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The Ultimate Guide to Luxurious Fall Entertaining

Couple holding an outdoor dinner party for fall with fresh flowers

When the weather gets crisp and the leaves start to change, there’s a new mood in the air. Fall entertaining season is here, which means that you get to enjoy a whole new set of color schemes and seasonal decor. There’s so much to do — from sprucing up your home with the look and scents of autumn to making party plans — that having access to curated floral arrangements can save you a lot of time. For the best parties this autumn, check out our ultimate guide to luxurious fall entertaining.

The Ultimate Guide to Luxurious Fall Entertaining

  1. Set a Location and Budget
  2. Create a Design Plan
  3. Order the Decorations
  4. Choose Flowers Perfect for the Fall
  5. Recruit Help

Set a Location and Budget

Behind every great party is a solid plan. To begin organizing an excellent event, you first need to set a location and budget. This initial step will become the foundation of your plans and determine much of its destiny. For instance, if you have a limited budget, you should stick to affordable places like your house or a rentable pavilion at a public park. If you have a generous budget, check out some local venues that offer catering and party planning assistance. Once you have the details figured out, you can move on to the decorations.

Create a Design Plan

After you have a budget and a location, it’s so much easier to get started on your design concept. What kind of party is it? Is it a simple housewarming party, or is it a big birthday party? Important events deserve plenty of fanfare, which includes some show-stopping arrangements from our fall collection. When in doubt, go with something that has all the beautiful flowers people expect, like The Seasonal Bloom, which contains sunflowers, Leucadendron, Craspedia, roses, mums, and eucalyptus foliage. These blooms are in season in the fall and will be at their freshest this time of year.

Ordering single-stem bouquets is also a fitting idea if you prefer to split up a big bouquet into several centerpieces. It’s a good option for hosts who want to stretch every dollar but still make sure that there are fresh flowers at every table. For this idea, make sure you have enough vases and supporting decorations to complete your table setting. Affordable but beautiful seasonal decorations include miniature pumpkins, dried bunny tails, plaid bows, pine cones, and miniature LED lights placed on top of fall leaves.

Order the Decorations

Now that you have a design plan, it’s time to get to the hands-on fun. Overall, be sure to order your decorations early enough so that they can arrive on time. It can be frustrating to miss the mark and not have a few key pieces to your plan. If you must order decorations in bulk, do so at least a month in advance to make sure that they come in one piece. It’s also important to do quality control as these items arrive to make sure that you are all set for the big day. If you need time-sensitive items like balloons and flowers, be sure to recruit help for these items to arrive before the party.

A few days before your party, it's time to set your menu. Choose exactly what you plan on serving to fit your party's theme. Whether it's a few light snacks or multiple courses, it's important to know exactly when each item needs to be prepped. This is also a good time to begin planning your tablescape. Try to incorporate live elements or items your guests will be using. We spoke to the founder of Brightland, a sustainably sourced olive oil company, to get their hosting advice.

"When creating a tablescape, my go-to centerpieces include lemons, bud vases with herbs and bottles of Brightland! These warm olives by Brightland’s Chef in Residence, Noreen Wasti, are the ultimate addition to any cheese board and my favorite dish for entertaining." - Aishwarya Iyer, Founder/CEO of Brightland 

Ordering fresh flowers requires precise timing, but the process is a whole lot easier when you schedule delivery online. With this method, you get a direct email confirmation of your order and can verify the sending address. For the best results, schedule your flower deliveries at least a week in advance to arrive the morning of the party or the night before. This will ensure that the flowers will look their very best. It also gives you just enough time to place them in different vases or make finishing touches.

  • Pro tip: You can find plenty of seasonal decorations right in your backyard! If you have some fallen leaves or wild berries around you, harvest them the day of the party for a gorgeous addition to your event!
Brightland Olive Oil being used at a fall dinner party

Image by @foitlephoto

Choose Flowers Perfect for the Fall

When it comes to fall parties, you know that there will be plenty of delicious treats. Make the meal even better with some gorgeous fall centerpieces that already come with a vase and pre-arranged flowers. All you need to do is place this decorative item at the center of the table. If you prefer to shop by the stem, check out your options based on your favorite flowers. For instance, mums are in season and are incorporated into many arrangements this time of year. You’ll find plenty of options that range from standard to luxe that can all add value and beauty to your event.

  • Need a quick idea? The Crispin is a cocktail of warm colors that are iconic of autumn. Breathe in the scent of roses, mums, ranunculus, snapdragon, and ruscus as you delight in the pops of red, peach, green, and marigold. Customize this arrangement’s vase to be made of glass, gold, or speckled stoneware to achieve a specific look.

Recruit Help

A successful event can indeed happen with a solo host. But it’s far easier and more fun to plan a party with some helpers. Whether you choose to work with a professional party planner or a couple of friends, this process is far more streamlined when you can delegate tasks to others. This allows everyone to use their strengths and make the party the best it can be. Tell everyone to be prepared for the day of the party, which will have the most time-sensitive situations like receiving flower deliveries, answering phone calls, picking up the catering, and more. The old saying “many hands make light work” truly applies to all parties.

Fall Bouquets & Decorations

For all your fall floral and foliage decorative needs, check out our extensive collection of seasonal and classic arrangements. Order your gifts up to two weeks in advance or schedule a regular flower subscription delivery at a discount. Whatever you need for your party needs, our vast selection of decor is sure to meet your needs.


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