating pet-friendly spaces that are both safe and enjoyable for your fur baby. It’s priority number one as far as you’re concerned, and that means designing a comfortable living space that keeps your pet happy while giving you peace of mind that there are no threats in their way.

If you happen to love plants, it’s important to remember that many popular varieties actually could be perilous to your animal. That’s why it’s crucial to research each type before you introduce it into your home. Even if you plan to keep the plant in a room where your pet isn’t likely to spend much time, you can’t take any chances where its safety is concerned.

So what’s the best way to curate a lush, green space that honors your love for plants without sacrificing your pet’s safety in the process? Here are some tips to create a pet-friendly home that’s both naturally gorgeous and pet-friendly.

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home with Plants

  1. Avoid Poisonous Plants
  2. Incorporate Gorgeous Greenery

Avoid Poisonous Plants

First things first. The planning process is a lot simpler when you know exactly what not to incorporate into your indoor garden. Many popular options can prove harmful to pets, leading to serious health issues like vomiting, tremors, loss of appetite, increased heart rate, kidney disease, depression, kidney failure, liver failure, and even coma. In severe cases, ingesting the plant can be fatal.

Among the most harmful plants are lilies, which can be toxic to cats. Tulip bulbs are also harmful, as are azaleas, amaryllis, English ivy, peace lily, chrysanthemum, pothos, aloe vera, and cyclamen. While they are undoubtedly beautiful, these are the plants you want to avoid at all costs to prevent your furry family member from snacking on them and potentially getting sick.

Incorporate Gorgeous Greenery

The good news is that there are plenty of stunning options that will liven up your living space without potentially hurting your precious pet. You can easily take advantage of these plants’ benefits, which range from air purification to anxiety reduction, while breathing easy knowing that they won’t cause trouble. Here are a few to keep in mind.

Spider Plants

The humble spider plant is beloved by veterinarians for its safety. The plant is known for its long, sleek, curved leaves. It's perfect for adding a little pop to your home and is popular for hanging in kitchens or setting on desktops. Besides the fact that they’re incredibly pet-friendly, it also renowned for their simplicity. This low-maintenance plant barely calls for any attention, tolerating both low and direct light conditions well. It’s best to wait until the soil dries out to water, as too much moisture can cause the roots to rot. If you have a cat, take note: felines are especially drawn to spider plants, usually because of the chemicals found within that lure them in for a little snack. Never fear, though, because the plant can’t cause harm to your cat.

Some Succulents

Succulents are popular for their versatility, portability, and ease of care. These compact plants make great additions to just about every space in the home, from bookshelves to side tables. The good news is that many popular varieties are safe for your pets, including echeveria, haworthia, and hens and chicks. The Winona is a chic and stylish option perfect to place anywhere in the home—without any worry that it will harm your dear pet. The Phoebe is another sweet and pet-safe selection that will brighten up your home with it's unicorn -haped planter!

Air Plants

Air plants are light and lovely, with a distinctive appearance that sets them apart from other greenery in the home. The beauty of these plants is that they thrive in vibrant spaces, but handle indirect light well and don’t require much more than a little bit of moisture approximately once every week. By virtue of their name, they don’t require water; instead, they depend on the air to absorb the nutrients they need. An occasional spritz of water is also beneficial. The Cathy is a longtime favorite that will brighten your day at a single glance. If you have a curious pet, keep in mind they may be tempted by the appearance of those swooping leaves! If they do sneak in for a chew, trust that it won’t harm them in the least.


Sunflowers put on quite a show, especially during the warmest months of the year when they introduce rich color, gorgeous texture, and classic beauty to your living space. Double The Sonny is one of our favorites for its abundance—who can resist the appearance of those sunny yellow stems? You won’t be able to, and neither will your pets! Fortunately, in the rich annals of sunflower history, they haven’t posed a threat to animals. You can feel confident adding them to your home. Moreover, the flower is symbolic of the special bond that you share with your pet. Sunflower meanings are associated with longevity, adoration, and devotion—in short, all of the emotions that you associate with the loyal pet who is always by your side, providing unconditional love.

African Violets

The beauty of the African violet is unmistakable. This brilliant plant adds understated sophistication to kitchen counters, centerpieces, desktops, and everything in between. More importantly, the plant with its glistening and colorful flowers set against a bed of slightly fuzzy, abundant green leaves, doesn’t pose a threat to your dog or your cat. This non-toxic plant is a favorite of those who seek something that doesn’t require much attention and that’s non-toxic to dogs and cats.

Finding Pet-Safe Plants

Pets and plants are two of life’s greatest joys—and they can absolutely coexist with one another when you take the right precautions. Fido and Fluffy always take first place, and it’s important that when you decorate your home you opt for easy, non-toxic plants that you will give you peace of mind.


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