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Dress Up Your Outdoor Parties with These Floral Ideas

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Warm weather offers the perfect excuse to throw an outdoor party or two. Spending time surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature in the company of loved ones is reason enough to celebrate! Adding flowers to the occasion will make it even more special, colorful, and meaningful.

No matter what the reason for your party, there’s a flower that’s sure to add a little extra pop to the festivities. They’re perfect for introducing color and character to your tables, add an ornate touch to more lavish outdoor affairs, serve as integral parts of themed gatherings, and even make thoughtful parting gifts for your guests.

But what’s the best way to decorate with flowers? Should you just plunk an arrangement on the table and call it a centerpiece? Place a few stems here and there? Is there any rhyme or reason to the fine art of decorating an outdoor party with flowers?

In short, not really. The beauty of decorating with flowers is that there’s so much freedom and flexibility involved. Floral accents are carefree by design, and your decorating efforts should follow in that same spirit. Here are some ideas to help you brighten up your upcoming party with some amazing floral arrangements.

Baby Showers

An outdoor baby shower practically begs for flowers to be used throughout. A garden party makes a great event for the mama-to-be. Fresh colors and rich textures will add significant beauty to her special day! You can incorporate flowers in so many significant ways, too.

Dot a table with adorable succulent plants to bring a touch of earthy beauty to the festivities. These are so sweet and petite that you might even consider giving them as shower presents to each of the guests. Succulents are easy to maintain and long-lasting, so they’ll serve as an enduring reminder of the special occasion.

Another option is to keep things bright and simple by calling attention to single roses. Cut off the stems and place each in a delicate votive candle holder, then set it by each guest’s place setting. It’s stunning from a visual standpoint, and you can select any color rose to complement the theme of the baby shower.

Of course, a centerpiece is a must when you’re hosting an outdoor baby shower. Little baby-themed accents — like stuffed animals — toy blocks, and rattles, add an adorable touch to your décor. You might opt for a blue or pink arrangement depending on the baby’s gender, or you can keep it bright and neutral with something multicolored. The Jubilee feels festive and celebratory, making it perfect for such a memorable day.


If you love entertaining family and friends outside during summer, you’ve probably been counting down the days and checking off the boxes on your calendar until you could finally host the first barbecue of the season. Who can blame you? It’s a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather while relaxing and eating your favorite foods. Adding to the ambiance, flowers make it just a touch more special and memorable.

But how best to incorporate them? Keep it simple. Your outdoor table will look brighter and more lively when you place The Tuscan right in the center. Filled with sunflowers, this cheery arrangement is appropriate for both the season and the occasion. It’s destined to be a sunshine day with this beauty around.

If you’re a regular outdoor entertainer and don’t want to worry about tending to your flowers too frequently, consider a dried floral arrangement instead. They offer the best of all worlds. They evoke natural beauty with their assorted colors and textures, plus they last and last — no water or sunlight needed! The Malibu glows just like its namesake, and it’s a great choice for any spring or summer outdoor gathering.

Summer is prime time for orchids to make their grand appearance. These natural beauties thrive during the warmer months, and they add a simple yet eye-catching touch to your picnic table or lawn furniture. The Zahra brims with quiet charm, and it will look right at home amidst your serving trays of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Bridal Shower

Outdoor bridal showers are always a good idea. When the sun shines down, it’s almost like Mother Nature herself is sending her well wishes to the bride. And a few flowers added to the occasion don’t hurt, either. Plus, there are so many creative ways to incorporate them. Flowers also play a central role in wedding ceremonies, so you might take a cue from colors and varieties that you know the bride absolutely loves.

Adding them to the shower couldn’t be easier. Have fun with your options! You can keep single buds by each place setting for a delicate touch or place a small plant by each. A cute succulent like The Cora is such a sweet idea — the heart shape delivers those lovey-dovey vibes, while a cute geometric-patterned vase adds a fun touch of whimsy to the festivities.

You can take a more monochromatic approach and opt for The Regal. It's all-white palette is the perfect way to shower the bride. Or get creative and snip off the stems from a few garden roses in a variety of colors. Then place them in colorful bowls of water and set the bowls on a gorgeous table runner or decorative tile to bring the table to life. She’ll be delighted by this magical touch!

If she’s got a big thing for flowers, she’ll appreciate you going all out and making them an integral part of the bridal shower décor. Choose a few single stems in a variety of colors to start. A few tulips from The Parasol and some roses from The Pink Champagne make great choices for this occasion! Use tall, slender vases to hold a single stem in each, then place them in a row — either neatly or haphazardly, depending on the theme — in the center of the table. Setting it on a neutral-colored table runner or a tablecloth allows the flowers to pop and stand out even more.

When you’re entertaining outdoors, you won't have limited decorating options. Flowers make any occasion, be it a poignant shower or a casual family gathering, even more special.


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