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New Year, New Hues: Flower Color Guide for Winter’s Most Gorgeous Stems

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As 2022 approaches, it’s time to take stock of your surroundings. The new year is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your living space and breathe new life into your home. It’s an equally good time to take a look at your working environment and give that space a little makeover, too. A flower arrangement or two may be all you need to transform the way you feel when you step through the door.

Why flowers? It’s been proven time and again that these natural beauties — truly one of Mother Nature’s most valuable gifts to the world — have the power to bring about feelings of joy, peace, optimism, positivity, and hope. Flowers are symbolic of so many different emotions. They’re representative of how you feel at any given moment, and they can easily bring a smile to your face even when you’re feeling low. These are some of the same reasons you may choose to give an arrangement to someone when they could benefit from a little perk-me-up.

The new year also brings with it the chance to take a step in a more adventurous direction. Customarily, some floral varieties are ideal for livening up your celebrations as you ring in the new year. It’s not unusual to see bunches of white roses, for example, at a New Year’s party. They’re classy and stylish, and they instantly elevate the tone of the space. Take note of the color — it’s key to establishing a certain vibe as you celebrate 2022.

Flowers for the New Year: Colors and Styles

  1. The Power of Color
  2. Sending Colorful Holiday Arrangements in the New Year
  3. Say It With Flowers

The Power of Color

What exactly is the power of color? At its core, it evokes certain emotions. The new year alone is synonymous with certain tones — uplifting and celebratory shades like gold and red in particular. They’re a reminder of the holiday season and all the glitz and glamour that you’ll customarily encounter at a party.

During winter, color plays an especially important role. Rich shades resonate with the season, and cheerfully radiant colors brighten the environment when the sky grows dimmer and the rooms of your home grow darker. That’s precisely why you’ll find pops of yellow, violet, and blue in wintertime arrangements.

Sending Colorful Sentiments in the New Year

Whether you’re giving flowers to wish someone well in the new year, to remind someone that you’re always there for them, or to decorate your space for a celebration, you want to make sure you’re choosing them with intention. That translates to selecting flowers that brim with meaning and represent the freshness, opportunity, and hope that the new year brings.

Perfect options for this time of the year include sunflowers, daffodils, and carnations. They’re emblematic of joy and enthusiasm, and they invite a touch of sunshine into any space during wintertime. Colors like yellow, green, and pink are perfect for their radiance and warmth — two key details that fit perfectly into the home or workplace as temperatures fall and skies grow dimmer.

The lush purple violet is another fantastic choice for giving or keeping nearby in the new year. Part of its charm is its longtime link to happiness. Once upon a time, in fact, it was tradition to give violets wrapped up with purple ribbons to wish someone the best when ringing in the new year. Tossing violets in a basket, meanwhile, was a way of expressing your new year wishes to the entire family.

In the modern world, giving a bouquet as chic as The Amethyst is a thoughtful way to share your feelings with virtually anyone in your world — the helpful coworker, the best friend who’s always there, the close confidante who always comes through in a pinch, or the parent who loves bright florals. It adds a little pop to any space.

What if you’re saying farewell for the season? As you bid your loved ones goodbye, for now, wish them well in the new year with a thoughtful parting gift. Something fresh and colorful does the job perfectly, serving as a lasting reminder of your love and affection while bringing décor that is crisp and radiant to their world. Options like mistletoe and berries are always lovely. Try The Verona, which features lovely hypericum berries, when you want to say goodbye for now in style!

Few flowers resonate as well with the sentiments of a new year as the humble chrysanthemum. While it is November’s birth flower, this beauty expresses every sentiment with a lush, fluffy style. Different colors convey different emotions, but in general, the flower represents loyalty, happiness, longevity, joy, and love. This is powerful symbolism — and suitable to share with anything you know, whether you share a close or a casual bond with them. The Firecracker is a colorful choice that invites pops of orange and yellow alongside cool blue thistle. The Firecracker is also the perfect birthday flower arrangement for the January babies in your life.

White is another option for flowers that simply never goes out of style. It’s polished and bold, fitting well into any space while complementing many of the season’s most popular colors, from silver to blue. White roses are a popular choice because they’re easy to implement, whether you’re gracing a countertop with their beauty or using them liberally to decorate a venue for a big party.

Say It With Flowers

It’s not just colorful flowers that set the tone. Making a statement with a new year’s arrangement is also about those thoughtful finishing touches that make any bouquet appear more lavish and memorable. For example, you might choose something that’s nestled in a glamorous vase that resonates perfectly with the celebratory feel of the occasion. A glossy metallic vase in gold or silver makes a chic choice that feels extra special for ringing in 2022.

Then there are the festive, decorative accents that connect so perfectly to the holiday season. Maybe it’s the sprig of berries that honors the official end of the holiday season. Maybe it’s the glossy bow that wraps around the vase or the stems, adding a touch of high-end glamour to any arrangement. Try frosty arrangements tipped with silver for a cool and edgy touch that’s sure to command attention.

Colors and flowers together play important roles in conveying your joy as the new year approaches. If you’re sending someone an arrangement, keep meaning and intention in mind. The right flowers will bring a smile to their face while letting them know that you wish them all the best in the months ahead.


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