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Floral Hairstyles for Festivals

April 14, 2022

Close up of a festival ready bouquet and outfit

Festival season is upon us! With so many exciting shows coming up, we’re ready to plan out our ‘fits. But every great outfit needs a matching hairstyle.

Following festival tradition, we’re predicting floral hairstyles are the look for this year. But instead of flower crowns, we’re swapping in fresh florals and trying out some new styles.

We sat down with celebrity hair stylist Mia Santiago to learn how to incorporate fresh flowers into our festival looks. Mia came up with this simple festival look that can be worn three ways!

Step 1

Start with a clean middle part. Take a triangular section, starting from the highest point of the brow bone.

Step 2

About half an inch to one inch down, secure this section with an elastic. Sometimes the hair can fall forward slightly, To avoid this, combine the sectioned off piece with some hair from underneath, and secure with another elastic an inch down.

Step 3

Working in one inch sections, continue to secure with elastics to create your bubble braid. Don’t forget to form the bubbles by lightly pulling apart the hair in each one inch section.

Step 4

Repeat this process on the other side of your part so that you have two symmetrical bubble braids.

Step 5

Add flowers to your bubble braids. Tuck the stems of small flowers into each elastic in the section.

  • Mia’s Tip: Start in the middle of the bubble braid to see how the colors complement each other.

Step 6

You can also pull each bubble braid back, connecting them behind your head and turning this look into a flower crown!

Additionally, you can tuck your bubble braids behind your ears, securing them with bobby pins for extra security. That way you can keep your hair out of your face during the festival!


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