DIY Box Care Tips

Whether you have the DIY Ensemble or DIY Companion, here's a few quick tips.

DIYBox Hero

1. Remove from Wrap and Cut Stems

Your blooms will be individually wrapped based on stem type. Unwrap them all and cut off the rubberbands. Place them on a table and start cutting the stems at a 45-degree angle. Depending on the type of vases you're using and their heights, you may need to cut the stems again before placing into a vase.

2. Remove Guard Petals and Leaves

The true secret to keeping roses looking their best? Guard petals! Don't be fooled by a little browning or bruises on the outside of a rose. Simply remove the outer petals of the flower and viola! You'll see a better looking rose in no time.

Did you know that having leaves in the water of your vase can shorten the lifespan of your bouquet? Remove all leaves that will fall below the waterline to keep your flowers lasting longer. Plus, nice clean stems in a vase are pretty to look at too!

3. Style & Change Water Every 3-4 Days

When it comes to styling your bouquet, we like to start with bigger blooms first (like roses). Vary the height as you go, putting some roses in the front at a lower height than the ones in the back. Then add in some of the filler blooms like scabiosas. This is where you can get really creative and vary the height to give your bouquet a whimsical look. Add in the greenery throughout your bouquet to give it a fuller look.

Don't forget to change the vase water every 3-4 days with cool, clean water. And make sure there are no leaves or petals that have fallen into the water!


4. Get Creative

With both boxes, you can style to your heart's content. Make a massive centerpiece, or add bud vases throughout your home for nice little touches. Arrange a bouquet of all alike stems or make one of just greenery. The sky's the limit.


5. Remove Flowers Over Time

Some flowers and greenery have a longer lifespan than others. After changing the water over the next few days, you may notice some start to brown before others. To keep your creation lasting even longer, remover the stems that are wilting. It will help the others stay healthy. And if you're feeling extra creative, you can always restyle down the line with your remaining stems.


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