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The Ultimate June Flower Guide

Multicolored flower bouquet and pink box on table.

It’s beginning to look a lot like June! One of the most scorching months of the year also happens to be the time when vibrant, colorful, and day-brightening flowers begin to make their appearance. You’ll see them everywhere you turn, from gardens in your neighborhood to table centerpieces at summer gatherings.

What’s behind that special connection between June and floral beauty? Chalk it up — at least partially — to the beauty of the season. With summer just weeks away, the promise of sunshine, good times, and warm weather looms on the horizon. And all of those special moments you spend soaking up the glorious heat and making memories with loved ones undoubtedly look even better when there’s a floral arrangement somewhere in the mix.

Whether you’re giving a bouquet to someone as a thank you, congratulations, or just because, or you’re decorating your home in anticipation of the season, June is a wonderful time of year to find the prettiest blossoms imaginable.

The June Birth Flower

The June birth flower is the rose. Typically associated with Valentine’s Day, this innately romantic bloom evokes thoughts of love, charm, and bashfulness. It’s known for its fragrance, which can range from lightly sweet to rich and heady.

Its popularity also happens to be unsurpassed! For centuries, people have used roses for different reasons. They were added to tinctures for medicinal purposes, included in perfume recipes, and tossed in the air as confetti to celebrate special occasions.

Roses are flowers unlike any other for the very reason that they’re so versatile. Sure, they’re the go-to choice when you want to express your love for your significant other or surprise the person you’re dating. But there’s far more to the rose than meets the eye.

If you’re all about romance, by all means, stick with red roses. They offer you a beautiful way to tell them you love them. Pink roses, meanwhile, are symbolic of pure joy and happiness. Who wouldn’t feel that way when being surprised with The Bliss? It’s a lively arrangement worthy of a second (and third!) look, and it warmly embraces the season while adding a pop to any space.

Yellow roses are perfect to give friends who have June birthdays — because they symbolize friendship, naturally! Day-brightening, mood-lifting flowers, like those found in The Hema, are sure to bring a smile to your BFF’s face on their special day.

The simplicity of the white rose makes it the perfect choice for a June birthday celebration, too. Light and simple, it captures a sense of grace and sophistication. Give an arrangement like The Optimist when you want to cheer them up and remind them of how much they mean to you.

The Honeysuckle

June actually has two birth flowers. The other is the humble honeysuckle. Though it doesn’t share the same popularity as its birth sister, the rose, this flower is known for its decadent fragrance. In fact, honeysuckle is commonly added to beauty products, including fragrances and shower gels, for its hypnotic scent.

The honeysuckle is available in a wide range of colors, from bold pinks and reds to subtler yellows and whites. Whether given on their own or included in a lavish arrangement, they add eye-catching beauty and texture to any look. This fragrant flower is a favorite among gardeners, which is why you’re likely to spot it nearly everywhere you turn in June. It’s a pollinator’s dream! Hummingbirds and butterflies are never far when there’s a honeysuckle in the midst.

As for the best reasons to give honeysuckle to someone in June, there are plenty of great excuses to incorporate it into a bouquet or to give it for a birthday. The flower is symbolic of everlasting love, sweetness, and happiness. This makes it a lovely choice for a mom, a wife, a girlfriend, or anyone who plays an especially significant role in your life — and who will always be an important part of your story.

Globes are filled with water and feature sleek necks through which the moisture dissipates into the soil. The advantage of using this tool is that it provides the flowers with a consistent supply of water while you’re away. There’s no waste involved, ensuring that the soil receives all of the water in the globe over a specific period.

June Beauties

There’s more to June flowers than roses and honeysuckles! Those may be the month’s official birth flowers, but June also happens to be the time of year when some of the floral world’s most beautiful blossoms emerge.

Delightful lilies, for example, come alive at this time of the year. Symbolic of purity, dedication, good fortune, new beginnings, and humility, the lily is a versatile flower that’s appropriate to give for any occasion in June.

Another June favorite is the timeless peony. Known for its rich texture, wonderful fragrance, and eye-catching appearance, the peony is found in dozens of spectacular colors. For anyone partial to pink, The Peony is destined to bring smiles. Those wonderfully pillow-like stems bring a touch of sweet blush to any occasion, whether you’re saying thanks, expressing your love, or just making them smile.

For all their rich texture, assortment of bold colors, and versatility, chrysanthemums are equally favored for June giving. This flower is associated with positivity, joy, loyalty, love, happiness, and good cheer. Perfect for adding to an outdoor centerpiece at a June picnic or a backyard barbecue, Double The Dizzy represents the wild beauty of the chrysanthemum in all its glory. Soft peach petals make the perfect addition to any table.

With so many wonderful flowers in season throughout June, it marks the perfect time of year to introduce more beautiful blossoms to your world. Give them as gifts, decorate your home at the turn of the season, use them as centerpieces, or treat yourself to an arrangement that makes you smile every time you see it. The beginning of summer, the return of warm weather, and the promise of Mother Nature’s beauty are reasons enough to embrace the beauty of June’s most beautiful blossoms — and there are plenty of them!

Bouquet of pink peony flowers and white cake on a countertop.


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