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The Meaning of June Birth Flowers

June 7, 2023

Bouquet of roses, the June birth flower

June is easily one of the most beautiful months — the flowers are in full blossom, the sun is shining, and the chill of winter has finally subsided. It’s also the month of the Cancer and Gemini zodiac signs, two of the most emotional and complex signs, so your loved ones born in this month are likely unique and amazing people.

Remind them how special they are and how much they mean to you with a dazzling flower bouquet made of June birth month flowers, like roses or honeysuckles.

These flowers have deep meanings that can represent how you feel about your loved one, so read about what each flower symbolizes and how to select the ideal bouquet for a June birthday.

The Meaning of June Birth Flowers

  1. Roses: Beauty, Courage, and Love
  2. Honeysuckles: Sweetness, Affection, and Happiness
  3. Other Flowers Associated With June

Roses: Beauty, Courage, and Love

Roses are the flowers most commonly associated with June and are widely considered the primary flower for the month of June. As one of the most lavish, beautiful, and fragrant flowers, roses are popular for many occasions, but June babies get to claim them as their own!

Rose colors each have their own meaning, but overall, roses symbolize beauty, courage, and, of course, love. They emanate a powerful yet soft aura, exemplifying how timeless and impactful beauty can be. They represent the vibrancy and new warmth of June, making them the perfect gift for a June birthday.

Any rose color makes for a lovely gift, but learning the meaning of the colors can help you choose the ideal bouquet. Pink roses represent gratitude and appreciation. Peachy roses symbolize excitement and joy, so The Margot and The Manor bouquets are cheerful and elegant choices for a June baby with an optimistic spirit.

Unsurprisingly, red and burgundy roses are the ideal present for a significant other, but they can be given to anyone. Their meaning is love, admiration, devotion, and passion, making them a bold and dramatic choice.

If you want to gift a bouquet of roses to a friend for their June birthday, yellow or cream roses are the best option. Yellow symbolizes friendship and kindness, while cream roses represent charm and thoughtfulness. Bouquets like The Peneloise are brilliant ways to show how much you love and appreciate your friend on their June birthday.

There are many other rose colors you can gift, but no matter which colors you choose, the bouquet will capture the fearlessness, gracefulness, and strength of the iconic rose blossom. Behind every rose is a feeling of majesty and poise, so one of our rose bouquets is the perfect way to make someone feel special and confident on their birthday, whether it’s their 5th or 50th.

Honeysuckles: Sweetness, Affection, and Happiness

Honeysuckles represent love, happiness, and sweetness, but above all, they symbolize affection. These dainty, delicate flowers are wistful and whimsical, capturing the softness of a sweet disposition and the beauty of pure happiness.

While honeysuckles come in a variety of gorgeous colors, they don’t each have their own meaning like rose colors do. So any color honeysuckles you give your friend or family member will represent happiness, softness, and affection. Honeysuckles can be bright white, buttery yellow, fiery red, ravishing purple, charming pink, or vivid orange. They pair beautifully together or with other colorful blossoms, creating a joyful and sophisticated bouquet.

These exquisite and slight flowers make for lush and intricate bouquets that have an air of simple beauty that is easy to fall in love with. Like June, honeysuckles are sweet and sunny, making for cheery and charming bouquets suitable for any age. Their refined and unusual blossom shape makes for unique and artistic bouquets that often feature a range of heights and blossom sizes for a full-bodied and distinct appearance.

The sleek, spindly petals are almost alien-like, so a bouquet featuring honeysuckles is a brilliant choice for someone who appreciates unusual and poetic arrangements. If you have a loved one with a June birthday who likes to diverge from the mainstream, skip the standard rose bouquet and find a beautiful and unique honeysuckle bouquet to make them feel supremely special and appreciated.

These soft, peculiar blossoms are sure to bring a smile to their face. And while fresh-cut honeysuckles will not last forever, their meaning is eternal, telling your loved one you’ll always be there for them.

Other Flowers Associated With June

Roses and honeysuckles are the quintessential flowers for the month of June, but people associate a few other flowers with June because they capture the spirit of the month. These three flowers are also in season during June, so gifting them during this time means the flowers will be more vibrant and full. If roses and honeysuckles don’t remind you of the birthday person’s personality and aesthetic, you can also buy them a bouquet of peonies, lilies, or chrysanthemums to celebrate their June birthday.


Peonies will forever be one of our favorite blossoms. The pillowy, fluffy blossoms are dramatic and vivacious, perfect for showing how much you love someone on their special day. Despite the theatrical and grand appearance, peonies symbolize bashfulness, among other meanings, like luck, wealth, and honor. Peonies are noble and sophisticated flowers with a subtle shyness. A beautiful and luxurious bouquet of peonies, like our Triple The Peony, will elevate your loved one’s June birthday and make them feel loved.

The extravagant appearance of a peony bouquet will instantly put a smile on their face and let them know how much you care about them. Go all out and get them a bold arrangement featuring peonies like The Maia.


Lilies are another of our favorite flowers because of their impactful appearance and sweet meaning. They represent purity, innocence, and rebirth, so they’re a lovely gift for someone starting down a new path or beginning a fresh chapter in their life. The purity of lilies is unmatched, as they offer a graceful and sweet appearance while still being strong and assured.

The combination of beauty and daringness can inspire your loved one to move forward with confidence and poise, no matter what life brings them.


Last but not least, chrysanthemums are another flower you can give for a June birthday. Chrysanthemums are bodacious and striking flowers that come in a variety of colors. They symbolize friendship, happiness, and well-being, making them the ideal flower to gift a friend on their June birthday. Technically, these flowers are not in season during June, but our fresh-cut chrysanthemums look sensational all year long.

The Amethyst is one of our most gorgeous bouquets and features chrysanthemums along with several other blossoms. Like peonies, chrysanthemums are pillowy and ruffled, giving them a full-bodied appearance that easily makes an arrangement fuller and more robust. A bouquet of chrysanthemums is a lovely way to say Happy Birthday to one of your best friends and add a little light and beauty to their special day.


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