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5 Ways to Liven Up Your Home With Flowers This Thanksgiving

October 26, 2022

Woman outside on a porch holding Thanksgiving flowers for home decor

Flowers and Thanksgiving tend to go hand in hand. There’s as much room on the table for a beautiful arrangement as there is for your turkey and fixings — and if there’s not, you’ll make room for it! An eye-catching bouquet sets the tone for the holiday, lending your home a festive feel that warms up your space, perks up your spirits, and instantly infuses your surroundings with the wonders of the season.

As you begin to make plans for one of the most food-centric holidays of the year, don’t underestimate the role that flowers can play in making your vision a reality. There are, of course, tried-and-true favorites that you may rely on year after year to brighten up your home. But if you’re thinking of exploring new territories this Thanksgiving, here are some fresh ways to liven up your home using flowers.

Flower Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving

  1. Use Pumpkins as Vases
  2. Incorporate Dried Flowers
  3. Play With Different Textures
  4. Add Some Vintage Bottles
  5. Get Fancy With Clusters

Use Pumpkins as Vases

While a standard vase typically introduces some eye-catching elegance to your home, it’s not the only option available for containing your flowers. Fall makes a great time of year to switch things up just a bit — with something a little unexpected in the form of a pumpkin! You could use some of your finds from the pumpkin patch if you’re so inclined, keeping them just as they are if you’re a bit of a purist.

If you want to elevate their appearance and lend them a more contemporary, chic look, you can take your cue from social media and spray-paint them in white or silver. The effect is strong, sleek, and eye-catching, no matter where you place it. A pumpkin planter makes a great addition to anything from your Thanksgiving table centerpiece to a side table. You could even place one or two on the porch, serving as a pleasant greeter for your holiday dinner guests. Nestle a festive arrangement like The Barcelona inside, and you’ve got yourself the perfect accent for the occasion.

Incorporate Dried Flowers

Let’s face it: The holiday season is more than a busy time of year. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you may be especially preoccupied with responsibilities in the days and weeks leading up to the big meal. Why add to your stress by worrying about maintaining your flowers? Opting for dried flowers is an easy way to take that responsibility off your hands without sacrificing the beauty of Mother Nature.

What’s great about dried flowers is that they make their impression anywhere in the home. You aren’t limited to a centerpiece for Thanksgiving, after all. Why not implement a floral pop somewhere else for a little visual intrigue? The Tutu adds a pretty touch to the table in your entryway, for example, and you can expect it to stay in beautiful shape throughout the season and beyond — no care necessary.

Play With Different Textures

The beauty of the holiday season is that it invites you to be even more creative than you would otherwise. It’s easy in warm weather to simply place an arrangement of your favorite stems on the table and call it a day. Thanksgiving, though, calls for something livelier and richer. That’s where the importance of texture comes into play. Some of the season’s most eye-catching flowers offer entirely different looks and feels — and when you bring them all together, they transform into a sublime arrangement that’s well worth a place on your holiday table.

What qualifies? Think big: orchids, mums, roses, and hydrangeas all offer their own unique charms. You could opt for a bouquet that incorporates several of these stems at once or another type of mixed arrangement that catches your eye. Something like The Folklore is especially enchanting for its dreamy design, complete with varying textures that lend it its intrinsic appeal. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun mixing and matching stems during this time of the year.

Add Some Vintage Bottles

Until you give it a try, you won’t realize how much of an impact a vintage bottle can have on your space. You can find vintage bottles in different colors, like pink and brown, and use them to hold single stems or colorful arrangements that nicely complement the color of the bottle. The Amethyst brims with color and character and will easily stand out anywhere it’s placed — but you can elevate its presence by putting it on a vintage bottle.

Set it on a side table that doesn’t usually see much decorative action or on a sofa table if you’d like to add a pop of color to your living room for the holiday. If you opt for a single flower in each bottle, you can trim the stems to different sizes, then create an eye-catching display by grouping them to your liking. It’s an interesting way to make your flowers the center of attention in different spaces of the home.

Get Fancy With Clusters

A single bouquet here and there can be beautiful, but it’s also very safe and simple. If you’d like to take a small step outside of your comfort zone and experiment with something new, consider placing an array of plants and flowers along the center of your dining table. Think of it as a botanical centerpiece that immediately delivers a celebratory message and lends your table that wonderful Thanksgiving charm.

To make it appropriately seasonal, focus on the colors of the season. Imagine the impact of The Tara on your table — especially when surrounded on each side by The Cairo. The idea is to create a spectacle of beautiful greenery in different forms. When clustered together, you don’t need other elements to decorate your table. It will do the job beautifully and have a powerful impact on your space.

It’s fun to make advance plans for your Thanksgiving décor. There are so many festive ways to decorate your home with flowers this time of year — and there are no rights or wrongs either. If you’re more of a purist who favors a simple arrangement, it’s sure to have an impact you’ll love. And if you prefer something more fanciful and decorative, don’t be afraid to go all out. Anything goes during this happy time of the year.


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