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How to Exude Quiet Luxury Through Flowers

December 14, 2023

Dinner party with a close-up of UrbanStems bouquet, The Firecracker.

Quiet luxury doesn’t stop at fashion and furniture. Flowers can infuse your living space with this trendy TikTok aesthetic while sticking to its refined roots. Bringing quiet luxury flower arrangements into your home includes carefully choosing the right blooms, styling them perfectly, and displaying them in a vase that matches the atmosphere.

We’re not going for ostentatious beauty here. It’s all about showing off without getting too showy. If you know, you know. Keep reading to find out how you can achieve the quiet luxury look without shouting it from the treetops.

  • What is Quiet Luxury?
  • Say You Live in Luxury Without Saying It
  • Flowers That Embody Quiet Luxury
  • How to Incorporate Quiet Luxury Flower Arrangements in Your Life
Lifestyle image of woman and UrbanStems bouquet, The Selene.

What Is Quiet Luxury?

If you’ve ever gone to a bakery with a short and sweet menu, but they make sure each pastry changes your life, you get the idea of quiet luxury. This trend goes back to the basics. It doesn’t need (ahem) flowery style to make you appreciate it.

Instead, it focuses on getting the basics right rather than going for quantity or a big flourish. Just like those simple but memorable bakeries, quiet luxury makes every component mean something. It’s about refined, understated, and curated pieces that make an impression and draw your attention just by being there.

To an outsider, your style looks effortless, clean, and — most importantly — real. It brings a natural feel to your space, starkly contrasting the typical idea that luxury means owning the biggest, most expensive, excessive items. You don’t even need a ton of money to create this look in your life, and you can take quiet luxury anywhere through any kind of style, including makeup, fashion, interior design, and, yes, flowers.

Say You Live in Luxury Without Saying It

Quiet luxury floral arrangements follow the same rules as the trend does with any kind of design. Most importantly, your flowers should blend into the room without fading into the background.

Take Martha Stewart’s lilac bouquet as an example. It used only a few coordinating colors and one type of flower. And yet, it still stood out and created the desired effect. It’s not about putting the most expensive flowers into a fancy vase. You can also do quiet luxury with cheaper flowers by styling them right—or leave it to the professionals (that’s us).

Stick to the quiet luxury principles—keep it simple and refined. The Grower’s Choice features peonies all on their own. But, with different sizes and colors, it creates interest and becomes a conversation piece without even trying. We use its natural beauty to make the arrangement exciting and accent the flower’s charm. Likewise, The Honeycrisp combines spray roses and greenery, using blooms that many people associate with luxury and arranging them to give the impression of stepping into an autumnal garden.

Flowers That Embody Quiet Luxury

When it comes to infusing your home with subtle luxury, it’s less about the kind of flowers you choose and more about how you arrange them. Take Martha Stewart’s bouquet—lilacs aren’t a rare bloom. However, when put together well, they show exquisite detail and vibrant colors and fill the room with their signature fragrance.

Even wildflowers and eclectic garden varieties can create an elegant look. The Parade coordinates outdoor beauty and varies the texture of the arrangement with sunflowers, snapdragons, roses, and greenery for a warm and soft beauty. The Dove is an arrangement that emits serenity and opulence with its white roses, spray roses, mums, and pops of fragrant eucalyptus.

You can also pair your arrangements with other quiet luxury items. The Dove can be completed with a seasonal candle for a full sensory experience. When your flowers play off your wall art, accent pillows, and other interior design features, you create a cohesive impression throughout your home.

How to Incorporate Quiet Luxury Flower Arrangements in Your Life

Transforming your home into a stunning living space only means remembering the core rules of quiet luxury and using them to your advantage. Here are a few ways to make sure you use every stem wisely in your home makeover:

  • Choose fresh flowers: Fake flowers detract from the authentic feeling of quiet luxury, and you won’t get the same variety from them. Plus, real flowers engage the rest of your senses with their unique scents and textures.
  • Use different colors: Most flowers come in several hues, and blending them in the same arrangement gives each one its moment in the sun, like in The Selene. White roses and purple mums give your space a light, royal touch while combining different mini calla lilies colors can create a fun, lively palette that fits any room.
  • Highlight flower variations: Think of how many types of roses there are—English roses, spray roses, damask roses, and more. You can coordinate some of these varieties for a diverse conversation piece.
  • Include single stems: Full arrangements aren’t always the way to go, especially for small and minimalist spaces. An orchid that stands tall in its pot, like The Lychee or The Lemon Drop, draws the eye with its simple and elegant appeal.
  • Don’t forget the greenery: In the face of flowers, we can forget to appreciate lush greenery. A money tree, like The Dinero or The Demeter, a Swiss cheese plant with the personality of a goddess, gives the room a natural, outdoorsy feeling. At the same time, you probably won’t find these plants in the wild, making them a unique addition to your home.

Aside from the flowers themselves, how and where you place them matters. You can make smaller arrangements for centerpieces on coffee or dining room tables. Larger pieces work well in spacious rooms or across from accent walls to tie the room together.

Even beyond the home, you can incorporate quiet luxury into your wedding with your bridal bouquet, send flowers as a gift for your loved one’s birthday, graduation, or anniversary, and use flowers in your company to market items to luxury audiences. Quiet luxury makes a life of splendor more accessible, and the language of flowers speaks to everyone.

To see more arrangements to turn your home into a quietly luxurious paradise, shop our Classics Collection.


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