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Spotlight on Lilies

March 31, 2022

Close up of a floral bouquet with lilies

Spring heralds the return of many popular flowers that give off amazing scents and fill our world with color. You can just feel the excitement and anticipation for warm weather when you see the best-loved spring flowers emerge from the soil. As daffodils, tulips, and lilies bloom, the atmospheric shift inspires people to enjoy the outdoors — and set their sights on some lovely springtime bouquets!

Lilies are one of the most iconic springtime flowers. Not only do they hold deep meanings in multiple cultures, but they have such timely, seasonal beauty. There are also many varieties of lilies that come in all sorts of colors and silhouettes. For these reasons and more, lilies show up in many single stem and mixed arrangements. Since quite a few treasured holidays occur in the spring, you’ll also never lack an occasion to send lilies to someone you care about. So let’s take a closer look at this beautiful flower from our spring collection and explore some lily arrangements that you can give someone this season.

Spotlight on Lilies

  1. Types of Lilies
  2. Lilies: A Meaningful Flower For Many
  3. Lilies for Mother’s Day & More

Types of Lilies

Lilies grow naturally in the northern hemisphere around the world. Right now, there are over 100 known varieties of this flower native to Europe, Asia, and North America. Since it is a beautiful and fragrant flower, it is cultivated in many countries and used in countless ways. They grow the most easily in temperate and tropical areas, but today’s greenhouse and grow light technology makes it possible to grow lilies worldwide. Since it would take a book to list and explain all the known types of lilies, here are just a few of the most popular ones you will see in delivered bouquets.

  • Asiatic: This is the most common type of lily that is cultivated around the world due to its hardiness. It originated in Asia and is known for its upward-facing flower with three petals that fan out to look like six. Unlike other lilies, Asiatic species do not have a fragrance. They can come in red, white, yellow, orange, pink, and burgundy.
  • LA Hybrid: This is a cross between an Asiatic lily and a longiflorum lily. This genetic blend gives the LA hybrid a trumpet-like shape and longer vase life. It has a mild scent that is at its strongest in the summer. You can usually find this variety in warm colors and readily available due to its hardiness.
  • Calla: This lily is known for its smooth trumpet-shaped spathe. It’s a lovely stem to add to a bouquet to create a contrasting shape and texture to other flowers that fan out with multiple petals. You can find calla lilies in a variety of colors that range from white to black!
  • Easter: If you want a fragrant lily, look no further. This lily is traditional in Easter celebrations and is known for its dark green lanceolate leaves and generous white trumpet-shaped flowers.

Lilies: A Meaningful Flower For Many

Lilies offer so much variety with their many colors and shapes, giving people the option for something subtle or generously abundant. Due to its beauty and presence throughout the northern hemisphere, cultures around the world have found meaning in this beautiful flower. Though nuances occur in every culture, the broad meaning drawn from the lily is connected to rebirth, purity, motherhood, and innocence.

In Christianity, the lily is a mainstay in Easter arrangements in centerpieces and altar decorations. You can see depictions of this flower in faith-based images and greeting cards this time of year. The lily is also an auspicious flower for Holi, a colorful and beloved springtime celebration in India and around the world. The Asiatic lily also makes a frequent appearance in Ramadan bouquets, joining the ranks of other white and pastel flowers. Each of these holidays commemorates deeply meaningful events in different faiths, which the beautiful lily honors. So, if you’re wondering what flower to give to someone this time of year, you can be sure that any variety of lily will be warmly welcomed.

Lilies for Mother’s Day & More

Since Mother’s Day falls in the spring, you can count on any arrangement from our spring collection to be a big hit. If you need some ideas, here are some of our seasonal arrangements with lilies that would make excellent Mother’s Day gifts.

  • The Bella: This ultra-chic vision in pink is perfect for Mother’s Day. Named after the word “beauty” in Italian, this gorgeous arrangement of pink roselilies and Asiatic lilies is a wonderful bouquet to show off at home or work. Your stems may arrive in bud form, but they will show off their true beauty when they go into full bloom. Do you need more volume in your gift? Order Double The Bella, which is twice the size of The Bella. Don’t forget to personalize your Mother’s Day greeting with a message and add a sweet treat to make this gift extra special.
  • The Chérie: Inspired by the phrase mon chéri, which means “my dear,” this darling arrangement in white, peach, and cream is an excellent Mother’s Day gift. It is full of light, as cream and peach-toned roses nestle amongst the delicate white trumpets of calla lilies. In the mix, you’ll also find stars of Bethlehem, gypsophila, lepidium, lisianthus, and eucalyptus. This creates a lovely balance of dark green leaves and light-hued stems. Make sure you select a custom vase at checkout so that your gift arrives ready for display. Your choices include clear glass, white ceramic, textured ceramic, and intricate gold!

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