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Step Up Your Office Decor Game with These Flowers

Orchid flowers and plants on table against brick wall.

Let's face it — staring at the same scenery every day can get a little boring, especially when you’re in a cubicle or desk. Even if you like your job and you have awesome co-workers, there's something about staring at the same office space that can get a little redundant. However, this problem can be easily solved when you introduce some refreshing office plants to the landscape.

Not only do office plants clean the air and reduce stress levels, but they also can be changed out regularly to offer something new to look at during the day. The best office plants don’t take up too much space but liven up the room, making them perfect for a professional workspace. If you’re looking for the perfect office flower or plant, here are some favorite arrangements for your professional environment.

Top Flowers for Office Decor

  • Peonies
  • Orchids
  • Air-scrubbing plants
  • Dried bouquets
  • Flower Subscription

Flowers by the Stem

When it comes to office flowers, it’s a good idea to stick to arrangements that aren't too big or distracting. After all, they must fit on a desk and not interfere with daily tasks. Take the practical needs of your job into consideration such as being able to see the face of customers or how much elbow room you need to comfortably finish tasks. The issue of space makes selecting flowers by the stem an easy way to control the size and type of flowers you receive. Here’s an example of a fun office favorite:

  • Peonies blend well into a professional work setting with their delicate colors and fluffy petals. If you need a small arrangement, cut the stems and set them in a short vase. All peonies are hypoallergenic, but hybrid and double varieties are even more friendly to any coworkers with allergies.

Low-Maintenance Orchids

If you need an office flower that’s going to blend right in and look great on your desk, you will love everything from our Orchid collection. These flowers are elegant, colorful, stately, and can last a long time with just weekly watering and some low light — orchids on the perfect office plants.

If you have any co-workers with pollen allergies, they'll be happy to know that this is a hypoallergenic flower, which means it has sticky pollen that won't fly through the air. It doesn't have too many flashy colors to distract everyone but it blends right in while offering much-needed natural beauty into a man-made space.

  • Our favorite orchid plant: It's hard to pick just one, but The Tranquility is one of our top picks because of its elegant ceramic pot and beautiful white orchids that symbolize purity and calm. It also comes with a stress-relieving goodie just for you: a luxe Claus Porto cedarwood-scented hand cream for your post-restroom refresh.

Air-Scrubbing Flowering Plants

Since indoor air is surprisingly more polluted than outdoor air, having an air scrubbing plant at your desk can improve your health. In our green plants collection, you can find long-lasting flowering plants that offer the same bold colors that you expect from flowers with the bonus power of air scrubbing. Potted flowers are a low-maintenance option for people who want their plants to stay in the office over the weekend without any problems. These are our favorites:

  • The Affogato, a beautiful low-maintenance gardenia tree that is the perfect size for your desk. Placed in an elegant ceramic planter, this plant has strong woody stems, bold green leaves, and soft white flowers to beautify your office. It does extremely well when it has access to direct sunlight, so pick this if your desk is near a window. Then, all it needs is weekly misting and light.
  • The Corsen is our curated potted planter with an Anthurium — a low-maintenance and beautiful tropical plant that is known for its waxy heart-shaped leaves and its fiery red “flowering” leaves. The pollen is also sticky and doesn’t pick up in the wind, so it’s easy to keep around coworkers with allergies too. This is a favorite among people who like something unique and fun to look at.
  • The Nectar contains a Yellow Kalanchoe plant which is known for its many yellow blooms. This plant also craves light, so it’s the perfect small plant for a windowsill or desk near direct light. It comes in a beautiful ceramic planter so you don’t have to worry about decorative accents. If you only have space for a small plant, this one has just the right dimensions: 4" in a 5" x 5" x 4.50" for a small desk area,

Zero Pollen Dried Flowers

If you're the type of person that does not want to even think about weekly maintenance, then dried flowers are the perfect match for your office decoration needs. Here are just some of the benefits of dry floral arrangements:

  • No pollen
  • Can last all year or even years with good care
  • Bold, lasting color
  • Just requires occasional light dusting

Our dried bouquets burst with color and offer a variety of textures and preserved greenery and flower types to keep your desk view interesting all year. Check out our collection to find a statement piece that can spruce up a tired office area.

Flower Subscriptions: Making Refreshes Easier than Ever

Making individual transactions every time you want new flowers can take up time, but when you set and forget your deliveries, beautiful arrangements will come straight to your desk without any fuss. On top of that, you can get them at a discount and with no delivery charge.

When you set up a flower subscription service, you can have full control over its cadence, switch and skip delivery times, and also designate what level of luxury you want in your floral deliveries. You can go from everything from classic to luxe arrangements with new and fresh faces every time. When you automate this process, beautiful flowers and plants will come to you regularly at your schedule.

When you're ready to make an office flower selection, hundreds of creative arrangements are waiting just for you. You can then arrange next-day delivery or set up a different arrival date in advance with our convenient checkout options.


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