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4 Bouquets That Give Us Coastal Grandma Vibes

July 12, 2022

Close up of a peony bouquet with coastal grandma vibes

Rest and relaxation are everything. Just ask anyone who could benefit from more! It’s no wonder that so many people prioritize laid-back living as much as possible. That it’s even become a design trend is no surprise, either. Look just about anywhere, and you’ll see mentions of the coastal grandmother look. From the kitchen to the closet to the bedroom, the aesthetic invites a touch of effortless style coupled with down-home coziness into your living space.

What’s nice about the trend is that it doesn’t discriminate. Not a grandma? Don’t live at the beach? Completely fine. Neither actually matters so long as you nail the actual particulars of the look. Broken down and properly executed, the coastal grandmother look inspires warmth, comfort, and joy — and with the right accents, you can easily make this look a reality in your own home.

So, what exactly does it mean to be a “coastal grandmother” from a design perspective? It’s low-key, for starters. There’s nothing fussy about this look. It’s effortless, basic, understated, and classic, with cozy elements and an array of restrained colors. Neutrals are largely popular, with occasional hints of color thrown in for a look that suggests it’s more garden-fresh than over-the-top preppy. If you’re inspired to make this of-the-moment style your own, here are five lush bouquets that channel coastal grandma vibes in the best and most accurate way.

The Best Coastal Grandma Bouquets

  1. The Tuckernuck
  2. The Pearl
  3. The Capri
  4. The Hydrangea

The Tuckernuck

Grandma’s known to spend some quality time on Nantucket — or at least that’s what you hope you’ll do one day when you’re the most effortlessly chic granny on the block. Until then, The Tuckernuck will introduce those breezy vibes directly to your abode. Take note of the color palette here: it’s light, crisp, and lively but not overly showy or ostentatious. It captures that sense of nonchalant style that’s so inherently key to a successfully executed coastal grandmother aesthetic.

Whether or not you’re anywhere near the islands, The Tuckernuck brings the look to your life in an effective way! Try it on an entry table if you’d like to greet visitors with a pop of good cheer the moment they step through the front door. Set one in the bathroom to transform it into a resort-style space. Keep one by the bedside so you can imagine you’re at the shore every time you open your eyes. The decorating options are limitless where this versatile and elegant arrangement is concerned.

The Pearl

The coastal grandmother aesthetic is never loud or overwhelming. You could say it’s spirited but never flashy. It’s joyous but not vivid. When decorating your space with this aesthetic in mind, the end effect is more about setting a tone or establishing a mood. You can do that in many ways, but the floral décor plays a strong role in making your specific vision a reality. Triple The Pearl is a good example of a bouquet that feels rich and classy yet doesn’t try to overpower your space in any way.

Plus, there’s nothing quite as classic as a bundle of peonies. In this creamy, pearlescent hue, they stand out for their own reasons — their subtlety, their beauty, and their charm, for example. You could just as easily envision this in the hands of a person happily tying the knot as you could on your outdoor dining table. What a centerpiece it makes for any occasion, whether you’re cooking for the family or entertaining neighbors.

The Capri

Just because the coastal grandmother aesthetic isn’t dominated by bright colors doesn’t mean you can’t work them successfully into the mix. With a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can make your vision of a brighter layout a reality. One way to achieve it is to strive for balance across the space. If you have one element that is more colorful than the rest, aim for a grounded overall effect by keeping the other details in the room subtler. The Capri, for example, is the perfect choice because it offers a pop of apricot that’s not exactly muted but not so garishly loud that it would rob your space of your desired look.

This also serves as a powerful example of the role that color plays in the end result. In any room, you could envision this cheerful bouquet adding its own special personality to the environment. It’s the warmth of the dominant hue that makes it so fitting for a coastal grandmother-influenced space. It balances the cooler tones that might otherwise dominate your room, such as ivory and pale blue. The effect is just right: noticeable but not ostentatious in the least.

The Hydrangea

If the theme is coastal, there’s got to be some blue somewhere in the mix! Enter The Hydrangea, which could conceivably be the perfect choice for achieving the right look. The pompom stems might be eye-catching thanks to their bolder silhouette, but the single-note palette tones down the overall effect. It evokes a clean, simple, unfussy vibe that’s right in line with the coastal grandmother vibe.

Because this aesthetic largely resonates with people who appreciate the cozy comforts of home, it’s fitting that this arrangement happens to fit well in virtually any room in the home. Perch it on the kitchen island and enjoy its beauty as you bake up a storm — how very grandmotherly of you. Set it on the sofa table to breathe a little new life into the room and energize the space with a touch of inviting color. Real coastal grandmas, after all, know all about how to decorate their homes with inviting details!

You might think of the coastal grandmother aesthetic as one of escapism. It takes root in the archives of design history, with many elements sourced from bygone eras. There’s as much a place for them today as there was then — with an end result that is even more calming and thoughtfully articulated.


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