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The Characters from Euphoria as Bouquets

Romantic flower arrangement with a flower delivery box

Just like everyone, we’re pretty into Euphoria right now. We couldn’t help but imagine what bouquet the girls from Euphoria would like best. Here are what bouquets we think best match their personalities.

Rue Bennett

Full of mystery and depth, The Luna is the perfect bouquet for Rue. Throughout the show, we see many sides of her character, creating a complex image of an individual that feels real to us as viewers. To match this complexity, The Luna features a variety of stems and textures, creating harmony out of what could be chaos.

Jules Vaughn

Above all, Jules is a true individual (it’s no wonder so many people imagine her to be an Aquarius). That’s why Jules is The Juneau! Truly unique, this dried arrangement is not afraid to make a statement. Vibrant shades of violet and burgundy ensure this arrangement will stand out in any room.

Maddy Perez

Were we ever going to give Maddy anything but purple? Maybe it's her royal air or maybe it’s just that her most iconic outfit is purple. Either way, The Amethyst is the perfect fit. Bold and bright, The Amethyst stands on its own. Complete with softer shades of lavender, this bouquet encapsulates the full spectrum of her personality.

Cassie Howard

Soft and romantic, The Verona is the perfect fit for Cassie. Even it’s namesake is fitting for the resident hopeless romantic of the group. Blush tones and bright pinks are offset by lush greenery and hypericum berries, making for an elegant arrangement.

Cassie from Euphoria side by side with a pink flower bouquet

Lexi Howard

Just like Lexi, this bouquet may seem understated. But take a close look, and the elegance and charm of Favorite Daughter will surprise you. Full of life and texture, this soft cream and white bouquet has an introspective feel to it.

Lexi Howard side by side with a cream and white flower bouquet

Kat Hernandez

Bold and bright, Kat is definitely The Prism. Full of life and color, this bouquet is sure to brighten up any home and make a statement. Not afraid to be herself, Kat needs a bouquet to match. The Prism is vibrant, vivid, and above all, fun!


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